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4/18/24 Concluded all spoilers for existing sets (that weren't in the Card Ratings folders) so I've also redone half of page 1 of the Episode Cards.
4/14/24 Those old school booster sets (and eventually Starter Decks) are now getting the changes.
4/12/24 Now on to the Duelist Packs.
4/11/24 All info for CP08-EN is done.
4/10/24 Though I said I wouldn't review old stuff again, I made an exception for CP08-EN, which was the last of the packs in that range before Turbo Packs took over. Felt it was kinda silly to have the very last pack on its own and was able to move the two rated cards into place. I'll do that pack's spoiler next. Seemed rather fitting to end the revisions for Champion Packs as well.
4/6/24 Tournament Packs are now underway, then maybe product spoilers.
3/31/24 Working my way through the more special packs like Dragons of Legend.
3/25/24 Hidden Arsenal has begun the changes.
3/19/24 On to the Structure Decks now, starting with Decks 9 and 10 (as they're first in the list after they were renamed).
3/17/24 That's a wrap on the 4 promo cards page. Next up is the Starter and Structure Deck pages.
3/15/24 Moved on to the Promo Cards as all the partially rated stuff is done. 
3/9/24 Making my way through the more miscellaneous pages where cards were rated, but there's only a small number on each page.
3/8/24 Getting pretty close to completing all of the Partial Ratings page.
3/2/24 Now that I'm caught up to where I was before, things will slow down with afternoon updates (which are generally only for weekends while I babysit cats on weekdays).
3/1/24 Almost done with those Multi Rarity sets.
2/29/24 Halfway through the Multi Rarity sets now.
2/28/24 Things are really speeding up with the revision as I've finished All Foil sets and moved to the Legendary Duelists ones.
2/27/24 All booster sets are done and about half the All Foil ones are done too.
2/24/24 Now on the S-named sets.
2/23/24 Just 1 more P-named set needs to be revised.
2/22/24 All done with M-named sets, N-named sets and O-named sets.
2/21/24 J and L-named sets are done with the changes.
2/20/24 Ran through all F-named sets, G-named sets and I-named sets.
2/19/24 All E-named sets are complete with the updates.
2/18/24 PHNI-EN's ratings and spoiler are now complete.
2/16/24 D-named sets are now underway.
2/14/24 Working on the C-named sets today with the update below.
2/10/24 Updated how Pendulum Monsters' Pendulum Scales are displayed to be closer to the actual cards' on PHNI-EN's two pages and will go back and make this pretty quick change to everything else. Won't likely be all that noticable unless you view pages with Pendulum Monsters, like PHNI-EN's latest update.
2/9/24 PHNI-EN's ratings and spoiler are underway along with the updates from recent days.
2/8/24 Now into the Multi Rarity Packs like HSRD.
2/5/24 Started the revisions for Legendary Duelists packs, which have updated URLs like the All Foil sets.
2/4/24 All Foil's revisions should be done today.
1/29/24 Said All Foil Pages are now getting the changes.
1/26/24 Updated all the URLs for the All Foil pages yesterday so that they actually say which sets are featured. Planning on doing that for the other ones and using this going forward. Makes it MUCH easier for referencing in the Card Ratings pages.
1/24/24 R-named sets are now underway.
1/23/24 That's a wrap on MZMI-EN's ratings and spoiler, which have brought over Hundred Eyes Dragon as well. With the extra time I had before ending the update, I revised PHSW-EN too.
1/20/24 The first 10 MZMI-EN cards have been reviewed and the next 10 are ready to go. Expect that for the next few mornings.
1/17/24 E-named sets are underway with the updates.
1/14/24 D-named sets are getting the latest treatment.
1/7/24 Almost done with the T-named sets, and then it's back to the A-names to fill in the links where appropriate.
12/31/23 The year ends with a similar end to updates for R-named sets. You'll probably also notice links to other pages in my comments so you can understand what I'm talking about without having to visit another website.
12/29/23 Done with the P-named sets so it's on to R-named sets.
12/24/23 M-named sets are about to wrap-up and so are N-named sets.
12/17/23 Just an update to say I'm on the E-named sets and these still have Arial for the card and booster sets' name, which means they'll take a bit longer to get done.
12/5/23 Switching to Myriad pro for most of what is currently Arial in booster sets and spoilers to make things clearer, less bright and use a more consistant font. The rest is staying as is and this will make things take a bit longer going forward until I catch up. Don't worrry about the smaller Monster Card Types in ABYR-EN's pages. They'll get fixed later today.
12/4/23 Most of the over 100 booster sets are done and I've moved to more typical sets like DANE and DABL-EN.
12/2/23 On to the D-named sets starting from the big duo themselves (DB1 and DB2-EN).
12/1/23 In light of yesterday's update, I went back and changed the font for the card names and set info from Arial to Cambria. Gives a bit more flavor there too and fixes a similar issue for cards like Black Illusion Ritual. C-names shouldn't be long with these quick updates. Link Monsters are also a slightly brighter color as you may notice so that it's easier to see. Opting to try out Tahoma on the left column for this page as well.
11/30/23 A minor update taking place for the Card Ratings and spoiler pages. The font used for the Monster Card Types (Arial+Bold) makes it difficult to read the Illusion Archetype's name as capital Is and lowercase Ls look exactly the same.

In fact, it's difficult here too so the font replacing Arial+Bold for Monster Card Types (Tahoma) will be applied here too, at least for the entries themselves. I'm already done with A-named sets and should wrap-up B and probably C-named sets today.
11/29/23 November is nearly done, but I'm working on Season 5's episode cards.
11/25/23 I've reached Season 4 with the latest updates.
11/22/23 Season 3's episode card revisions have gotten underway.
11/20/23 All done with VASM-EN's pages so the Episode Cards are alone again.
11/18/23 VASM-EN is now underway as Supply Squad joins the first 10 cards.
11/15/23 Reworking the Episode Cards pages to be less clunky. Hoping to use this new style going forward, but we'll see how the updates in the afternoon go.
11/14/23 Gave the Njyugioh Blog page a revamp yesterday to put it back to what I recall was the original design so that the articles could be linked individually with a homepage to boot. This allows me to link the article talking about when I re-rate cards on its own so you don't have to sift through the other articles.

Speaking of which, said articles now have their own folder, which you'll see by clicking that article's link or the ones below/right). Also renamed a few of the articles to be less insulting and/or lengthy. Today continued updates for the OG Starter Decks, which should finish today.
11/13/23 Realizing that even the full spoilers for the Partial Ratings are not necessary, they won't be updated either so that leaves the Episode Cards once I'm done with the spoilers. The last two classic Yu-Gi-Oh booster sets are done and I'll move to the Starter Decks next.
11/11/23 Moving on to the classic spoilers and ones from Partial Ratings pages before I move to the Episode Cards.
11/10/23 Not much left from the Stuff of Legend department, just BROL-EN and DRL3-EN basically.
11/9/23 Stuff of Legend (aka Battles of Legend basically) is now getting the changes. There's also a link on the various Partial Card Ratings pages to the site's blog where I have a new article on how I determine what to re-rate and when.
11/8/23 It's on to the Multi Rarity sets like GEIM and MIL1, which is where I'd been before as page 1 is already done. The last of the Legendary Duelists pages are done as well.
11/7/23 All Foil pages and Battle Pack Partial Ratings are done so I'm on to the Legendary Duelists pages.
11/4/23 Just about everything from before the Partial Card Ratings were limited to larger stuff is done, apart from the changes on the last several pages. Then it's on to the linked stuff above where things are much less messy.
11/3/23 Promo Cards are quickly getting done so it'll be on to the Partial Card Ratings, starting with the lighter stuff like Duelist Packs and Gold Series.
11/2/23 Structure Decks should be done today, which'll allow me to move to the Promo Cards.
11/1/23 Now on the last of the fully rated products so that mostly just leaves stuff like Promo Cards and the Partial Ratings.
10/31/23 Topped off the Hidden Arsenal page revisions so I've moved on to special packs like Dragons of Legend and Gold Series.
10/30/23 With nothing to do for AGOV-EN and Tournament Packs now complete, it's on to the Hidden Arsenal packs.
10/29/23 All done with AGOV-EN's ratings and spoiler so I'm on to the Tournament Packs' revisions.
10/20/23 AGOV-EN's updates now temporarily accompany the revisions to Card Ratings and spoiler pages.
10/19/23 All caught up with adding the tiny menus and mostly thorough the R-named sets like REDU-EN and RATE-EN.
10/17/23 Ran through all previously updated Card Ratings and spoiler pages to update the tiny highlighted menu at the top above the Card Ratings scores to add links to the TCG tutorial and move the spoiler page to meet it and the explanation on how I rate cards. All future products I review and have at least partial spoilers will get this update too. Of course, Promo Cards won't get this change because the pages are going away over time. I'll be back to the revisions this afternoon and will include these changes too. Might also add this to the Episode Cards and Fanfic pages.
10/16/23 As expected, I've moved on to the P-named sets.
10/15/23 Shouldn't be long in the M-named, N-named or
O-named sets.
10/14/23 L-named sets will likely complete today.
10/12/23 I-named sets should finish today as G-named sets were quickly finished yesterday.
10/11/23 Updated BattleBots News yesterday and am nearly done with G-named sets.
10/10/23 As the F-named sets finish the changes, I'd like to report an update on the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Tutorial page. It's much neater and easier to understand than before. Completed that page's changes yesterday.
10/9/23 Now up into the E-named sets, and not long to finish them.
10/8/23 Made a trial update to Episode Cards pages as there's quite a bit of card info already. Not sure whether to separate the link to the Yugipedia page and/or add a link to the anime card page too. It's overall slightly different with DEF taking the place of the Pendulum Scale as I have no intention of including Pendulum Monsters in my fanfic (honestly, I think Synchro and *maybe* Xyz will be the limit). The change also includes turns for each player so it's easier to see when each player's card was used.
10/6/23 Marching my way through D-named sets as yesterday got a big leap forward by getting both Dark Beginning sets done in a single day.
10/5/23 Yesterday completed C-named sets so today started D-named sets.
10/4/23 Today's updates bring C-named sets nearly to the end with updates to CDIP, CSOC and getting CYHO ready for said updates.
10/2/23 Nearly halfway done with C-named sets.
10/1/23 C-named sets are now getting the aforementioned changes.
9/30/23 Should complete the revisions for B-named sets today, and it should be clear what the update from two days ago means.
9/29/23 It's on to the B-named booster sets once again to apply the changes mentioned below as all the A-named sets are done.
9/28/23 Remembering that one day Konami could have Pendulum Scales with different numbers, and that Monster Cards tend to have a minimum of 3 types these days, I've opted to go with a previously scrapped update, but with a twist. Since the Monster Card Types are being moved down to where the effects are, I've opted to put the main card type in its place, which excludes other properties like Tuner and Toon. This allows me to include the Pendulum Scale twice without a line break.

In addition, Pendulum Monsters will now only list the Pendulum Text as the other effects are what you'd likely have come to know. I've already gotten both of ABPF-EN's pages done this way and am going back to afternoon updates to get more done this way. I've also already applied these changes to two of the Multi Rarity pages. This means updates to episode cards are on hold for a while.
9/26/23 Another milestone has been reached as the revisions enter Season 4 of the hybrid fanfic's episode cards.
9/24/23 Yesterday, I updated the Toy Reviews pages to change them to Product Reviews to add books as well for both categories. Today has brought the final part of episode cards for hybrid Season 3 down to about half the cards.
9/23/23 The final part of Season 3's episode cards is underway for the hybrid fanfic.
9/21/23 Finally got done with Season 3, part 3's episode cards and moved on to Season 3, part 4's.
9/18/23 Yesterday, I got done updating the Robot Wars Toy Reviews and moved to the Yu-Gi-Oh Games I created years ago, though only got about halfway done. Also revised the entire main page for the fanfics to cut the links down to the 5 parts. Today, it's on to Season 3, part 3's episode cards for the hybrid fanfic.
9/17/23 Revised all the BattleBots Toy Reviews pages to condense the review into a Pros and Cons section with more like notes than paragraphs of info. Also added Rammstein to the MiniBots reviews as I'd had it all along (and still do) but never reviewed it. I intend on doing the same for the Robot Wars Toys Reviews page.
9/16/23 Got going on the hybrid's Season 3, part 2 episode cards.
9/14/23 Starting Season 3's hybrid Episode Cards.
9/12/23 The final page of episode cards for hybrid Season 2 has begun the changes.
9/10/23 Now on the 2nd to last page of hybrid Season 2's episode cards.
9/8/23 Season 2's episode cards are about halfway done thanks to today's update.
9/6/23 Created a whole 2nd page for Siren Yu-Gi-Oh cards yesterday as there's just so much I can do there. Also updated the Yu-Gi-Oh cards page to provide new effects (and some new names) for the cards there as well as add support cards. Today, I've moved to Season 2, part 2's hybrid Episode Cards.
9/4/23 Season 2's GX episode cards have begun the updates.
9/2/23 Now on the final page of episode cards for the hybrid fanfic's first season. Completed about half of the original Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Errors revisions yesterday too.
8/31/23 As we end August 2023, I move to part 4 of my hybrid fanfic's first season's episode cards. Also updated page 2 of hybrid Episode Errors yesterday.
8/29/23 Witch's Strike is now at 1 for my Forbidden & Limited List as of yesterday and today has brought me over to Season 1, part 3 of the hybrid fanfic's episode cards.
8/27/23 Did some updates to page 1 of the hybrid Episode Errors page yesterday to reformat the info provided. Today has started updates to part 2 of the hybrid's first season of episode cards.
8/26/23 Opted to move The Seal of Orichalcos from Promo Cards to the Dragons of Legend Card Ratings page.
8/25/23 Updated the Weather and Siren Yu-Gi-Oh cards pages yesterday. For today, I completed all updates for Season 7's episode cards, then moved to the hybrid fanfic's episode cards.
8/24/23 Made updates to two older pages yesterday to add more custom cards and update them to the new format. They also have new names and I intend on updating their effects.
8/23/23 On the final part of Season 7's episode cards. Then it'll be on to the hybrid fanfic.
8/21/23 Yesterday, I did more work on the improved Forbidden & Limited List and reformatted the accompanying article to also detail reasons why I changed the list. I'll have to analyze what's currently at 2 though. Today, I've gotten up to Season 7, part 4's episode cards.
8/20/23 Season 7, part 3's episode cards are about halfway done. Also updated my improved Forbidden & Limited List, and wrote a new article.
8/17/23 Upates shift to Season 7, part 2's episode cards.
8/15/23 I'm now on the final season's episode cards of the original Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic.
8/14/23 Season 6's episode cards are on the final part after finishing up part 4.
8/13/23 Also forgot about LED8-EN's unfinished ratings so those and LD10-EN's are now done.
8/11/23 LD10-EN's partial ratings and spoiler have temporarily taken over updates, but it'll be pretty short-lived. This has also brought over several cards from SDSB-EN.
8/10/23 Now I'm all caught up with the Legendary Duelists ratings and just need to wait until tomorrow before I can get LD10-EN ready. There's also been an update to the episode cards of Season 6, part 4.
8/9/23 Yesterday, I was looking at the recent Legendary Duelists ratings page and realized the ratings and spoiler were never resumed from a year ago. That's been corrected and Number 106 was also moved over from the Promo Cards page. Once LED9 is done, I'll go straight to LD10.
8/8/23 Season 6 part 4's episode cards are now being done as part 3's were completed today.
8/7/23 Completed DUNE-EN's updates and have moved back to revising episode cards pages.
7/28/23 DUNE-EN's ratings and spoiler now temporarily take over from the episode card page revisions.
7/27/23 Kicking off with Season 6 part 3's updates now as the previous ones below are done.
7/25/23 Season 6, part 2's episode cards have begun the updates.
7/23/23 Now starting Season 6's episode cards after completing Season 5's.
7/22/23 About half of Season 5's last episode cards are done.
7/21/23 Season 5's final page (until its Gx version later on) has begun revisions thanks to part 4 concluding its revisions.
7/20/23 Half of Season 5, part 4's episode cards are done.
7/19/23 Now on the 2nd to last page of Season 5's episode cards as part 3's episode cards finished today.
7/15/23 Check out the updates for Season 5 part 2's episode cards, in addition to all the ones done for part 1's.
7/14/23 Aforementioned page below is about halfway done.
7/13/23 Season 5, part 1 has begun updates on its episode cards.
7/12/23 Season 4, part 5's episode cards are approaching the halfway point as part 4's episode cards are done.
7/11/23 A little over halfway done with Season 4, Part 4's episode cards.
7/9/23 Updates are done on Season 4, part 2's episode cards linked below and I moved to part 3's.
7/7/23 Updates seemed to stall for a while there, but that was unintentional. I've begun updates for Season 4's episode cards.
7/4/23 Not exactly fireworks on this Independence Day, just more updates to the episode cards.
7/3/23 Roughly halfway done with Season 3, part 4's episode cards.
7/2/23 Completed all of Season 3 part 3 and moved to Season 3, part 4.
7/1/23 Got about half the episode cards revised for Season 3, part 3.
6/30/23 Season 3, part 2's episode cards are done.
6/29/23 Back to revising fanfic episode cards pages today.
6/28/23 BLMR-EN is complete as of today and Season 3's episode cards are now at the halfway point.
6/24/23 With BLMR-EN's two pages now underway, I'm only updating 1 episode's episode cards at a time, unless two are short.
6/23/23 Much got done today from wrapping up episode cards for Season 2, to starting Season 3's episode cards and getting the latest Stuff of Legend page ready for BLMR-EN's ratings and spoiler.
6/22/23 Season 2's episode cards are nearly done as of today.
6/20/23 Now Season 2, part 2 is getting ready as part 1 was completed today.
6/19/23 The first round of episode cards are done so it's on to round 2.
6/18/23 Finished that part I started yesterday and got part 5 ready to go.
6/17/23 Got part of Season 1, Episode 4's episode cards before noticing that I didn't finish Season 1, Episode 1's episode cards so that got done as well.
6/16/23 Season 1's episode cards are a little over halfway done.
6/15/23 With all the Legendary Duelists spoilers done, it's back to the Episode Cards, which are basically the last pages left. (I started the revision done today much earlier as a test run.)
6/14/23 There's only 1 Legendary Duelists spoiler left, the original one as LED7-EN is done.
6/13/23 Wrapped up revisions for LED6-EN and thus started them for LED7-EN.
6/12/23 LED5-EN is done so I moved to LED6-EN.
6/11/23 Sisters of the Rose's (LED4-EN) spoiler is complete.
6/10/23 LED3-EN's spoiler is done.
6/9/23 Now I'm on to the Legendary Duelists spoilers and have gotten LED2-EN done and started LED3-EN.
6/8/23 The booster pack spoilers from the old days are done.
6/7/23 The last spoiler I have from the old days of the game has begun the revisions since PGD-EN is done.
6/6/23 Started updates for PGD-EN's spoiler after completing MRL-EN's. Pretty much completed all other spoilers' updates to fix the broken link.
6/5/23 WISU-EN has everything completed. I also went back and updated many spoiler pages to fix the broken link leading to the list of spoilers and make other tiny changes for consistancy with more recent pages. All spoilers from sets A through C are done and many others from All Foil and Multi Rarity too.
6/2/23 Wild Survivors has begun ratings and spoiler and several SR04-EN cards have moved over. Expect some more from that same Structure Deck to move over as those are the only new ones left.
6/1/23 MRD-EN's spoiler is done so I moved to MRL-EN's spoiler.
5/31/23 Got most of MRD-EN's spoiler done.
5/30/23 Completed updates to LON-EN's spoiler and started MRD-EN's.
5/29/23 HA07-EN is all done with the revisions. Thus, I'll be moving on to general spoilers like LOB. There's also a blog page for articles I've written thus far (though the first two are a bit different).
5/28/23 Now that the nonsense I attempted recently was undone, I've gone back and have HA07-EN nearing the end. There's also been updates to various toy review pages recently (most are minor though).
5/26/23 HA07-EN's ratings revisions are down to 30 cards.
5/25/23 HA06 is done so the last pack (HA07-EN) is now underway.
5/24/23 The spoiler for HA06-EN is ready.
5/23/23 HA06-EN's ratings are halfway done with revisions.
5/22/23 HA05-EN is now complete so I've moved to HA06.
5/21/23 Almost done revising HA05-EN's ratings.
5/20/23 TP8-EN completes all Tournament Packs so I moved back to Hidden Arsenal packs, which were being unwittingly neglected.
5/19/23 Almost all Tournament Packs have the recent changes.
5/18/23 TP6-EN has finished and TP7-EN has nearly finished its updates.
5/17/23 TP5 is now done and TP6 has started.
5/16/23 TP4's spoiler is done and TP5 is nearly done.
5/15/23 Updated TP3, TP4 and both their spoilers.
5/14/23 Everything is done for CYAC-EN's ratings and spoiler.
5/5/23 Began CYAC-EN's ratings and spoiler.
5/2/23 Tournament Pack revisions are now underway.
5/1/23 PP02-EN is done with the revisions. I should also point out modifications took place recently for the first page of Episode Cards as I'm trying out a tweaked version of the Card Spoiler pages.
4/30/23 Completed all updates to PP01-EN.
4/29/23 WSUP-EN's spoiler is done and PP01-EN's revisions have started.
4/28/23 Completed said ratings for WSUP-EN.
4/27/23 Wrapped up updates for YMP1-EN's spoiler and began them for half of WSUP-EN.
4/26/23 Updated MVP1-EN's spoiler and rated the 9 cards in YMP1-EN.
4/25/23 That's a wrap on MVP1-EN's (DSOD) Card Ratings page.
4/24/23 The original Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack is getting the changes on its ratings page.
4/23/23 GLD1-EN completes all revisions.
4/22/23 The original Gold Series (TCG) ratings near the end of its revisions.
4/21/23 DRL2-EN's ratings and spoiler pages both have the changes.
4/20/23 Most of DRL2-EN's ratings page has the revisions.
4/19/23 DRL2-EN has begun the changes as DRLG-EN's spoiler is done.
4/18/23 Finished up the revisions to DRLG-EN's ratings page.
4/17/23 DRLG-EN has gotten a little over half the updates on its Ratings page.
4/16/23 NUMH-EN completes the updates to its spoiler.
4/14/23 Pretty much caught up with all Partial Card Ratings I missed out on before so updates will be in the morning from now on basically. Today was an update to half of NUMH-EN.
4/8/23 Promo cards are being moved to other places because it gets messy to keep them all there and it's just one card being rated. Thus, you'll start finding those cards in sets like WIRA-EN, TOCH-EN and the Battles of Legend sets.
4/3/23 Reverting somewhat back to a previous design concept for Pendulums as you'd probably want to have the label isolated from the actual text (though I did initially try out moving the rarity to its own highlighted spot, and you may see that for some pages before it's removed). On that note, TAMA-EN's reviews and spoiler have begun.
4/1/23 With just about everything done, I've moved to the spoilers from the early days like LOB.
3/30/23 Rather than have SDZW-EN be the only rated Deck on its page, I've opted to move SDSC-EN to that same page to finish it off and mark the end of rating full Structure Decks. KICO-EN finished up ratings so I've moved on to GRCR-EN on the page linked in the previous entry.
3/27/23 Began partial reviews and spoiler for KICO-EN. This page has also gotten an update as you can see. This should be better, but I'm still not sold on the color choices yet. Maybe I'll set aside a day to figure this page's color theme out.
3/25/23 LED8-EN is done, and some cards from smaller products like Starter Decks are moved over as well.
3/24/23 LED8-EN's reviews and spoiler have begun.
3/23/23 As BLCR-EN wraps up, I'm moving to LED8-EN next.
3/22/23 BLCR-EN is drawing to a close, but there are now links to the regular Wiki on both pages as the so-called "better" wiki (they actually had a message on how to redirect links to their wiki at the top of their page) remains down for the count. This isn't to say I support either one at this point, but the regular one has the actual card text for each set, unlike the official site, which is only going to keep the current text.
3/19/23 Just about all the Partial Ratings pages have their new spoilers. Went back through all the sets with a Blue name to turn it more teal/aqua instead for easier transfer and to make it easier to separate the product name from the set ID. Since most of the regular ratings are done too, I'll be moving on to that stuff once I catch up with the Partial Ratings from about a year or two ago. I will also be combining the fully rated (non-duplicate) Structure and Starter Decks ratings together at some point where possible as they're under 40 cards each. Today, I've begun the ratings and spoiler for BLCR-EN, now located in the "Stuff of Legend" folder (no spaces in the URL) along with all the others, including DRL3.-EN.
3/15/23 Started reviews and spoiler for GFP2-EN and the spoilers for Legendary Duelist sets.
3/14/23 GFTP-EN's ratings and partial spoiler are done and I'll move to 2nd Haunting from that sort-of series tomorrow.
3/10/23 The reviews and spoiler have begun for GFTP-EN and All Foil Ratings now has its own spoiler (which will be replacing the larger spoilers going forward as it's easier to track the new cards and gets done faster). These sort of updates will continue into the afternoons. On a partly unrelated note, Yugipedia has fallen hard and needs help getting back on their feet. This means all links to their pages are broken until they get back up and/or I get different links.
3/9/23 Updates are now only in the morning as most of what's left is under 100 cards per set. It's also getting tiring to do it off and on each day. Thus, I'm going to start reviewing some of the new stuff missed over the past two years.
3/6/23 3/6/23
Hidden Arsenal packs are now getting the revisions.
3/3/23 3/3/23
Moved on to Champion Packs, which should take even less time to revise.
3/2/23 3/2/23
What was previously called New Card Ratings has been renamed Partial Card Ratings as all Card Ratings I've done are at least partially new. Speaking of which, I think you'll like how it's been laid out now. Makes it clear what I'm going to be reviewing partially going forward. I've also moved on to Duelist Packs and should finish them up soon.
3/1/23 Tweaked the theme here and made updates to the New Card Ratings page as the goal I'm thinking about is just during the larger stuff and waiting for the unrated cards to get a bigger product. It's otherwise pretty confusing and taxing to think about.
Starter Decks have begun the changes, though my thinking is to move those cards over to larger products over time as there's like 20 links on that page alone. Premium Gold also finished up already.
Everything for PHHY's spoiler and ratings is in. Also updated this page to give it a bit more color and alternate the entries (albeit only for a few months' worth). Not sure if I like the changes though.
PHHY-EN's ratings and spoiler have been underway for a bit.
I moved on to the New Card Ratings, which are pretty much just called Card Ratings for the specific clumps of cards from various sets, and they're keeping their respective set names to avoid confusion.
Revisions of the Promo Cards pages have begun as of yesterday.
Found an issue when revising booster set ratings pages in that with Link Monsters, I couldn't copy-paste the Attribute for monsters over to a non-Link monster area of the spoiler so I've moved Link Monsters' Link Arrows down a bit and highlighted where they are. There's also an actual link to learn how to play on the left side under the Attribute. The cell containing this info now lacks the background color and is just the orange and off-white text. Going through this won't take long and will be the idea going forward.
I've caught up to where I was before the aforementioned changes began so it'll take a bit longer to move from set-to-set, but not by much.
Adding 1 more set of changes to remove the blue divider and make the top bit of info (with the set name and  Set ID) black to highlight it and separate it from the review. Both the ratings and spoiler pages will have these changes. Should be much better, and honestly I'm liking them so far.
In addition to the aforementioned updates below, I've opted to also removed the "Points to" cells of the table for non-Link Monsters as it takes up more room than necessary. Pendulum Monsters will now be split and properly designated with "Pendulum Text" and "Monster Text" like I had before. Otherwise, you have no idea which text is which, even with the reviews. This process is already complete with A and B named sets.
Back to the beginning for Card Ratings pages again as I realized the rating itself and the comments should've been together. That's one part of the updates. The other part is darkening the "attribute" for Trap Cards so they're a bit more like the Spell Card "attribute". This process is much shorter and I've done 2 sets already. At this rate, I should be back to the S names in a week or two.