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Chiming in to give an update where I am and to detail a few changes made to the pages.
I'm currently at the last of the E-named booster sets.
Ratings and Spoiler pages have a change from "Active Link Arrow(s):" to "Points to:", which is an official Yu-Gi-Oh term for Link Monsters. This change occurred once I saw that The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister's Link Arrows were too long to fit. This update is shorter too, and speaking of which, I've opted to shorten the listing of Link Arrows too, and you'll be seeing that if you haven't already.
With the bigger sets complete with revisions, I've moved to the smaller sets (with around 100 cards or less). Spoilers from partially rated sets and such will be last.
AST-EN's card ratings page is now getting the revisions.
10/31/22 (Halloween):
As October comes to a close, so do all updates for DABL-EN.
Opted for another change to Card Ratings pages, this time to make things easier to read and it saves me a few steps in adding the info. You may be thinking "Why not just make the text bigger?" While it's true I could've done that, I felt the format could've been better. Besides, I generally only copy-paste the card text anyway. I've still kept the differences between the Card Ratings and spoiler pages.

Other changes include: 1. Highlighting the card type with the exact properties of that card, minus the symbol. 2. Both pages now have spaces for Link Arrows and Pendulum Scales even if they don't need them (and in which case they're made less visible). 3. ATK and DEF now share a box, similar to how things were with early Japan Yu-Gi-Oh cards. 4. The booster set name is directly above the card's name so that you don't have to scroll up to remember what set you're looking at. I may clarify the ratings too so it's always clear without having to memorize the ratings at the top. These changes have already been applied to DABL-EN's two pages and the others will follow over time, starting with the biggest sets.
DABL-EN's ratings and spoiler have begun.
HA07-EN draws near the end of its revisions.
More updates were done to the Card Ratings main page in recent days and I'm now happy with the results. Today, there's links to the first row of individual Card Ratings pages (with red links directly above them that are further highlighted to separate them from the rows above).
Fate's Seal is down to just 2 episodes' episode cards.
Added another 10 episodes to Zexal Season 1's episode guide.
Did about half the revisions for the final Hidden Arsenal Card Ratings page.
"Completed" the changes to the Card Ratings page, though I'm having second thoughts on the layout.
Two more parts for Fate's Seal's final page have Episode Cards.
Zexal's episode guide has the next 10 episodes listed.
HA06-EN has completed all revisions.
Played around with a revision to the Card Ratings main page  last night, then applied it to about half the page today.
Finally added the episode cards for the first two episodes of part 5.
50 episodes are done for Zexal's Season 1 episode guide (though the Konami website says episode 50 is the start of Season 2).
HA06-EN is nearly done with revisions.
All changes are complete for Part 5 of Fate's Seal's Episode Cards. Cards will start being added next time.
Applied the tweak (and a bit more) to all news entries this year (as 2021's entries will be removed next year).
Making a tweak to this page to put the date at the top of the entry and updated the Zexal Season 1 episode guide.
HA06-EN has completed half the revisions on its ratings page.
Made changes to the Deluxe Metal Mechanics and BattleChains pages.
Next time should have the first set of Episode Cards up for part 5 of the movie fanfic.
The Zexal episode guide is 30 episodes down.
October kicks off with the end of HA05-EN's card ratings revisions.
Updated the BattleBots Metal Mechanics Toy Reviews page to rewrite the summaries and convert things over.
Nearly ready to add the Episode Card links to part 5.
Updated the Episode Guide to add the next 10 episodes.
HA05-EN's revisions are down to half the cards' comments.
The final part of the movie fanfic is ready for revisons.
Added the first 10 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal to its episode guide.
Began revisions for HA05-EN's card ratings page.
Part 4 of Fate's Seal's Episode Cards is done.
Jury Duty ended Tuesday but I opted to take the day off so today I've started Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal's Episode Guide.
Completed HA04-EN's revisions.
Added two more episodes' worth of Episode Cards
The 5Ds Episode Guide nears the end.
HA04-EN continues updates on its ratings page.
Jury Duty for me continues, but in person now and I hope to be done on Tuesday of next week, which is the only day I'm confirmed to be there so far. Since I have several days off, I'll post updates in between weeks. For today, Part 28 of Fate's Seal has Episode Cards.
Updating to note that I could have virtual jury duty at any point this week (so no update will take place at that time) and I've updated the 5Ds Episode Guide.
HA03-EN completed revisions so HA04-EN has started them.
Added 2 more episodes' worth of Episode Cards.
HA03-EN's revisions near completion.
Part 4 of the Hybrid Movie's episode cards has begun.
Began revisions for HA03-EN's ratings page.
Another computer power supply died on me on Saturday so no updates were able to take place until early evening yesterday. I opted to wait and confirm whether everything was working properly inside and it's been fine so far. Today got the next Hybrid Movie Fanfic page ready for its episode cards.
HA02-EN completed revisions.
Added reviews for the PocketBots and video games released during the show's original run and updated HEXBUG Rivals.
Fate's Seal starts part 4's updates today.
Updated several of the other BattleBots Toy Review pages to change the wording and such.
HA02-EN is nearly done with revisions.
Completed part 3 of Fate's Seal's Episode Cards.
Revised my Forbidden & Limited List to be clearer about what the changes would be.
Finished updates for HA01-EN's ratings page and began the same for HA02-EN.
Added episode cards to Part 22 of the hybrid movie fanfic.
Updated the Robot Wars Toy Reviews pages to coincide with the changes to each BattleBots Toys Reviews pages.
Opting to include revisions to Card Ratings pages that I intended to continue ages ago when I caught up with other revisions. They'll take place every other day until everything is complete.
All BattleBots products I own/have owned have a page now.
The aforementioned updates to page 3 of the Hybrid Movie fanfic's episode cards are done so next time will be adding the card info.
Decided to take a break and add reviews for my recently acquired BattleBots HEXBUG toys.
Part 3 of the Hybrid Movie fanfic gets some revisions done.
Updates resume for fanfic Episode Cards and episode pages.
POTE-EN updates are now complete.
Ratings for POTE-EN are ongoing and will replace fanfic updates for the next 10 days.
With all the hybrid episodes done, I've moved to the movie episodes, which'll now be done once daily in the mornings as they're the last pages left.
Two things to report on this time around.
Updates are now on Season 8 of the hybrid fanfic, which means that they'll only take place in the morning once Season 8 wraps up as the movie is currently the last fanfic I have up on the site.
There's been an update to BattleBots Brackets yesterday. I removed all the old tournaments as they were pretty flawed from the get-go and I'll be taking out the fights too. There's also now a bracket format inside the table that will be used each week. I plan to have a whole new tournament next year to give me time to get the robots ready. It will not include the HEXBUG toys I've acquired though.
I said it wouldn't take long and it didn't. I'm now caught up with the aforementioned revisions and am picking up where I left off. I'm debating on whether or not to add to to the highlighted Duelist's name to indicate that they're the card player, which'd also help isolate them in a similar manner to how they were before. If I do it, it won't take very long at all.
Implementing a new change that moves the card player in the Episode Cards pages to the left to line it up with the card info. Before you possibly complain about not being able to find it, it's been highlighted twice to make it stand out better. It's also keeping the same font size.
I found it's harder to keep the card player names in line when they don't all have the same length and it would probably get confusing to make changes to their names to get them to be the same or close to the same lengths. This change is currently applied to All of my original fanfic's first season and shouldn't take that long to get caught up.
Updates to DIFO-EN's 2 pages are done.
Exactly a month from the previous update comes Dimension Force ratings and spoiler. I've also prettty much caught up to where I had been when the aforementioned change took place below.
I've ended adding the bitly links to fanfic pages in favor of adding just one link to actual card info on a single page instead. Regardless of how you felt about those links, they're done being used. I was trying to get the link to fit the space, but that's no longer necessary. Plus, there's a link to each card's Yugipedia page for more info. For now, this is the new method, though I think it's the best one, even if it doesn't benefit me for when I need to find the info. Cards are actually listed in order of appearance, not necessarily the order they were played. For instance:
1. Swords of Revealing Light is played.
2. A monster that was Set is revealed.
Thus, the order will be as you see it even though the monster was Set before SoRL was played. It's not really any diffferent than when I add card spoilers for booster sets as those tend to be around 100 cards. It'll take me a while to catch up but part 1 of season 1 is already nearly done. I may just start the sessions earlier.
Today begins 3 more days of revising fanfic pages. Yesterday, I realized that with the New Card Ratings pages eventually disappearing, there's little point in keeping the spoilers so I've opted to end those since there's no longer a point. That means I have an opening for something else. I'll have to figure out what that'll be.
Updates to spoiler pages continue the next 3 days, though there will be less progress as these pages have more work to be done.
Revisions to card ratings pages should finish up either today or tomorrow before I move to revising the spoiler pages.
The next 3 days returns to fanfic pages for the hybrid fanfic's 4th season.
I've wrapped up S named Booster Sets and will move on to T names over the next 3 days.
3 more days of revising fanfic pages and I should be able to finish Season 3 part 4 of the Gx fanfic.
S-named Card Ratings pages continue to get revisions the next 3 days.
The next 3 days are occupied with fanfic page revisions.
I'm back to revising Card Ratings pages the next 3 days.
As I near the halfway point in March, revisions to fanfic pages return.
The next 3 days of March return to Card Ratings pages.
March gets its first 3 days of fanfic page revisions.
The next 3 days are covered with Card Ratings page revisions.
Returning to fanfic pages the next 3 days.
It's back to revising Card Ratings pages, though BACH-EN's two pages are done.
Fanfic pages get revisions with BACH-EN updates.
The next 3 days continue revisions on Card Ratings pages in addition to BACH-EN's updates.
Expect BACH-EN ratings and spoiler updates to take place with whatever other update is taking place. I also applied the aforementioned changes to the other Episode Cards pages. It actually looks much better this way.
Not much got done yesterday as I felt the way I was displaying the links wasn't the best it could be. I started a new way to display them and will finish that up today and decide if that's the right way to go. So far, it's looking much better.
Updating more fanfic pages the next 3 days.
3 more days of revising Card Ratings pages has begun.
Back to revising fanfic pages, and now there's an explaination at the top and a slight change to how hand sizes are indicated.
Expect 3 more days of revising Card Ratings pages.
Mostly posting an entry today to report the new main page created for links. I realized it was going to be huge with all the GX era cards being added so I opted to split up the Monster Card main page into two pages and the original has been renamed.
There's also an update how stats are shown in the hybrid fanfic. Now I just show 1 number with a label (like 2000 DEF). Figured it was only fitting since it does change to that partway through the first season.
As January comes to a close, I resume revising the fanfic pages and should get Season 7 completed, then move on to the hybrid series.
I'm back to revising Card Ratings pages and moving on to I names soon.
Updates resume for fanfic pages the next 3 days, though currently only for changing / to | and I'm up to Season 7 now for it.
Revisions to Card Ratings pages continue the next 3 days.
In addition to current revisions to Season 7's fanfic pages, I've changed the first two seasons' worth of fanfic pages to change how a monster's ATK and DEF is separated, notably from / to | like with the card ratings.
You probably want an explanation for the lack of updates until now right? Well I have two things to thank for that, Covid 19 and my computer's power supply overheating. Covid was the first strike, but it proved less than what others had experienced.
The power supply issue kept me from updating my site until the new one arrived. Then it was just a matter of ensuring we had wires in the right places. That's all sorted and the effects Covid are now even weaker on me than when it first hit so I'm back to updates. I've picked up where I left off with fanfic revisions.
12/29/21: D named booster sets should finish revisions the next 3 days before E names take over.
12/26/21: Season 7 kicks off another 3 days of revisions to the fanfic pages.
12/23/21: Card Ratings pages return to revisions with D named sets.
12/20/21: Season 6 of my regular Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic, which recently started getting revisions, continues getting them the next 3 days.
12/17/21: I return to revising Card Ratings pages and have added the first 0/5 rating to DB1-EN's ratings. A few other cards from those two sets will get such a rating as well.
12/14/21: 3 Days of revising fanfic pages (and adding to the Episode Card main pages) begins today.
12/11/21: Another 3 days of revising Card Ratings pages is underway. Just completed CRMS-EN's revisions this morning.
12/10/21: BROL-EN's ratings (including ones moved over) and its spoiler are now complete
12/9/21: Yesterday, I opted to split the main page for Episode Cards into 2 pages to make it more manageable. It also makes things easier to find. I'll continue work on those two pages today and tomorow. As stated earlier, I've moved Number 39: Utopia from the New Card Ratings page to BROL-EN's Card Ratings page and updated its info accordingly. There will be quite a few other cards to be moved there tomorrow.
12/8/21: It's back to adding Episode Card links to the main page the next 3 days.
12/5/21: Updating more Card Ratings pages the next 3 days.
12/4/21: Expect BROL-EN ratings with the transfer of New Card Ratings cards to it where they're included in the set in addition to adding card links to the main page.
12/3/21: Updated several Card Ratings pages yesterday to add a 0/5 rating, which is also on the Ratings Explained page), and rework the block at the top as a result. You should see the changes up to where I've left off with revising the Card Ratings pages before. The 0/5 rating is for cards that don't really need to exist like Larvae Moth. Today marks the return of what I did in late November where Episode Card links are being compiled.
11/30/21: Yesterday's revisions changed to have 3 letters of the alphabet in a row with each card's name getting the appropriate letter and of course numbers are included. Seems to be working for now. The next 3 days will involve C named booster sets having comments shortened.
11/29/21: Created a special page where all the fanfic cards' info is going to be listed so that I don't have to open all the fanfic pages to find the links I need. They were going to be in ABC order but I've opted to list them by card type so there's only 3 areas to look.I'll be updating this page today and whenever the cycle returns to it.
11/27/21: Back to revising fanfic pages to add links to the actual cards (and fanfic exclusives)
11/24/21: Opting to go back to the Card Ratings pages to shorten comments on them or change them from "Same as set ID's comments", which isn't helpful at all. Shouldn't take me that long and will give me something else to do.
11/20/21: Not as much got done yesterday for the New Card Ratings pages as I realized it was a mess having two sets on a single page. Thus, I've opted to make New Card Ratings for products where most of the cards are new. Old cards will still be left out unless their text drastically changes how they're played.

For the New Card Ratings still up, I'll move them over to a new product that is being mostly rated and update their card info accordingly. This way I'll have less pages in the end and won't be reviewing as many products. I'll just wait for the reprints.

As an example, Brothers of Legend will be mostly reviewed on its own page. This also means a total revision to the New Card Ratings main page but that was already planned anyway. Instead, I'm revising fanfic pages to fill the void between products I review.
11/18/21: Promo Card Ratings finished revisions so I'm on to the final stage, New Card Ratings.
11/15/21: BODE-EN's ratings and spoiler are done and I'm continuing revisions for Season 3 Part 1 of my fanfic.
11/12/21: Preparations for Promo Card Ratings page 3 are underway and I should be able to get the revisions done over the next 3 days.
11/11/21: Season 2, Part 5 of my fanfic gets revisions today.
11/9/21: Had internet troubles this morning so I opted to finish up revising Promo Card Ratings page 2. Assuming things continue to be fine with the internet, I'll be going back to revising my fanfic pages.
11/6/21: With the cough pretty much gone, I'm going to try and get back to revising the Promo Card Ratings pages the next few days using a a strategy of doing 1 step at a time and saving the actual revision bit for last.
11/5/21: The flu I've been having the past 2 weeks is pretty much gone but I won't be back to the revisions to Promo Cards untl the cough is taken care of. For now, I'll be reviewing BODE-EN cards and completing its spoiler.
10/19/21: Obviously the updates planned for yesterday didn't take place as I woke up with aches and chills. It was a pretty rough day but I'm well enough to resume said updates.
10/17/21: T named booster sets should finish today or tomorrow. Then I'll move to Promo Cards.
10/15/21: Opting to abandon the side bar for Episode Cards in favor of putting the links in the story itself. I've highlighted the links so they're easier to see. Should make things better, especially with the card types also being listed in the same cell of the table. Shouldn't take me long to catch up and it means less work going forward.
10/14/21: Expect more revisions to Season 5 of my original fanfic the next few days.
10/13/21: Last day of revisions for booster set card ratings pages and since recent new booster sets have prompted ratings of older cards, I'm going to apply that to other new releases as well in the future but only ones where my views have changed. That rating will override the old one as times have changed since the original rating and I'm not going back to change the old rating because they were rated differently.
10/11/21: The next 3 days should be enough time to finish up the S named booster sets.
10/8/21: I've finally caught up so now it's about moving ahead with the revisions over the next 3 days.
10/5/21: S names will round out the next 3 days.
10/2/21: I've started Season 4 of my original fanfic's revisions.
9/3021: It will look like not much got done but that's because the RDS-EN Card Ratings page got pretty corrupted so things aren't working as they should. I'm transferring the info onto a new page that will then be renamed the old one so you can still access things. It won't look much different but will take me longer than normal to complete the revisions.
9/29/21: R booster sets are now getting revisions then next 3 days.
9/26/21: Should be able to get through Season 3 over the next 3 days.
9/23/21: Card Ratings pages get more revisions the next 3 days, now on the P booster sets.
9/21/21: Having finished Season 2, Season 3 of my original fanfic is getting revisions.
9/18/21: Revisions to Card Ratings pages return with letters L and M.
9/15/21: 3 more days of adding Episode Cards have begun (including completing Season 2 Part 2).
9/12/21: It's back to 3 days of revising Card Ratings pages.
9/11/21: To kick off the final of 3 days revising fanfic pages, I went back to most of them to consolidate the key so that it's a single cell of a table separated like this:
Key: Normal Monster | Effect Monster
9/9/21: Going to try to finish revising Season 1's fanfic pages today.
9/6/21: Starting revisions on Card Ratings pages again.
9/5/21: 1 more day of revising fanfic pages is in store for today.
9/4/21: Continuing yesterday's revisions on Season 1 of my fanfic.
9/3/21: I think I've found a solution to the Fanfic page issue. I've added links to the Episode Cards on the right (and may add them on the left for episodes with lots of cards) and highlighted each card's name in the same color I gave them in the fanfic episode itself. I've also added the banner to each episode to separate each episode and provide you with each card's type in each episode.
This method is also much faster than how I'd been doing it with the slide shows and allows you to pick and choose the cards you want to know more about. Don't worry about the shortened links. Some people may use that to hide malicious URLs but I don't even know how to make malware and even if I did, I'd never use it to ruin the reputation of the site. The URLs I assure you redirect to Yugipedia links (as they're most up-to-date).
9/1/21: A new month begins E-named booster sets.
8/31/21: Finishing off Card Ratings pages for D-named booster sets' revisions today. Then I'll move to E-named sets.
8/30/21: It seems there's no good way to deal with the fanfic pages so for now, they're staying as is. I tried putting the info into Panels but that means making the page into a soon-to-be-outdated file extension that won't be supported in the future so that's out of the question. With that, I'll resume revisions to Card Ratings pages.
8/29/21: Made a very minor tweak to previously revised Card Ratings pages yestersay to change the color of 5/5 ratings and Ritual Monsters so they don't blend in as much. I'll continue this going forward.
8/27/21: Revising DB2-EN's Card Ratings page today.
8/26/21: Was going to continue adding Episode Cards for fanfic pages but that seems to be more trouble than it's worth. I'm not sure what to do with that yet so I'm revising DB1-EN's card ratings instead.
8/22/21: DAMA-EN's spoiler and ratings are complete and today starts another string of revising card ratings pages.
8/20/21: Updated the Zexal episode guide.
8/18/21: Since the latest revisions to Card Ratings pages will be slow progress, I'm going to start doing them a few days in a row to get sets done. Updates to DAMA-EN continue each morning as well.
8/17/21: Revisions to Card Ratings pages continue with the C named booster sets.
8/16/21: Robot Wars Summaries are now mostly done.
8/15/21: Updated Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal's Season 1 Episode Guide in addition to DAMA's ratings and spoiler
8/14/21:  Will be continuing revisions to Card Ratings pages.
8/13/21: DAMA-EN's card ratings and spoiler begin today.
8/12/21: Completed the first half of ANPR-EN's latest revisions. I'll be updating another set later on too.
8/11/21: Added the episode cards for S4E33.
8/10/21: Completed all revisions to this page and updated BattleBots News with the recent toy and filming news.
8/9/21: Tested out a revision to LIOV-EN's ratings page recently and liked it so I'm going to add it to all other ratings pages. It takes the Rating itself and the card type and puts them in line with the Set ID in this order:
Rating: | Set ID | Card Type with the ones around the Set ID still being underlined so it's easier to spot the Set ID, which is also still blue. This change will reduce the page size and make things even easier to find. Plus if you're not interested in the rating, it's easier to ignore.
8/8/21: Began the Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal episode guide.
8/7/21: Completed Episode Cards for Season 4 Part 4 of my original fanfic.
8/6/21: Various older pages updated.
8/5/21: Recolored a year's worth of links below from where I left off last time.
8/4/21: Made tweaks to two of the main pages for the Card Ratings pages.
8/3/21: Added HSRD-EN's new ratings to the 8th page of All Foil New Card Ratings. Also created a page for Power-Up Pack New Card Ratings.
8/2/21: Finshed the Season 3 episode guide for Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds and gave this page a bit of a tweak as well. Felt the cells of the table didn't need to be colored and opted to darken the text colors too.
8/1/21: Added Episode Cards to S4E30 of my original fanfic.
7/31/21: Updated the Robot Wars Tournament Summaries page 5.
7/30/21: Started revisions on the Robot Wars Tournaments page. Gave this page the old font from years ago, only smaller and easier to read.
7/29/21: Went back to the BattleBots Toy Reviews pages to include links to actual pages on them and update the formatting for consistancy.
7/28/21: Battlebots Fight Summaries are now complete with revisions.
7/27/21: Completed more revisions to the 5Ds Season 3 Episode Guide.
7/26/21: Product Spoilers has completed revisions and made a few changes to my 2nd article.
7/25/21: Revised almost all BattleBots Fight Summaries pages again as the font wasn't really all that legible even though it looked cool. It was also bigger, thus making the content bigger than necessary.
7/24/21: Several pages received updates, notably Card Ratings Explained, Weather Content, The Sun, Astronomy and Battlebots Bracket, though I'm not sure all pages are staying in the future.
7/23/21: Two more pages updated.
7/22/21: Revised the original series' episode guide.
7/21/21: Attempted to update the New Card Ratings page but only really succeeded in making things worse even though it had good intentions. Will have to think about how to revise that one.
7/20/21: Fine-tuned the Robot Wars Minibots reviews page to include links to the toy's article pages on the Robot Wars Wiki. There was also a tweak to the Robot Wars Toy Reviews page to remove the toy reviews as it's meant to be the main page.
7/19/21: Got parway through revising another BattleBots Text Episode before realizing it's pretty difficult for readers to understand what's going on. I may have to find a way to restructure the episodes or add something to help readers out. If all else fails, I'll delete the pages and stick to the summaries.
7/18/21: Added the next fanfic episode's Episode Cards.
7/17/21: 5Ds' Season 3 episode guide now has all links, titles and summaries up to and including episode 121.
7/16/21: All remaining BattleBots Toy Reviews pages and most of Robot Wars' Toy Reviews pages are done.
7/15/21: Both Gx Episode Errors and the BattleBots Battle Bashers pages have updates.
7/14/21: Updated bloopers and movie comparisons pages.
7/13/21: All Yu-Gi-Oh game pages and Robot Wars News have updated
7/12/21: Several other pages updated, including Warning Sirens Content, Warning Siren Companies and all the main pages for anime comparisons.
7/11/21: Two more pages got updates.
7/10/21: The 2nd article I wrote regarding championships and its champions has changes.
7/9/21: Updated Card Rarities and both regular Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Bloopers pages.
7/8/21: Yu-Gi-Oh Terminology and Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Tutorial have been updated.
7/7/21: Came up with at least a temporary update to the Good and Bad Yu-Gi-Oh Websites pages.
7/6/21: Updated the BattleBots Toy Reviews main page, BattleBots Rivals page and VEX Robotics kit reviews page.
7/5/21: Updated most of the Scariest Places on Earth individual pages, mostly to change the font a bit.
7/4/21: Updated various Robot Wars pages, including all 3 summary pages and the about page for Scariest Places on Earth.
7/3/21: Made quick work of revising the remaining Robot Wars Text Episodes so I went back to the custom Yu-Gi-Oh Cards pages (Siren, Weather, regular Yu-Gi-Oh, etc)
7/2/21: Revised 2 more BattleBots Text Episodes on its 3rd page.
7/1/21: Began the new month with an update to the 5Ds Season 3 episode guide.
6/30/21: Now that things are beginning to wind down for the revisions, updates will mostly take place in the morning and today's update started to break up the remaining Unrated Card Ratings Text pages.
6/29/21: With only one area that truly needs updates, I've gone back to it, Episode Cards.
6/28/21: Updating New Card Ratings Structure Deck pages to add gallery and spoiler links at the top.
6/27/21: Adding more Episode Cards to finish out Season 4 Part 3 before moving to Season 4
Part 4.
6/26/21: Various New Card Ratings pages and spoiler pages are getting their gallery links and updates.
6/25/21: Spoiler revisions are done so I'm down to two options and am doing one of them today.
6/24/21: Finally getting near the end of updating card spoilers. I should get them all done today.
6/23/21: Now that the new way of displaying gallery and spoiler links is finalized, I'm adding it to more New Card Ratings pages today.
6/21/21: More Episode Cards being added to Season 4 Part 2.
6/20/21: Finally completed revisions for all Card Ratings pages and included a trial run for how I might layout galleries and spoilers on the various New Card Ratings pages.
6/19/21: Season 4 Part 2 of my fanfic is getting Episode Cards.
6/18/21: Updating more card spoilers today.
6/17/21 Should be able to complete New Card Ratings revisions today.
6/16/21: Episode Cards resume being added to Season 4's fanfic pages.
6/15/21: Updating more Structure Deck spoilers today.
6/14/21: Completed LIOV-EN's ratings and spoiler. Will resume revisions of Structure Deck Card Ratings pages this afternoon.
6/13/21: Finally starting Season 4's Episode Cards today.
6/12/21: Structure Deck card spoilers resume updates today.
6/11/21: Might be able to wrap up Structure Deck Card Ratings revisions today.
6/10/21: Adding more Episode Cards to finally finish Season 3's revisions.
6/9/21: Product spoilers continue revisions today.
6/8/21: Revisions to Card Ratings pages continue.
6/7/21: With things still looking up for my comp, I'm attempting to continue adding Episode Cards today and so far things have gone fine.
6/6/21: Resuming spoiler updates one last time before hopefully I can resume the Episode Cards tomorrow.
6/5/21: LIOV-EN's ratings and spoiler are underway for the mornings. I intend to return to adding Episode Cards on Monday.
6/4/21: Things have stablized again with my comp but until I can be sure, I'm still continuing the trend of the past few days. Of course, that'll eventually come to an end and may be reduced to 1. Until then, I'm doing Starter Deck spoilers today.
6/3/21: Updating more New Card Ratings pages today, this time Gold Series, LDK2-EN, Legendary Collection and Starter Decks.
6/2/21: It's back to revising spoiler pages, specifically Battles of Legend.
6/1/21: Putting the Episode Cards on hold until the computer issue is fixed as it seems media in general is causing the problem somehow. Instead, I'm revising more New Card Ratings pages.
5/31/21: Computer crashing returned and it remains to be seen what the actual problem is but updates can continue for now. My current hunch is a graphics card issue but we'll see. Today's update revised half of the mostly unrated Duelist Pack spoilers. I should get those done today.
5/30/21: Updating other pages to match the current revisions.
5/29/21: Adding more Episode Cards to fanfic pages today.
5/28/21: Completed Turbo Pack spoiler revisions today.
5/27/21: Combining Legendary Duelists pages together as they have about 40 cards each, which is under the 100 card limit I've set on pages with ratings.
5/26/21: So far, the disabling of hardware acceleration on YouTube has indeed solved the problem. I can't explain why that would be the problem but it does explain why the problem only occurred on YouTube. Either way, I'm adding more Episode Cards today.
5/25/21: Revising Tournament Pack-based spoilers today.
5/24/21: The disk check went well and I was able to pin down the possible culprit, YouTube's hardware acceleration as it was only YouTube videos causing the issue. Once I disabled it, I was able to watch videos again. I think it was a combination of hardware acceleration and too much stored browser cache, which I also took liberty in clearing. Things seem to be fine for now but fingers crossed. Due to yesterday morning's mishap, I'll continue what I would've done yesterday.
5/23/21: Updated what is now called Multi Rarity New Card Ratings Page 3 as calling it "booster pack" is misleading because they're all essentially booster packs. It's just these are closest to regular ones. I won't be doing much in the afternoon to account for a disk check on my computer (as it crashed repeatedly this morning, albeit without any real loss of data).
5/22/21: Should be able to finish adding Episode Cards to Season 3 Part 3 and start Season 3 Part 4.
5/21/21: Updating more card spoilers today.
5/20/21: Combining more all foil pages into single ones. Should be able to finish that today and I'll be looking through ones done previously to see if any of those can be combined.
5/19/21: Adding more Episode Cards to fanfic pages today.
5/18/21: Spoiler revisions resume with the Battle Packs and such.
5/17/21: Compiling more all foil New Card Ratings pages today.
5/16/21: Episode Cards continue to be added today.
5/15/21: Spoilers have indeed moved to ones where only new cards were rated.
5/14/21: New Card Ratings pages are getting not just the usual changes of the regular Card Ratings pages but they're also being consolidated to put similar products together based on properties (all foil, similar name, etc). If they cannot be combined, they'll have their own page until they can be combined.
5/13/21: Episode Cards will now be added on part 2 of Season 3's original fanfic.
5/12/21: Old school card spoilers will complete revisions today. I then plan to go on to the all foil spoilers like DASA-EN.
5/11/21: Completed ANGU-EN's spoiler and new ratings.
5/10/21: Adding more Episode Cards to the fanfic pages.
5/9/21: Keep an eye out for revisions to the rest of the old school card spoilers today.
5/8/21: ANGU-EN's new cards are being reviewed alongside its full spoiler and I will be revising the 4 Promo Cards pages next.
5/7/21: Season 3 has begun revisions.
5/6/21: Unrated Booster Pack spoilers now get revisions.
5/5/21: Updating more Structure Deck card ratings pages and may even get them all done today.
5/4/21: Might complete Season 2's Episode Cards today.
5/3/21: Should complete the unsorted unrated card spoiler pages today.
5/2/21: Starter Deck card ratings pages get the revisions today.
5/1/21: Adding more Episode Cards to fanfic pages to kick off May.
4/30/21: Will try to finish up the unsorted unrated spoilers in the Product Spoilers folder before moving on to ones that were never rated at all as they existed in DB1-EN and DB2-EN.
4/29/21: Should be able to get close to finishing the revisions on special pack card ratings like MVP1-EN and GLD1-EN.
4/28/21: I'll be completing Part 3 of Season 2's episode cards before moving on to part 4.
4/27/21: Revising more spoiler pages today, though LC5D-EN is taking longer as the spoiler count is off.
4/26/21: Hidden Arsenal card ratings pages will complete revisions today.
4/25/21: Episode Cards continue to be added to fanfic pages.
4/24/21: Structure Deck spoiler revisions will be done today and I'll be moving to the New Card Ratings pages that are by themselves in the Product Spoilers folder.
4/23/21: Hidden Arsenal card ratings pages continue their revisions today.
4/22/21: Expect more Episode Card slideshows to be added today.
4/21/21: Updating Structure Deck spoilers today before possibly moving on to the unrated product spoilers like LOB-EN.
4/20/21: Duelist Pack card ratings pages are underway and should finish today.
4/19/21: Original fanfic Season 2's episode cards continue today.
4/18/21: Special Packs (like YMP1-EN and PP01-EN) are undergoing revisions and I'll soon move to Starter Decks.
4/17/21: Updating Champion Pack card ratings pages today and will move on to Tournament Packs later.
4/16/21: Adding more Epiosde Cards to fanfic pages. Season 1 should end today.
4/15/21: Hidden Arsenal spoilers will finish revisions today. After that, I'll move on to special packs like Gold Series.
4/14/21: Revising more card ratings pages today and fixed TDIL-EN029's info as it had Triamid Hunter's info (which was for TDIL-EN028).
4/13/21: I'll either get close to the end or reach the end of  my fanfic Season 1's episode cards today.
4/12/21: Duelist Pack spoilers have begun revisions but they should finish today.
4/11/21: S named card ratings pages will complete revisions today
4/10/21: More updates to fanfic pages today.
4/9/21: With main booster sets done, I've moved to Champion Pack spoilers and should have them and at least several Tournament Pack spoilers done today too.
4/8/21: Updating more card ratings pages.
4/7/21: I'll be adding more Episode Card slideshows to fanfic pages.
4/5/21: R (and eventually S) booster set card ratings pages get revised.
4/4/21: Completed part 2 of Season 1's regular fanfic episode cards.
4/3/21: You probably guessed what was coming next, more revisions to spoiler pages.
4/2/21: Card Ratings pages are back in the spotlight as I revise the R names.
4/1/21: No joke here. Just a new slideshow of Episode Cards that completes Season 1 Part 1.
3/31/21: S booster set spoilers get more updates today. I'm also opting to not rate newest cards for smaller products like Fusion Enforcers and Structure Deck: Freezing Chains because I ended up doing much of the spoiler myself. It also opens up having more fanfic episodes. Bigger reprint sets I will rate if they have new cards/cards I haven't rated yet.
3/30/21: Card Ratings pages continue getting revisions (and spoiler pages get them started).
3/29/21: As previously announced, episode cards for episode 3 of my regular Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic are up and more will follow. Also changed the color to blue so it's easier to find.
3/28/21: Spoiler revisions continue for the R named sets.
3/27/21: Well that officially wraps up the all day revisions for my fanfic episodes. They'll now only be revised in the mornings as part of the lineup of revisions where all nearly complete revisions will be cycled through or I'll be adding episode card slideshows.
3/26/21: More spoilers getting updated today. Yesterday I also added links to slideshows I made for the fanfic episode's episode cards. Figured it was the least I could do and it gives me an excuse to try out my updated card template. Assuming there's no limit on how many I can make, I'll be linking all the episodes with these slideshows. Otherwise, I'll have to make and link them another way.
3/25/21: More card ratings pages are getting the changes.
3/24/21: Today will almost mark the end of revising fanfic episodes all day as I'm on the final part with only the movie fanfic left.
3/23/21: N named spoilers are done so I'm on to the O and P names.
3/22/21: Revising more card ratings pages and will complete the I names today.
3/21/21: With part 4 of my 8th Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Fanfic season now here, I'll be getting pretty close to the end after today.
3/20/21: Updating more spoilers in the M named sets (with a tweak to both IOC-EN pages).
3/19/21: G named booster set card ratings pages should wrap up revisions and thus I'll move on to whatever letter has the next set of content.
3/18/21: Expect more revisions to my fanfic episodes and I should be getting close to the end after today.
3/17/21: I've caught up to where I was before and I have nothing planned for the future to change the revisions currently underway.
3/16/21: Working on the F named booster sets' card ratings pages and should be able to complete them and start G named ones.
3/15/21: Making great progress in the 8th season of my Yu-Gi-Oh & Gx Fanfic revisions.
3/14/21: Spoiler pages (and to an extent card ratings pages) are getting more revisions today.
3/13/21: E named booster sets' card ratings pages should be completing revisions today.
3/12/21: Season 7 of my Yu-Gi-Oh & Gx Fanfic is done with revisions so all I have left is Season 8 before I cut off the all day revisions for the fanfic pages.
3/11/21: Spoilers get another round of revisions.
3/10/21: Card Ratings pages get another day of revisions.
3/9/21: Updating more fanfic pages today, starting with Season 7 part 4 of my Yu-Gi-Oh & Gx Fanfic.
3/8/21: Revising more rated spoilers today.
3/7/21: D named booster set card ratings needed more work than I remembered, mostly because of the highlighting of Attributes, Levels and Ranks. I might be able to get this done today.
3/6/21: Revising more fanfic episodes today.
3/5/21: Back to revising card spoiler pages and I should be able to finish the D named sets.
3/4/21: Revisions to card ratings pages continue today.
3/3/21: Updates to fanfic pages are probably going to become more subtle as there's less to do since the episodes are more fine tuned at this point. Either way, I may be able to finally catch up to where I left off previously today.
3/2/21: Going back through spoilers and card ratings pages that have the other change to change the Rarities from RARITY to (Rarity) so that it's easier to read. I wanted something else to make the Rarities easier to find against the rest of the info.
3/1/21: More card ratings pages are getting updated today.
2/28/21 Updating more fanfic pages and I should be able to get caught up with where I left off, though I doubt the revisions will last much longer either way.
2/27/21: Now the spoilers get more updates.
2/26/21: Updating more card ratings pages to make them consistant with BLVO-EN.
2/25/21: Completed all revisions for the regular fanfic episodes and have almost caught up to where I left off previously.
2/24/21: The aforementioned revisions have begun today, though currently is only on spoilers as the card ratings page has already gotten the new changes.
2/23/21: SDFC-EN's spoiler is done and there are (and will be) updates to the Card Ratings pages today (spoiler revisions are being moved to a 3rd revision day that combines it with adding the highlights for Attributes and Levels and the like).
2/22/21: Completed the new ratings for SDFC-EN along with part of its spoiler, which showcases a new look for all past and future ones.
2/20/21: Season 4 of my original fanfic's new revisions have begun.
2/18/21: Really making progress on the aforementioned updates to fanfic pages.
2/17/21: The aforementioned updates are being applied and have been applied to BOSH-EN,
BLVO-EN received a tweak to what it had done to better center the Set ID and rating. I can also now do this part in one go.
2/16/21: A few areas have gotten a font change to Arial for easier reading: Card Ratings, their spoilers and now the fanfic pages. Found this to work much better for reading and there's an additional change being applied to Card Ratings pages. The notice about the rarities a card is available in are going away and the rarities the card is available are simply at the bottom next to the one I intended to put them in for when I had card images.
These changes did have tweaks to be made to the Card Ratings pages as well in that the text for Set ID and rating were now off-center. That's part of stage 1 of these revisions to prepare them for stage 2, the update I'd been doing previously with highlighting the Levels, Attributes and Ranks of cards. Stage 2 is now on hold until Stage 1 is complete, which should be quick.
2/14/21: Revisions continue on now part 2 of my Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Fanfic Season 7. Regarding the updates below, EARTH now essentially has the inverse colors of the actual Attribute as it's hard to see/read otherwise.
2/10/21: Yesterday, my brain came up with another idea to improve the site. At first I wasn't thrilled with it because it involved figuring out what to do for Levels and Ranks. However, I figured that out and applied it to BLVO-EN and ABPF-EN's pages. The updates included changing these: / to these: |, which leaves more room and also highlighting the monster and Level/Rank of monsters.
Pendulum Monsters also have a new label and the only info color coded is the two individual effects. They won't be exact colors of the actual Attributes but they're close enough you should be able to tell. EARTH was the trickiest to figure out because black is already too close to the background I use. I went with a dark gray color instead that may not be as obvious as DARK or WATER but it's there. Spell and Trap Cards will be left out of this update. Keep in mind that I do these to benefit both you and I. I've opted to add this new update to the other Card Ratings pages but spoiler pages are currently excluded from this part of the revisions.
2/8/21: My Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Fanfic revisions are now at the final part of Season 6.
2/7/21: BLVO-EN's ratings and spoiler have begun. These will take the place of the revision update every other day until they're done.
2/5/21: Realized yesterday that I was MUCH closer to completion of the revisions than I thought. When I was done, I had only about 10 pages left so that's now done. Today will begin a mixture of revisions and new content. Specifically, today's update involved a new page for analyzing claims behind certain subjects (notably ones related to what's on my site). This new update will alternate with the revisions that need to finish.
2/4/21: I'll be doing revisions on New Card Ratings pages a bit longer so they're in the same boat as the other revisions, down to their last batch. Thus I've used this update to consolidate LDK2-EN and DESO-EN.
2/2/21: Expect more revisions to New Card Ratings pages (and their spoiler pages) today. I've also rearranged the pages for Battles of Legend to correct the order they were numbered and linked.
1/31/21: LED2-EN's revisions started last time are now complete.
1/29/21: Updated more of the BattleBots Fight Summaries.
1/27/21: Revisions are done for BattleBots Brackets and will pick up this afternoon with consolidating New Card Ratings pages.
1/26/21: Completed Gx Season 5's revisions and started Season 6's.
1/25/21: Revised pages 2 and 3 of BattleBots Fight summaries and removed outdated update entries far below on this page (2019 and earlier as they cannot be viewed anymore, or won't be in the future)
1/24/21: HISU-EN has completed the consolidation.
1/22/21: Updated various pages from the newly renamed BattleBots Brackets page to the fight summaries and the main page for the fight summaries.
1/20/21: Consolidated DUPO-EN and updated its spoiler today. I plan on getting more products in this way consolidated until the last 10 pages are left. Then it'll be just a few pages at a time.
1/18/21: Updated a few BattleBots pages to change the font (and formatting in the case of BattleBots Tournament Lineup).
1/16/21: Compiled BLHR-EN to a single page of ratings and updated its spoiler.
1/14/21: Revised 2 more Robot Wars Season 3 Text Episodes.
1/13/21: My fanfic revisons have reached the 5th Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx season.
1/12/21: Updated 2 more BattleBots Season 3 text episodes.
1/11/21: Now on the final part of Season 4 for m Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Fanfic.
1/10/21: Created FIGA-EN and LED5-EN's New Card Ratings pages and updated LED6-EN's page to link to its gallery.
1/8/21: Updated all 3 bloopers pages.
1/6/21: Completely revised what was once the Federal Signal Sirens page into a basic info page for all warning siren companies. The related content page also got tweaked.
1/5/21: Began revisions for Season 4 part 2 of my Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx fanfic.
1/4/21: Updated BattleBots Text Episodes Season 3's page and finished the final episode on page 2. Unfortunately, it seems there's around 10 episodes lost and an equal amount of fight summaries lost from 2010 that were not archived.
1/2/21: Consolidated LED6-EN and MYFI-EN to individual pages.
1/1/21: News pages have officially retired as of last night. Why? They only increase over time, links can expire/change at any time and of course it adds to my workload. I've replaced them with links to where you can find the latest news. This page will stay as it doesn't update as frequently and even if it did, the content will stay as long as I want it to. Today's update saw revisions to the final part of Season 3.