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Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Errors

*Some of the Episode Titles may be left out as no errors are discovered.

**If you find any errors I don't have noted, feel free to e-mail me the info.

Time (in minutes) Involved Duel(s) Explanation
00:00 vs.  
Spiritual Awakening
7:57 Seto Kaiba vs.
Yami Bakura
Duke of Demise is shown as an Effect Monster but is really a Fusion Monster as indicated with Dark Bakura using Polymerization.
One Step Ahead (Part 2)
19:32 Seto Kaiba vs. Zigfried von Schroeder Zigfried's LPs are shown to drop from 3300 to 3000 in the Japanese episode. The US scene shows his LPs dropping from 3600 to 3300, which is correct.
One Step Ahead (Part 1)
13:39 Seto Kaiba vs. Zigfried von Schroeder Valkerie Zweite is on the left but Zigfried calls it Valkerie Dritte instead but the dub accidentally showed 2 Monsters with the same background.
Child's Play
5:30 Leon von Schroeder vs.
Rebecca Hawkins
Marie the Fallen One (far left) is a Normal Monster when its effect is revealed the following turn!
Brothers in Arms (3)
9:40-9:43 Noah Kaiba vs.
Seto Kaiba
Noah calls Gradius' Option a Spell Card in the US version when it's clearly shown as a Monster Card.
Settling the Score (1)
16:12 Lector vs.
Seto Kaiba
Lector's score drops from 2600 to 1700 but the difference in Spear Dragon's ATK and Cyber Jar's DEF is 1000 and therefore his score should drop to 1600 by Spear Dragon's effect.
Mechanical Mayhem (2)
14:11 Serenity Wheeler, Tristan Taylor and Duke Devlin vs. Nesbitt In Serenity's hand, Marie the Fallen One (at far right) is a Normal Monster instead of an Effect Monster.
A Duel with Destiny (Part 2)
9:05 Seto Kaiba vs.
Ishizu Ishtar
In the US episode, the card next to Obelisk the Tormentor is Sacrifices Blast (Blast Held by a Tribute in the TCG), one of Ishizu's cards and to the left of Soul Exchange is Agido, another of Ishizu's cards.
A Duel with Destiny (Part 1)
15:29-15:34 Seto Kaiba vs.
Ishizu Ishtar
Kaiba calls Virus Cannon a Spell Card when it's shown as a Trap Card.
15:51-15:54 Kaiba says he's playing Dark Gremlin (Des Feral Imp) in Defense Mode but it's clearly in Attack Mode.
Mind Game (1)
7:28 Mai Valentine vs. Yami Marik Although the dagger part of the Millennium Rod is digitized out, the screw for it is still shown.
18:46 Mai's Duel Disk shows Dunames Dark Witch instead of The Unfriendly Amazon.
Awakening of Evil (Part 2)


Odeon Ishtar vs
Joey Wheeler
Foolish Burial's artwork isn't edited for US.
Awakening of Evil (Part 1)


Odeon Ishtar vs
Joey Wheeler
The last card on the right in both versions of the episode is Fairy Box, which should be a Trap Card.
Rage of the Egyptian Gods
7:22 None The US dub made Cyber Jar (next to Kuriboh) a Spell card when it's an Effect Monster!
The Dark Spirit Revealed (Part 2)
3:17 Yami Yugi vs.
Yami Bakura
As the Destiny Board's effect is brought into holographic imaging, it's showing "Spirit Message - A's" artwork!
Shadow of a Duel
16:56-16:57 Yami Bakura. vs Bones Bakura is placing Ectoplasmer as a Field Spell Card but you cannot activate a Field Spell by placing it face down. It's also not a Field Spell as shown in a previous episode.
Friends 'Till the End (Part 4)
11:29-11:30 Joey Wheeler vs. Yami Yugi Despite the removal of the explosives in the US version of the episode, the box still explodes.
Friends 'Till the End (Part 3)
2:20 Joey Wheeler vs. Yami Yugi As Yugi walks back to his side of the field in the US version, we can see Card Destruction in his hand but Joey already took that card when Exchange was played.
Legendary Fisherman (Part 1)
17:12 Joey Wheeler vs. Mako Tsunami  Torrential Tribute is on Mako's Duel Disk in Attack Position yet it should be Flying Fish since Torrential was used earlier and is a Trap Card. 
Mime Control (Part 3)
9:10 Yami Yugi vs. Strings/
Marik Ishtar
For a frame in the US episode, both the Slifer and Revival Jam cards weren't edited.
13:04 Slifer the Sky Dragon is accidentally shown as The Winged Dragon of Ra in the US version of the episode.
Mime Control (Part 2)
17:06 Yami Yugi vs. Strings/
Marik Ishtar
Nightmare's Steel Cage, is in Attack Mode which probably should be Slifer instead  but it's hard to tell.
Mime Control (Part 1)
1:26 None Insect Queen still isn't an Effect Monster in the US!
10:45 Yami Yugi vs. Strings/
Marik Ishtar
Gazelle's DEF is shown as 2100 in the US episode instead of 1200 as indicated in the time below left!
11:08 Worm Drake clearly has at least 6 stars on the card for the image on the left but the right image has the correct amount of stars. 
11:22 Strings uses Polymerization to summon Humanoid Worm Drake but the card shown for the left image is De-Fusion not Polymerization like in the right image.

 Strings' duel disk is shown with 2 cards yet he just summoned Humanoid Worm Drake, which is one Monster and therefore, his duel disk should show only one Monster.

18:27 The US version of the episode shows Jam Breeding Machine in Defense Position on his duel disk but it shouldn't be visible at all since it's not a Monster.
Playing with a Parasite (Part 2)


Joey Wheeler vs.
Weevil Underwood
The US episode shows Insect Queen as a Normal Monster but is clearly given its effect in the time after it's summoned!
11:04 Cockroach Knight is a Normal Monster in the US episode.
11:09 Insect Queen feeds on Leghul again even though the monster was tributed last turn!
12:15 The US episode shows that Weevil's LPs drop to 0 but it should've dropped to 3250.
Playing with a Parasite (Part 1)
11:45 Joey Wheeler vs.
Weevil Underwood
Skull-Mark Ladybug is shown  in the US version of the episode as a Normal Monster even though its effect is stated.
18:26 When summoned, Leghul is shown with 500 DEF when it was shown correctly on the card with 350 DEF.
The Master of Magicians (Part 2)
17:04 Yami Yugi vs. Arkana In the US episode, Doll of Demise clearly has 5 stars!
The Master of Magicians (Part 1)
17:52 Yami Yugi vs. Arkana In the US episode, between Dark Magician and the black divider separating Arkana from him seeing his hand is a sliver of The Winged Dragon of Ra!
18:06 It's hard to see but the third card in Yugi's hand is The Winged Dragon of Ra in the US episode!
18:28 In the US episode, Arkana has Alligator's Sword, Magician of Black Chaos, Catapult Turtle? and Obelisk the Tormentor, none of which he ever uses!
Yugi vs Rare Hunter (2)
1:38 Yami Yugi vs.
Rare Hunter
We can see Exodia's Right Arm being the next card in Seeker's deck when it's in his hand.
11:04 Yami's Duel Disk shows Giant Soldier of Stone instead of Summoned Skull next to Alpha the Magnet Warrior.
Obelisk the Tormentor
8:30 Seto Kaiba vs.
Duel Robot
Kaiba says he sets 1 card face down but in both versions of this episode, his duel disk shows a card face down in Defense Position.
8:43  Cyber Jar's DEF is shown at 1000 when both the real card and past episodes have it at the correct 900.
Steppin' Out
15:50 Yami Yugi vs. Johnny Steps Musician King's ATK is 1750 but when Johnny Steps activates Metalmorph, you can see the Fusion Monster card has 1800 ATK!
Dungeon Dice Monsters (Part 3)
4:48 Yami Yugi vs.
Duke Devlin
(dice instead of cards)
The dice shown in the US episode indicates that Yugi rolled a Summon, a Movement and a Magic Crest but the Japanese episode shows what Yugi said in the US episode.
15:12 Strike Ninja's position on the board is represented as BN, short for Black Ninja, his Japanese name!
The Wrath of Rebecca


Yugi Muto vs. Rebecca Hawkins In the US episode, Millennium Shield is shown with an orange background when it's really a Normal Monster!
Match of the Millennium: Yugi vs Pegasus (Part 4)


Yami Yugi and
Yugi Muto vs.
Maximillion Pegasus
The US version of the episode shows Dark-Eyes Illusionist with 1400 DEF, which is correct but when summoned, Dark-Eyes Illusionist has 0 DEF, which should be 1400. It also appears that D-EI has one star in the US episode while in the Japanese episode there's 2, which is correct.


Match of the Millennium: Yugi vs Pegasus (Part 1)
19:18 Yami Yugi and
Yugi Muto vs.
Maximillion Pegasus
Ryu-Ran  is shown in Attack Position seconds after Pegasus put him in Defense Mode!
Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (Part 2)
6:18 Yami Yugi vs.
Joey Wheeler
Garoozis' hologram image is missing from the arena even though the monster was played and still on the field.
15:32  Black Skull Dragon is shown in play in the US episode, but that monster has already been destroyed.
Keith's Machinations (Part 2)
6:54 Joey Wheeler vs.
Bandit Keith
Thousand Dragon is shown with 2500 DEF.
Duel Identity (Part 2)
3:06 Yami Yugi vs.
Mai Valentine
Mai has two Shadow of Eyes cards and two Harpie Lady cards on her side of the field but only one of each is actually in play.
15:03 Celtic Guardian's card can be seen where Gaia's card should be.
Duel Identity (Part 1)
9:13 Yami Yugi vs.
Mai Valentine
Rose Whip (next to Cyber Shield, which is below the 2500 number) but Mai hasn't played that card yet.
9:36 Summoned Skull's DEF is shown at 2300 instead of 1200.
14:49  Harpie Lady's ATK is shown at 2400 but her ATK should've gone from 1800 to 2100.
Champion vs. Creator (Part 2)  
12:07  Seto Kaiba vs.
Maximillion Pegasus
For one frame, you can see the Negate Attack Trap Card as a Spell Card. 
Champion vs. Creator (Part 1)
16:32 Seto Kaiba vs.
Maximillion Pegasus
Saggi's ATK is shown as 900 in the US episode.
Double Trouble Duel ( Part 2)
8:05 Yami Yugi and
Joey Wheeler vs.
Para and Dox
Labyrinth Tank's card isn't edited for US.
Evil Spirit of the Ring
16:24 Yami Yugi vs.
Yami Bakura
Tea` is the Magician of Faith in this episode but the card she's standing on is the Dark Magician!
Give Up the Ghost
6:09 Yami Yugi vs.
Ghost Kaiba
We're presented with a view of the duel but Yu-Gi-Oh shouldn't have Feral Imp in Attack Mode on his field because Kaiba's computer states he has no cards in play.
The Ultimate Great Moth
13:33 Yami Yugi vs.
Weevil Underwood
Great Moth's DEF is shown at 2300 when it was earlier shown correctly at 2500 for US.
Into the Hornet's Nest
14:59 Yami Yugi vs.
Weevil Underwood
Hercules Beetle's card is shown with an ATK of 1200 and a WIND attribute for US audiences.
19:24 The card next to Gokibore, the card on the left, it is Saggi the Dark Clown, clearly not an Insect Monster.
Heart of the Cards
1:45 Yugi Muto vs.
Joey Wheeler
When Yugi plays Blackland Fire Dragon, it's missing the symbol for its attribute.
11:20 Yami Yugi vs.
Seto Kaiba
The Spell Card Kaiba played wasn't formatted for US.
15:52 The card shown is Left Arm of Exodia but he draws that card later on. The right image shows the correct card, Left Arm of Exodia. To compare, view the shot at 14:55 into the episode.