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Yu-Gi-Oh Gx Episode Errors

1. List excludes episodes without errors.
Pop Goes the Duel
                                    Time: 0:33
Details: As usual the dub shows Sparkman with an orange background.
A New Breed of Hero (2)
                                    Time: 12:02
Details: Look at the far left card and the third from left card in the dub. They are Diffusion Wave Motion and Terrorking Archfiend respectively when they should be Burial from Another Dimension and Elemental Hero Necroshade as shown in the Japanese.
                                    Time: 14:40
Details: The card art for the dub should be Burial from Another Dimension like it is in the right image but instead it is The Second Sarcophagus.
                                    Time: 15:06
Details: As Jaden draws, his duel disk shows Flame Wingman (first Fusion Monster on left) with Wild Wingman's card art!
                                    Time: 20:36
Details: The card below Clay Wrap is Elemental Hero Burstinatrix in the dub instead of Burst Return.
                                    Time: 20:41
Details: The dub shows Yellow Gadget among the cards that fall to the ground when Jaden loses the ability to see his cards. However, that card is never used by Jaden. The Japanese and dub also show Hero Kid as a Normal Monster. Finally, there's Mispolymerization, another card not used by Jaden. It should be Elemental Hero Tempest instead like in the Japanese.
A New Breed of Hero (1)
                                    Time: 10:54
Details: Clayman is an Effect Monster in the dub.
                                    Time: 13:56
Details: The dub shows a Fusion Monster with 3000 ATK and 2800 DEF, which is VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon, a non Elemental Hero that shouldn't be in Jaden's Graveyard. It should be Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer.
                                    Time: 15:27
Details: Although very hard to see, the Japanese version shows Shining Phoenix Enforcer's card image as normal Phoenix Enforcer's.
                                    Time: 14:52
Details: Sparkman is shown with an Effect background but it's not an Effect Monster.
                                    Time: 17:44
Details: The Normal Monster on the left of the 2 cards in the dub is Zolga, not a Destiny Hero at all. The Japanese (I assume) has the correct card image, which is Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude.
The Demon
                                    Time: 9:58
Details: When Zane activates Trap Jammer using Trap Booster's effect, the card shown on his Duel Disk appears to be Elemental Hero Bubbleman (although it's hard to see in both images) instead of Cyber Dragon!
                                    Time: 9:59
Details: Trap Jammer wasn't edited with the usual Spellbinding Circle-type change!
                                    Time: 19:00
Details: Clayman (far left card) has an orange background, indicating that it's an Effect Monster, which Clayman is not. The right image has Clayman's correct background.
Champion or Chazz-Been
                                    Time: 7:41
Details: When Chazz plays his two monsters with Ojama Ride, the left image shows Z-Metal Tank as a Normal Monster.
Graduation Match (2)
                                    Time: 14:41
Details: Rampart Blaster is shown for boosting Shining Flare Wingman but she was returned to his Deck.
A Lying Legend
                                    Time: 10:28
Details: Magic Jammer's artwork is unchanged for US audiences instead of the usual censorship changes.
                                    Time: 16:19
Details: Clayman has taken the spot of an Effect Monster again in the dub.
Duel Distractions (2)
                                    Time: 8:22
Details: Tanya and Jaden's LP gauges are colored blue instead of multicolored in the left image.
                                    Time: 8:58
Details: Even after attacking with Amazoness Paladin and Jaden's score returns to 4000, the gauge is still blue.
Duel Distractions (1)
                                    Time: 1:58
Details: Dian Keto the Cure Master wasn't edited for the dub.
Doomsday Duel (2)
                                    Time: 18:59
Details: Nightshroud's soul card has been accidentally given an orange background yet it should have a yellow background like the right image.
Grave Risk (2)
                                    Time: 10:48
Details: Clayman and Sparkman have orange backgrounds in the left image but are the correct backgrounds in the right image.Clayman and Sparkman have orange backgrounds in the left image but are the correct backgrounds in the right image.
                                    Time: 13:46
Details: After Jaden delivers the final blow on Gravekeeper's Chief, the card in the dub (above the CN logo) is Dark Magician of Chaos, which wasn't all in the Duel. Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier is the correct card as shown in the Japanese.
The Duel-Off (1)
                                    Time: 15:01
Details: Oxygeddon's DEF of 800 is shown as its ATK instead for the left image. Once again, the right image is correct.
King of the Copycats (2)
                                    Time: 10:13
Details: Dimitri/Yugi's LPs are shown to be at 1600 from taking 2000 damage yet his LPs should've stopped at 1900 since his score was at 3900 prior to this damage.
King of the Copycats (1)
                                    Time: 8:51
Details: Watapon has been given a Normal Monster background in the right image.
Courting Alexis
                                    Time: 9:48
Details: While hard to see, Mega Thunderball's Level is missing on its card in the Japanese version.
Tag-Team Trial (1)
                                    Time: 16:22
Details: The left image clearly shows that Rampart Blaster is standing on Clayman's card instead of her card. The right image shows the correct card.
                                    Time: 18:16
Details: Although hard to see in both versions, Defense Wall's card is shown to be a Normal Monster, which is incorrect as its effect was explained.
For the Sake of Syrus
                                    Time: 13:02
Details: Zane is shown to have placed Cyber Dragon third slot from the right yet in the right image, he is shown to place Cyber Dragon second from left!
Duel and Unusual Punishment
                                    Time: 8:28
Details: Clayman once again is an Effect Monster in the left image when he shouldn't be like in the right image.
                                    Time: 14:12
Details: As Syrus goes to Fusion Summon Steam Gyroid, Patroid can be seen in his hand next to Gyroid instead of Steamroid.
The Shadow Duelist (2)
                                    Time: 6:16
Details: Dark Catapulter's a Normal Monster in the left image.
The Shadow Duelist (1)
                                    Time: 3:22
Details: Winged Kuriboh has been flipped for the left image. The Attribute is on the left and the kanji for LIGHT is flipped as well.
Making the Grade
                                    Time: 10:36
Details: Clayman has an orange background in the dub.
A Duel in Love
                                    Time: 12:00
Details: Sparkman was given an orange background when it's not an Effect Monster. The right image is correct.