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Yu-Gi-Oh Season 2 Episode Comparisons

Showdown in the Shadows (2)
Episode 97 Bakura has brought along Marik's good side but the duo find themselves struggling to make decent moves until Bakura brings out Ra himself.
Showdown in the Shadows (1)
Episode 96 Bakura seeks out Marik's Millennium Rod but finds they have equal strengths when used against one another so they opt for a Duel in the Shadow Realm where the loser is lost for good!
The Tomb Keeper's Secret
Episode 95 As Mai and Odeon remain out of action, Ishizu shares the story of Marik's past where they had lives below ground as Tomb Keepers and Marik turned his back on everyone.
A Duel with Destiny (2)
Episode 94 With only six cards to his Deck against most of Ishizu's Deck, Kaiba has very few options and is forced to make drastic measures to try and get a victory.
A Duel with Destiny (1)
Episode 93 Kaiba faces off against Ishizu Ishtar, whom has already seen the outcome of the Duel with her Millennium Necklace. However, Kaiba quickly cripples Ishizu's Deck with his Crush Card combo until Ishizu uses a Trap Card of her own to leave Kaiba in deep peril.
Mind Game (3)
Episode 92 With Ra's arrival pending, Mai struggles to read the text that wasn't previously visible when she first obtained the card. How will she be able to use it to defeat Marik if she can't read the text?
Mind Game (2)
Episode 91 Mai has the lead in the Duel but Marik isn't interested in keeping his memories at all so Mai decides to take Ra for herself but can she wield its mighty power?
Mind Game (1)
Episode 90 With Marik's condition totally out of control, Mai faces Marik's dark side where the stakes are a trip to the Shadow Realm!
Awakening of Evil (4)
Episode 89 Odeon still doesn't want to play Ra and this has Yugi and the gang puzzled but Marik convinces him otherwise and now Ra's fury is unleashed on everyone involved!
Awakening of Evil (3)
Episode 88 In spite of the Duel's turn of events, Odeon trembles at the sight of The Winged Dragon of Ra that Marik gave him and ordered him to use to defeat Joey. Will Odeon give in to Marik's desire and play Ra or will Joey somehow pull out a victory?
Awakening of Evil (2)
Episode 87 Joey finally breaks through Odeon's strategy with Jinzo and gets them down to just 400 Life Points but Odeon gets the upper hand with a monster capable of limitless ATK points!
Awakening of Evil (1)
Episode 86 Joey faces off against Odeon, whom is posing as Marik and is using a strategy that proves tough to break, even with his best monsters!
Rage of the Egyptian Gods
Episode 85 With Bakura in need of medical attention, the rest of the gang plead with Kaiba to make arrangements but when Kaiba refuses, Yugi prepares his Deck for his next opponent, then gets a visit from Shadi.
The Dark Spirit Revealed (3)
Episode 84 Yami makes a comeback but Bakura draws Jowgen the Spiritualist with the ability to destroy Dark Necrofear. What chance does Yami have left to defeat Bakura when he brings out his God Card and is forced to make a tough decision?
The Dark Spirit Revealed (2)
Episode 83 Yami struggles to figure out which monster Bakura's evil ghost will take over next but Bakura raises the stakes with Destiny Board, a Trap Card that will win Bakura the Duel in only 5 turns!
The Dark Spirit Revealed (1)
Episode 82 Yami faces off against Bakura, whom doesn't seem to be putting up much of a fight until he brings out Dark Necrofear and a Field Spell that negates his opponent's attacks, then deals them half their monster's ATK as damage!
Let the Finals Begin!
Episode 81 The finalists have arrived, only to find that there's nothing to indicate exactly where they need to be to participate.
Lights, Camera, Duel!
Episode 80 On their way to the location of the Battle City Finals, the gang meet Joey's idol, Jean-Claude Magnum but find him to be a lot less charming in person, especially when he challenges Mai to a Duel.
Shadow of a Duel
Episode 79 Yami Bakura needs Locator Cards to fulfill his end of Marik's plan and finds himself in a cemetary where three Duelists have already qualified for the Battle City Finals.
Friends 'Till the End (4)
Episode 78 As the timer runs down, Yugi has given Joey his Millennium Puzzle, which triggers another struggle between Marik and Joey. Eventually, Joey breaks free but time is almost up before the anchors drag both of them down.
Friends 'Till the End (3)
Episode 77 Joey ends up not taking Red-Eyes, which is an indication to Yugi that Joey is still himself deep down inside. However, time is running out and Yugi doesn't have much to defeat Joey at this point, especially when Joey draws Meteor of Destruction, which would win the Duel instantly.
Friends 'Till the End (2)
Episode 76 Tea` is freed from Marik's control and tries to snap Joey out of it but Joey isn't listening and Yugi decides on a risky gamble to get Joey to remember his pact.
Friends 'Till the End (1)
Episode 75 Along the way, they find Joey waiting down below and he's not acting like himself. Furthermore, he and Tea` are both involved in Marik's latest scheme to force Joey and Yami to Duel for the rights to the Millennium Puzzle and Slifer.
The Rescue
Episode 74 Having defeated Lumis and Umbra, Yami and Kaiba board a helicopter to the hideout where Joey and Tea` were last seen.
Double Duel (4)
Episode 73 Yami and Kaiba now face Masked Beast Des Gardius, a creature above and beyond Kaiba's Blue-Eyes, leaving both Yami and Kaiba in danger of losing the Duel. When Kaiba's Blue-Eyes defeats it, Yami's new monster becomes Lumis and Umbra's.
Double Duel (3)
Episode 72 Kaiba manages to revive his treasured Blue-Eyes White Dragon card from the Graveyard but despite it being weaker than Lumis and Umbra's Masked Beast, Yami says otherwise and orders Kaiba to attack it anyway.
Double Duel (2)
Episode 71 With Yami losing Life Points each turn thanks to Lumis' mask cards and Kaiba still refusing to work with him, Yami has few options left. Things only get worse when Lumis activates Mask of Restrict to prevent them from bringing out their God Cards.
Double Duel (1)
Episode 70 Two masked Rare Hunters kidnap Mokuba and Yugi's friends and challenge them to a Duel where the losers go to the Shadow Realm. Worse still, Kaiba is unwilling to work with Yugi the way their opposition is.
Legendary Fisherman (2)
Episode 69 Mako's strategy is proving effective against Joey's as he brings out his Fortress Whale, which leaves Joey hanging by a thread. How can Joey fight monsters this powerful?
Legendary Fisherman (1)
Episode 68 Joey and crew find their pal from Duelist Kingdom, Mako Tsunumi at the Domino Aquarium and Joey challenges Mako to a Duel to give the crowd a better show but it soon becomes apparent that Joey's already struggling.
Mime Control (3)
Episode 67 Marik has completed a devastating combo that makes Slifer virtually unstoppable and with very few options left, Yami needs to figure out Slifer's weakness.
Mime Control (2)
Episode 66 Yami stares down Slifter the Sky Dragon, one of three monsters whose arrival nearly destroyed the world and can't attack it thanks to Marik's Nightmare Steel Cage. How is Yami supposed to defeat a monster whose ATK can grow to virtually limitless heights?
Mime Control (1)
Episode 65 Yugi and Yami ponder their mysterious past when a duelist working for Marik challenges Yami to a Duel and is on the verge of bringing out one of the strongest monsters in the game of Duel Monsters!
Playing with a Parasite (2)
Episode 64 Weevil has brought out his strongest monster, Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, which is stronger than just about any monster in Joey's Deck and Joey cannot attack or Summon monsters that aren't affected by Parasite Paracide or Insect Barrier.
Playing with a Parasite (1)
Episode 63 After briefly losing his Duel Disk to a kid working for Weevil Underwood, Joey seeks out Weevil and risks his only 2 Locator Cards for a chance to defeat his long-time rival from Duelist Kingdom.
The Master of Magicians (3)
Episode 62 Now Yami and Arkana are tied with 1500 Life Points but Arkana still has an ace up his sleeve that lets him drain the soul of his monsters!
The Master of Magicians (2)
Episode 61 Yami managed to get his Dark Magician out and leave Arkana down to less than half his Life Points but Arkana begins to turn the tide of the Duel by bringing out his Dark Magician without any Tributes.
The Master of Magicians (1)
Episode 60 Yami is requested to enter a tent by a jester and finds himself against the supposed master of the Dark Magician that traps him in a Duel where Dark Magician is at stake.
Espa Roba, the ESP Duelist (2)
Episode 59 Joey is backed against the wall as his Trap Cards are useless and Espa Roba's Jinzo continues to gain ATK points each turn. What can Joey do to turn the Duel in his favor?
Espa Roba, the ESP Duelist (1)
Episode 58 Following Rex Raptor's defeat, no one but Joey agrees to Duel a psychic duelist. However, once Joey figures out what's really going on, his strategy and defenses dwindle when Jinzo is brought to the field.
Yugi vs Rare Hunter (2)
Episode 57 Yami has gained the upper hand by taking out the Rare Hunter's defenses but the Rare Hunter comes up with his own counter strategy to stall unil he gets what he needs. With Joey forbidden to speak of the Rare Hunter's strategy or risk losing his Red-Eyes for good, how will Yami figure out the Rare Hunter's strategy without Joey telling him?
Yugi vs Rare Hunter (1)
Episode 56 In response to his defeat, Joey requests a rematch but since the Rare Hunter has already won, he sets his sights on Yami and his Dark Magician. Will Yugi be able to defeat the duelist that wields Exodia?
Stalked by Rare Hunters
Episode 55 On the way to Domino Hospital, Joey is blocked by Rare Hunters, whom are after Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon and challenge him to a Duel. Can Joey defeat them in time?
Obelisk the Tormentor
Episode 54 After receiving one of the three one-of-a-kind Egyptian God Cards, Seto Kaiba decides to try it out against a Duel Robot that is fitted with his Season 1 Deck. Will Seto Kaiba come out on top?