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Episode 55: Stalked by the Rare Hunters

At Domino High, Joey learns of Kaiba's new tournament and is angry that he wasn't invited to because Kaiba doesn't like him but wises up and decides to enter anyway, showing his affection to his Red-Eyes card to his now bewildered friends. Tea` reminds him of his last loss to Kaiba due to (by Joey's reasoning) Joey not skilled enough for the Duel Disk's previous version. (You lost because you didn't think through the cards you played and basically handed Kaiba the win.). The group find the registration area and Yugi gets his Duel Disk free (which of course is only explained in the Japanese version). A search of Joey brings up just 1 star for his rank and Joey has another fit, causing Tristan to restrain him. However, we can see that the man at the desk is a Rare Hunter through his thoughts when he spots Joey's Red-Eyes card and manipulates Joey's rank to 4 stars to his friends' surprise, claiming it was a hard drive malfunction that caused the low rank.

The group leaves and the man orders the Rare Hunters to come after Joey. Later that evening, Joey heads off to hold his promise to be at the hospital. Tristan explains how difficult Joey's situation will be at the hospital to the others and vows to bring the Wheeler family together but Yugi catches his real reason to be a hero. Meanwhile, Joey is racing ahead, knowing he has to be at the hospital in a few minutes. However, he encounters a trio of Rare Hunters, one of which leaves no choice but to duel. As their duel gets setup, Serenity remains restless in her hospital bed and we see Joey's mom there (so it's okay to show Joey's mom but not Yugi's?) whom learns of Joey's pending arrival.

Back in the alleyway, Joey begins the duel by playing Panther Warrior (2000) in Attack Mode. Seeker (his Japanese name unless his US name comes up) sets 1 monster in Defense Mode. Unimpressed, Joey activates Scapegoat (which he plays in the Monster Card Zone I might add as shown at 10:03 into the episode), giving him 4 Goat Tokens  (0000 x4) in Defense Mode and tributes 1 so his PW can attack. (The real Scapegoat can't be activated the turn you Summon a monster.)  His attack reveals and destroys Seeker's hidden Hannibal Necromancer (1800) in Defense Mode. Seeker uses Graceful Charity to draw 3 cards, then discard 2 and set another monster. Serenity is just about in tears at the hospital as Joey makes his move by playing Alligator's Sword (1500) in Attack Mode. His attacks reveal and destroy Seeker's face down Three-Headed Geedo (1400) in Defense Mode and leave Seeker himself down to 2500 LPs.

Seeker isn't about to give up, repeating his move from his previous turn. Joey recalls learning about summoning high-level monsters and follows that by tributing his 2 monsters for Red-Eyes Black Dragon (" ") (2400) in Attack Mode and takes out Seeker's hidden Death Hand (as named in the Manga though very little is known about it) (600) in Defense Mode. Seeker has been leading Joey throughout the duel, waiting to pounce and for his move, he's drawn the final Exodia piece and wins instantly. He then explains that he's got three copies of the rare Exodia set (which isn't so rare now but is limited to one complete set per deck in the CG). The group decides to take Joey's REBD by force despite Joey's decision to get it himself.

They leave Joey battered on the ground while Serenity remains in her hospital room, refusing to open the door or have the operation until Joey arrives. The next morning, Yugi gets a phone call and learns of Joey's hospital absence. He meets with Tea` and Tristan before the trio decide to split up. It isn't long before Tristan finds him and carries him to the hospital where Joey tries his hardest to reason with Serenity. It works and there's a better atmosphere amongst them. Later, Yugi learns of Serenity's successful operation and agrees to help Joey win back his REBD card from RH. It's not over until Joey gets back his REBD!