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Episode 92: Mind Game (3)

At the duel, Dark Marik suggests Mai to try and use it against him but Mai stares in disbelief and Yami knows that Ra is locked inside. Somehow Mai must set it free so she can end the duel. Dark Marik protests that only he knows how to unlock Ra but Kaiba thinks he'll learn how to control it himself. Mai claims that Dark Marik is jealous that she owns it and will use it to knock him out of the finals. Dark Marik then tells her to try reading the text, which wasn't on the card when she held it in her hand. Could it be another one of Marik's tricks?

Mokuba asks Kaiba what the chant might say and Kaiba tells him to photograph the card with their satellite camera and have it translated with their network.

While Mokuba races to fulfill the request, Dark Marik share info about the card's ink and how several people on board the airship can trace their history back to ancient Egypt, including Kaiba. Mai protests that she doesn't need a history lesson to control Ra but Dark Marik adds that even Maximillion Pegasus needed a lesson and couldn't translate the text so he made it such that the ink would only appear when the monster is summoned. Mai now realizes that Dark Marik knew she couldn't control it. Dark Marik asks again if she's going to use the card, reminding her that she's out of monsters. All Mai can do is set 1 card face down for her turn, thinking it'll stop Dark Marik's attack with either of his monsters.

However, Dark Marik summons Holding Legs (800) in Attack Mode and by its effect, all Spell and Trap Cards in play return to the hand. (A similar card called Byser Shock has the same effect but is a Level 5 DARK monster.) In addition, since Dark Marik controls both it and Holding Arms, the Sacred Stone of Ojar appears (though because its identity isn't known, I will not post it below and it does not affect the outcome of the duel anyway). The monsters bind Mai to the stone and she demands to know what kind of hologram it is but Dark Marik never said it was a hologram as this is a Shadow Game so everything is real. He attacks Mai directly with his monsters, leaving her score down to 800. Next, he recites the ancient chant and summons The Winged Dragon of Ra (5400) in Attack Mode and both Kaiba and Yami stare in awe.

Yami protests to leave Mai alone but Dark Marik assures they'll face off soon, which is something his family has been waiting for. He wasn't one to obey the ancient scriptures, considering it a game for fools. Joey has had enough and races to defend Mai, despite risking disqualification. As Ra's attack is prepared (which should be illegal since he already attacked before summoning Ra but whatever), Joey gets Mai to remember that they're friends and that she was there in his dream. At last, Mai remembers Joey but Joey cannot break her out of the duel and agrees to defend her as Ra's attack commences. With seconds before the attack hits, Yami intercepts but strains against the force being applied to him, claiming to shield everyone from Dark Marik's evil.


The attack finishes and Yami collapses. He could send Yami to the Shadow Realm right now but needs him and decides to freeze Joey temporarily with his dark powers. He moves to Mai, assuring that Joey will be fine but the two of them had an agreement before their duel and Dark Marik sends her to the Shadow Realm, which puts her in an hourglass in the air under sunny skies as Dark Marik explains where she is. Before he leaves, he takes back his Ra card, which was placed in a gap that held the sand from shifting. Back in reality, Joey regains control of his body and learns of Mai's fate.

He orders Dark Marik to put up his fists but is warned not to do it again or face Mai's fate. Dark Marik heads down the steps, feeling his power increasing with each person he sends to the Shadow Realm. Yami awakens as the gang rush to his and Mai's aid and learns of what happened to Mai. Just then, Mokuba chimes in to say that there's more on the card's ink than the text and agrees to decode it. Kaiba's dueling next and wants the field prepared so his torment can begin!

Episode 92's Episode Cards