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Episode 92: Mind Game (3)

Mai struggles to understand what she's seeing with her newly obtained The Winged Dragon of Ra from Marik and Marik taunts her at every opportunity. Meanwhile,  Mokuba works to fulfill a request from Kaiba to translate it with their networking system. Mai is ready but Marik Summons a monster that renders her strategy useless. Worse still, Marik regains control of his God Card and Mai is unable to do anything as she becomes pinned to a rock slab. Marik is able to win the Duel but not without some inervention from Joey and Yami, whom both pay the price for their good deeds. Mai pays the most as Marik traps her in an hourglass for all eternity. By this time, Mokuba reports that there's more to the chant than what they'd seen. Now it's Kaiba's turn to Duel and take down his opposition with his God Card.

Episode Cards
Marik: Holding Legs, The Winged Dragon of Ra (via the ancient chant)
Mai: None
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. The Winged Dragon of Ra's ATK and DEF became the Tributed Monsters' combined ATK and DEF and could only be Summoned by reciting the ancient chant that appears when the card is played. If a player that Summoned it couldn't recite the chant, the opponent could gain control of it if they were able to recite the chant.