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Episode 91: Mind Game (2)

Marik taunts Mai, whom is suffing from the effects of their Shadow Game, which has been taking away her friends one-by-one. Marik only adds to her danger by putting her newest monster at risk of being destroyed. However, Mai counters with a Trap Card of her own but has taken Marik's bait this time thanks to his monster's effect. Consequently, Mai now faces the same monster she just destroyed but it's now much stronger. This time, it's her monster that falls and she loses the memory of Joey Wheeler. Mai is now more-or-less back to the days when she was young without any friends. Regardless, Mai formulates a plan to take Marik's God Card and succeeds using a Spell Card but Marik is confident she cannot wield its powers.

Mai plays another monster as bait and Marik takes it but then snares Mai with a Trap Card that increases his hand size dramatically. Furthermore, Marik uses his monster's effect again to play a Trap Card that captures Mai's monster. Mai manages to save her monster and bring out Mairk's God Card but all she gets is a golden sphere. Will she be able to unlock the sphere before it's too late?

Episode Cards
Marik: Makyura the Destructor (2 times, once via Rope of Life) Black Pendant,
Rope of Life
(via Makyura the Destructor), Holding Arms, Card of Last Will,
Nightmare Wheel (via Makyura the Destructor),
Mai: Amazoness Archers, Amazoness Chain Master, Grave Arm, Amazoness Fighter,
Amazoness S
pellcaster, Dramatic Rescue, Cyber Harpie Lady, Graceful Charity, Elegant Egotist,
Harpie Lady Sisters
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Makyura the Destructor allowed its owner to play 1 Trap Card from their hand when sent to the Grave.
3. Holding Arms had undefined DEF in the Japanese version and was unaffected by Spell Cards while its effect was applied.

4. Card of Last Will simply required the ATK of the owner's monster to be decreased.
5. Rope of Life had no activation cost.
6. Dramatic Rescue was called "Rescue Operation" in the Dub.
7. Amazoness Spellcaster was called "Amazon Magician" in the Dub.
8. Amazoness Chain Master was called "Amazon Chain Master" in the Dub and the effect cost 1000 LP to use.

9. Amazoness Fighter was a Normal Monster with different artwork and was called "Amazon Fighter"
in the Dub.

10. Cyber Harpie Lady was called "Cyber Harpie" in the Dub.
11. Harpie Lady Sisters was 3 individual Harpie Ladies.
12. Amazoness Archers was called "Amazon Archers" in the Dub.