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Episode 96: Showdown in the Shadows (1)

While the gnag sleeps, Marik and Bakura decide to face off with their Millennium Items, only to find themselves equal in power. Meanwhile, Kaiba finds he can read the Egyptian text on The Winged Dragon of Ra's card without having seen it before. While he works that out, Marik and Bakura decide to Duel for the ownership of the Millennium Rod. Bakura decides to have Marik's good side accompany him with the deal of giving the Millennium Rod if they beat their opponent. However, Marik is able to not only take out Bakura's monster but get rid of Bakura's Trap Card before its effects can take hold. However, this luck is short-lived as Marik struggles to draw The Winged Dragon of Ra to finish them in a single turn, even with Bakura's help. Bakura on the other hand has better luck and gets enough monsters to Trinute Summon Ra and leave Marik's dark half potenitally on the verge of defeat.

Episode Cards
Marik: Drillago, Remove Trap, Card of Sanctity
Bakura/Good Marik: Goblin Zombie (twice, once via Puppet Master), Fearful Earthbound, Gernia, Multiple Destruction, Puppet Master, Earl of Demise (via Puppet Master),
Headless Knight (via Puppet Master), Dark Designator, Exchange
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Multiple Destruction dealt its owner 100 damage for each card they discarded by its effect.
3. The Earl of Demise was called "Earl of Demise" in the Dub.
4. Puppet Master had different artwork and allowed the ower to pay 1000 LP to revive 3 Fiend-Type monsters from their Graveyard.

5. Goblin Zombie, Drillago and Gernia were Normal Monsters with different artwork.
6. Players could activate Set Spell Cards during either player's turn.
7. Card of Sanctity had different artwork and forced both players to draw cards until they had 6 cards in their hands.