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Episode 96: Showdown in the Shadows (1)

In their beds, they sleep with Tristan getting an unintentional smack to the face as Joey punches Kaiba in his own dream. Next for him to see is Mai but it becomes a nightmare as visions of Mai's demise appear. Meanwhile, Kaiba can't figure out why he understands the text when his computer failed to translate it. Now he just needs to win it from Marik. Speaking of which, he and Dark Bakura are discussing their pre-duel thoughts, including some from good Marik but Dark Marik protests that good Marik is also guilty for his father's demise. However, good Marik intends to fix all that and is now fully understands who destroyed his father.

Dark Bakura wants a new deal settled in which good Marik explains his desire for the Pharaoh's power. Good Marik agrees and the duel gets going as Dark Marik brings the Shadow Realm to them and as LPs decrease, parts of its owners' body will disappear by that amount. Dark Bakura begins by setting 1 card and summoning Goblin Zombie (1100) in Attack Mode. (The real card is an Effect Monster that lets its owner Special Summon a Zombie-Type monster with 1200 or less DEF from their deck and sends the top card of the opponent's deck to the Grave when they take Battle Damage from it.)

Dark Marik isn't scared of it (nor should he be, given its a Normal Monster with hardly any ATK or DEF) and sets 1 card before summoning Drillago (1600) in Attack Mode and attacking. (The real card is an Effect Monster that lets it attack directly if the opponent controls only monsters with 1600 or more ATK.) However, Dark Bakura activates Fearful Earthbound, dealing Dark Marik 500 damage each time his monster attacks. Since it doesn't stop the attack, GZ is destroyed and leaves Dark Bakura and Mariks' score down to 3500. Dark Marik is ready with his face down Remove Trap to get rid of FE. (The real card is a Normal Spell and therefore can't be activated this way.) DB says he won't be beaten by just a Spell Card, then asks about his condition as DM repeats what he said earlier but both duelists argue about whom will win.

Back in his bed, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle brings Yugi inside and Yugi enters Yami's door, discussing about their situation and all the puzzles that are where they are. He understands that the passes here represent Yami's mysteries of his past and questions of his future. They'll figure it all out soon and let nothing stand in their way! Dark Bakura warns good Marik about the risks but Marik agrees to them so DB sets 2 cards and summons Gernia (1200) in Defense Mode. (The real card is an Effect Monster that Special Summons itself when destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard.) Dark Marik doesn't know or care what DB is planning, confident that his God Card will crush them once he gets it (and they've changed the Black Pendant from the Japanese episode into a Morphing Jar for US as shown at  13:45 into the US episode).

DM draws and uses Card of Sanctity, forcing both players to draw until their hands hold six cards (and I'd like to note that contrary to when DM used Pot of Greed in the US episode, the word "DRAW" is visible here as shown at 14:03 into the US episode). However, DM doesn't get what he needs so DB helps out with his face down Multiple Destruction, forcing both players to discard all cards in their hand to the Grave, then draw 5 cards and inflicting 100 damage to the owner of MD for each card they discarded, putting DB's LPs down to 2900. DM still doesn't draw what he needs (though he does get Pot of Greed and a few cards he doesn't even use like Earl of Demise and Gift of the Mystical Elf) but sets 1 card, stating the end is near. Inside the MP, Yami and Yugi continue their discussion before Yami says they make a great team and must defeat Marik together.


Dark Bakura tributes his Gernia for Puppet Master (0000) in Attack Mode and by its effect, DB gets to bring back 3 monsters from his Grave for 1000 Life Points and chooses to bring back Earl of Demise (2000), Headless Knight (1450) and Goblin Zombie (1100) all in Attack Mode. (The real card's effect costs 2000 LPs and can only bring back 2 Fiend-Type monsters but they still can't attack that turn.) He didn't plan on attacking with them and uses Dark Designator to put Marik's Winged Dragon of Ra into Dark Marik's hand. Despite DM protesting that Ra will stay in his hand, DB activates Exchange to take the card while DM takes Monster Reborn (and at 18:34 into the US episode, Morphing Jar is in Bakura's hand, which is probably more fitting and likely means that  Black Pendant was supposed to be in Dark Marik's hand earlier). One more turn to go and The Winged Dragon of Ra will cast Dark Marik into the shadows!

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