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Episode 54: Obelisk the Tormentor

Just a note that this episode for me marks the start of Season 2 and you'll see why when I mention it. At the exhibit, Yami see something that catches his eye and the duo head down to find the stone carving featuring the Pharaoh and Kaiba, analyzing it in awe. Ishizu arrives and explains about her Millennium Item and what it tells for the future. If Yami wins the upcoming Duel Monsters tournament, he'll find the answers and once home will also find an invitation. Suddenly Yami realizes that his opponent in the carving looks like Kaiba (no it doesn't, not even remotely). The only way he'll find out if he has to face Kaiba is to win the tournament! Meanwhile, Kaiba is partaking in a duel in a new outfit in order to test his God Card and new Duel Disk design. As the preparations continue, Kaiba's opponent, a Duel Robot (abbreviated DR for short) drops from the ceiling, apparently not only updated with Kaiba's new rules but with Kaiba's Duelist Kingdom deck.


Kaiba slots his deck into the Duel Disk (which reads 4000 for LPs, which is why I'm making this the start of Season 2) and launches two holographic projectors to the sides of the room, eliminating any need for oversized arenas. DR begins the duel by setting 1 monster in Defense Mode. Kaiba sets 1 card face down (which at 8:30 into the US episode becomes a Monster Card) and plays Battle Ox (1700) in Attack Mode. He attacks DR's face down Cyber Jar (900) in Defense Mode. Oops! They have its DEF as 1000 at 8:43 into the US episode! Due to CJ's effect, all monsters on the field are destroyed and they both Special Summon up to 5 monsters onto their sides of the field (after drawing 5 cards, which is where DR gets the number 5 for Monster Cards). DR sets 2 monsters while Kaiba brings out 4 (Maha Vailo (1550) Dark Zebra (1800), Boar Soldier (2000) and Hitotsu-Me Giant (1200) all in Attack Mode.

(Strangely, they didn't factor in Boar Soldier's loss of 1000 ATK if the opponent has at least 1 monster. The real card can't be Summoned outside of a Flip Summon so the effect must be different here.) DR implements new rules by tributing its face down Aqua Madoor (2000) and Wall of Illusion (1850) both in Defense Mode for Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000) in Attack Mode. If it attacks now, it's over! (Why do players on this show keep saying that? With 4000 Life Points, Kaiba you should know that you'd have LPs left over, even if your HMG is attacked.) Seeing the face down card on Kaiba's field, DR ends its turn.

Kaiba considers that a mistake and tributes HMG for Dragon Seeker (2100) in Defense Mode, mentally remembering that DS destroys 1 Dragon-Type monster when switched from Defense Mode to Attack Mode. (The real card destroys 1 Dragon-Type monster when Normal or Flip Summoned.) DR plays Lord of Dragons (Just Lord of D. in the CG) (1200) in Attack Mode, negating DS' effect (well no, it's just being prevented from activating). Kaiba puts his monsters in Defense Mode for his turn. DR then plays The Flute of Summoning Dragon to bring out two more Blue-Eyes White Dragons in Attack Mode. Then it uses its face down Polymerization to bring out Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500) in Attack Mode but due to Kaiba's rules, Fusion Monsters can't attack the turn they are summoned and DR must end its turn (A non-existent rule in the CG). Kaiba now realizes what it's like to face fear and figures that Yami felt the same way at Duelist Kingdom but even Yami couldn't take down BEUD (no thanks to your cowardly act, Kaiba).

Kaiba draws and tributes three of his monsters (including the not-supposed-to-be-there D.D. Warrior) for Obelisk the Tormentor (4000) in Attack Mode. Everyone in the booth nearby is in shock at Obelisk's size and Kaiba attacks, destroying BEUD and winning the duel but it's all too much for DR as it malfunctions and explodes. (The effects given here aren't present on the original version of this God Card in the CG but are more or less with the Effect Monster version.) While he gloats about his God Card's power, Yami and Tea` wander the streets of Domino City, having obtained the invite and encounter Mai Valentine, whom practically chokes Tea` when she sarcastically says they need to hang out more often.

No one seems to know who the invites are from or who is hosting the tournament but Mai would have to say Kaiba. It's beginning to look like Duelist Kingdom all over again with so many familiar faces. Kaiba appears on screen, giving a speech about the rules and a welcome to all the duelists who got the invite. Next, he appears by helicopter, reminding them to pick up their Duel Disk and register for exactly 1 week from present, the Battle City tournament begins! CM meanwhile hears of this and orders his men to go to Battle City to begin the hunt.

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