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Episode 54: Obelisk the Tormentor

Yami and Tea` find the Ancient Egypt exhibit and decide to head inside, hoping for answers to Yami's past. Instead, they find Ishizu Ishtar, whom offers some clues as to what's going on but also what's ahead thanks to her Millennium Necklace. Meanwhile, Kaiba wants to try out his God Card given to him during his own visit to the exhibit against his old Duelist Kingdom Deck. A Duel Robot is given the Deck and in spite of facing Cyber Jar, Kaiba gains the upper hand. However, this doesn't last long as the Duel Robot brings out Kaiba's favorite monster and leaves Kaiba in trouble. Furthermore, it brings out Kaiba's strongest Fusion Monster but Kaiba's own rule prevents it from attacking that turn.

It's up to Kaiba to draw something powerful quickly and he gets his new God Card. As a result, Kaiba's new monster proves to be too much for both the Duel Robot and the arena they're participating in as both end up being damaged or destroyed. It's enough for Kaiba to want the other two God Cards. Meanwhile, the Battle City tournament is about to begin and for Yami and Tea`, they see plenty of faces they'd rather not lay eyes upon. Marik on the other hand is unsurprised by Kaiba's obtaining of 1 God Cards and declares the hunt for it to begin.

Episode Cards
Kaiba: Battle Ox, Maha Vailo (unnamed), Dark Zebra (unnamed), Boar Soldier (unnamed),
Hitotsu-Me Giant
(unnamed), Dragon Seeker, Obelisk the Tormentor
Duel Robot: Cyber Jar, Aqua Madoor, Wall of Illusion, Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3 copies), Lord of D.,
The Flute of Summoning Dragon
, Polymerization, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Fusion Monsters couldn't attack the turn they were Fusion Summoned.
3. Polymerization had different artwork in the Dub and fused monsters together.
4. Lord. of D. was called "Lord of Dragons" in the Dub and was stated to negate Dragon Seeker's effect.
5. Dragon Seeker's effect was activated when switching from Attack Mode to Defense Mode.
6. Boar Soldier's effect was either different or not applied in spite of Kaiba meeting the effect's conditions.
1. At the start of Kaiba's turn, despite playing Battle Ox in Defense Mode, Kaiba's Set Spell or Trap Card ends up being a 2nd monster.