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Episode 69: Legendary Fisherman (2)

Joey finally gets cards to turn the Duel in his favor and gets Mako down to less than half his LP. However, Mako creates a big shield, then brings out his treasured monster that is immune to Spell Card effects. As a bonus, Mako then brings out his equal rarest card that  proves to be much more for Joey to handle. Joey then gets a combo that helps him take it down. With little else left, Mako revives his treasured monster, knowning full well the Duel isn't going to end in his victory. Joey defeats it and wins the Duel, plus 2 of Mako's rarest cards as per Mako's decision.

Episode Cards
Joey: Baby Dragon, Polymerization, Alligator's Sword Dragon, Energy Drain, Little-Winguard, Rocket Warrior, Panther Warrior, Magical Arm Shield, Kunai with Chain, Lightning Blade, Giant Trunade, Scapegoat
Mako: Tornado Wall, The Legendary Fisherman (2x, 1 via Return of the Doomed), Fortress Whale's Oath, Fortress Whale, Return of the Doomed
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Fusion Monsters couldn't attack the turn they were Fusion Summoned.
3. Lightning Blade could be equipped to any monster and didn't lower the ATK of WATER monsters.
4. Energy Drain was a Spell Card with different artwork.
5. Magical Arm Shield was called "Magic Arm Shield" in the Dub and dealt the battle damage to its owner equal to the difference in ATK points.

6. The Legendary Fisherman was called both "Sea Stealth II - A Legendary Fisherman" and "Sea Stealth II - The Legendary Fisherman" in the Dub.

7. Tornado Wall blocked all the opponent's attacks.
8. Little-Winguard was a Normal Monster with different artwork (and was called "Tiny Guardian" in the Dub).

9. Return of the Doomed revived a monster underwater.
1. Joey counterattacked with Panther Warrior and didn't need to Tribute a monster, despite his monster's effect requiring a Tribute to attack.