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Episode 87: Awakening of Evil (2)

The gang don't see how Joey is going to defeat Odeon and they only get more proof when Joey tries to defend himself with a Spell Card, only to get blocked by another of Odeon's Trap Cards. Joey has little left to do but defend with a weak monster. However, when Odeon makes his move, Joey strikes back with two cards that help turn the entire Duel in his favor. With Odeon's entire strategy foiled, Joey goes on the offensive and brings Odeon down to hardly any LP left. Odeon gets lucky, though and plays a Spell Card to stall for time. Joey takes the opportunity to get the other two cards he's won to get to the Battle City Finals. Odeon then brings out a powerful new monster that could be Joey's undoing.


At the duel, the gang have doubts of Joey's victory and so does Odeon. Joey disagrees as he sets 1 card and puts Alligator's Sword to Defense Mode, planning to activate his face down Scapegoat when Odeon attacks (except you have one too many monsters out to use it because Scapegoat creates four monsters and you have only three slots left). Odeon attacks but Joey is ready with , getting four tokens but Odeon counters with, discarding 1 card and negating Scapegoat's effect. Odeon's remarks are getting to Joey but it takes Mai, Serenity and Yugi (now Yami)s' words to change his mind. Joey figures Odeon didn't have anyone that cared for him but Odeon remembers otherwise and we get a glimpse of his infanthood. Joey sets 2 cards and plays  (1200) in Defense Mode for his turn.

Odeon attacks and Joey activates  (which I might add is unedited as shown at 9:23 into the US episode), putting a card from his hand into Odeon's Grave. (The real card can only put 1 monster in your own Grave.) Next, he uses  to take back and Special Summon  (2400) in Attack Mode. (The real Graverobber can only take Spell Cards and you take 2000 damage if you use the Spell Card you took.)Since Jinzo destroys Trap Cards, Odeon's field is cleaned up. (The real Jinzo negates Trap Cards already in play and prevents either player from activating them.)

Joey then brings out  (700) in Attack Mode, then switches SoL to Attack Mode and attacks with all his monsters, leaving Odeon down to just 400 Life Points. Marik mentally warns Odeon to beat Joey or face severe consequences. Odeon mentally agrees and plays  for his turn. Joey draws and tributes Battle Warrior for  (1600) in Defense Mode, then puts his other monsters in Defense Mode to end his turn. Odeon draws, suddenly becoming greatly worried, leaving everyone uncertain as to what's going on.

Odeon makes his move by sealing the card of the Gods into the temple and Yami has a high suspicion about it. Joey uses  to revive , then tributes it and SoL for  (2400) in Defense Mode.Odeon is ready for his all-powerful creature to arrive and plays , then activates his hidden  card and with both in play, he can play a creature like none Joey's ever seen before or will see again and brings out  (2500 in Attack Mode. (The real card doesn't have any summoning requirements but needs Temple of the Kings to be out or it self-destructs. On another note, the Japanese version of the card shows it as a Ritual Monster.)

Episode Cards
Joey: Scapegoat, Swordsman of Landstar, Foolish Burial, Graverobber, Jinzo (via Graverobber), Battle Warrior,
The Legendary Fisherman
, Monster Reborn, Alligator's Sword (via Monster Reborn), Insect Queen

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Odeon: Magic Jammer, Swords of Revealing Light, Cup of Sealed Soul, Seal of Serket,
Mystical Beast of Serket
(via Cup of Sealed Soul)
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Mystical Beast of Serket was a Ritual Monster (whose card was only shown in the Japanese version).
3. Graverobber could take any card in the opponent's Graveyard and either activate or Summon it to the controller's field free of charge.

4. Foolish Burial had different artwork in the Dub and allowed the owner to put a card in their opponent's Graveyard.

5. Jinzo also destroyed all Trap Cards on the field when Summoned.