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Episode 57: Yugi vs. Rare Hunter (2)

Those involved in the Duel and watching from the sidelines have their own ideas about what could happen next but Yami buys some time with two Trap Cards and starts to take down the Rare Hunter's defenses. However, the Rare Hunter doubles his defenses but activates one of Yami's countermeasures in the process. Yami then takes down the Rare Hunter's remaining defenses and wins the Duel. It's not over yet, though as Yami and Joey see what Marik is capable of by taking over the Rare Hunter's mind and introduces himself through their body. Joey declines to take his Red-Eyes back as he feels he has to earn it and feels Yami would be better off with it given their new threat.

Episode Cards
Yami: Time Seal, Lightforce Sword, Summoned Skull, Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Chain Destruction,
Dust Tornado, Monster Reborn, Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast

Rare Hunter: Swords of Revealing Light, Exodia the Forbidden One
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Alpha the Magnet Warror got a 200 ATK boost from Summoned Skull.
3. Exodia the Forbidden One was called "Exodia's Head" in the Dub.
4. Lightforce Sword was a Quick-Play Spell in the Japanese version and was played like a Spell Card in the Dub.
1. Yami's Duel Disk had Giant Soldier of Stone in place of Alpha the Magnet Warrior during a scene.
2. Yami stated Dust Tornado destroyed a Spell Card on the field.
3. The Rare Hunter's vision of his next card is still incorrect from the previous episode.
4. The Rare Hunter stated that Time Seal stopped him from drawing any cards without clarifying that it was only for that turn and only during his Draw Phase.