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Episode 68: Legendary Fisherman (1)

In Battle City, Yami s racing to find his friends but encounters two Rare Hunters that ask for a duel but cannot decide which of them to take on Yami first. Yami gets impatient but the duo explain that only one can duel Yami at a time but to Yami's shock, Kaiba arrives, warning that they don't know who they're dealing with. Kaiba begins with Pot of Greed. With two more options, he summons Lord of Dragons (Just Lord of D. in the CG) (1200) in Attack Mode. Next he uses 2 Futes of Summoning Dragons to bring out 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons (3000) and Hyozanryu (2100) all in Attack Mode. Short Duelist sets 1 monster in Defense Mode. Yami sets 2 cards and plays Kuriboh (200) in Defense Mode.

Kaiba can't wait to duel Yami if that's the best he can do. SD hopes Tall Duelist has a plan and he does, drawing Mirror Force and gullibly stating that he's setting a Trap Card before setting a monster. Yami warns of how cunning Rare Hunters can be but Kaiba is about to end the duel and tributes his 3 BEWDs for Obelisk the Tormentor (4000) in Attack Mode. Next, he uses Obelisk's effect to destroy all of the Rare Hunters' monsters. Then he attacks but TD activates Mirror Force to no avail and loses along with SD. Yami's attempt to get info is in vain as SD is in no condition to speak but Kaiba hands him his locator card and agrees to help Yami find his friends. SD and TD rise excited saying Marik will get his wish all in one place.


Meanwhile, Mako Tsunami gets his catch of the day that turns out to be the killer whale's lunch and is asked to leave by the instructor but her health quickly goes south and Mako agrees to fill in for her for the show. Elsewhere, Marik is heading through town and Dark Bakura's Ring senses another Millennium Item. However, Yami's friends arrive first and Bakura learns the good news of Joey's standings in the tournament. The group discover a poster with Mako on it (possibly edited because of the instructor's earlier fever) and Joey seizes the opportunity to challenge Mako to a duel and the group darts off, leaving Dark Bakura to gloat about being the most powerful in the world.

Mako's show is greatly enjoyed by the fans. Joey's group arrives and finds Mako but they aren't alone as multiple Rare Hunters take their seats. Mako states that he's here to duel and agrees to Joey's challenge when he sees

Joey's equal number of Locator Cards. Once the preparations are set, Joey starts off with a bizarre dance before seeing his draw as the Parasite Paracide card but sets it anyway (and given that Mako noticed the dance, he probably heard of Joey's strategy). Mako plays the not-so-mighty Flying Fish (800) in Attack Mode. (How could a fish expert like you call Flying Fish "mighty", Mako?) His attack is without any consequence as he explains to Joey that PP must survive the attack to activate its effect (which is true in the CG and it's one of a few monsters with this requirement). Joey plays it off as getting warmed up and sets another monster. Mako sets 1 card face down (not monster as he says and does from 14:16-14:19 into the episode). Joey tributes his monster for Garoozis (1800) in Attack Mode, prompting Mako to activate Torrential Tribute, destroying all of Joey's monsters. (The real card destroys all monsters on the field.)

Marik is riding along, telling his Rare Hunters at the aquarium to watch Yugi's friends. He'll need them shortly. However, he encounters Dark Bakura, whom demands Marik's Millennium Rod and warns that he can take it by force. Marik convinces Dark Bakura that they can work together, given Marik's knowledge of other Millennium Item locations and the duo glow different colors. Back at the duel, Mako attacks directly, leaving Joey down to 3200, then sets 1 card to end his turn. Oops! At 17:12 into the US episode, it's Torrential Tribute on Mako's Duel Disk, not Flying Fish!

Joey summons Alligator's Sword (1500) in Attack Mode, then also sets 2 cards to end his turn.Mako tributes his monster for Amphibian Beast (2400) in Attack Mode and attacks but Joey counters with Fairy Box so Mako plays Umi, covering the field in water and leaving AS to come up for air. However, Joey is ready for Mako's attack with Skull Dice, whose result gets a 4, leaving AB down to 650 ATK and getting destroyed, reducing Mako's score to 3300. (It should have a 50 number such as 3350 because AS' ATK is an even 1500.) Mako congratulates Joey's move but mentally says he has a secret weapon guaranteed to defeat Joey and it's in his ocean deck!