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Episode 68: Legendary Fisherman (1)

Yami and Kaiba are looking for Joey as Yami fears his friend could be in danger but the duo find themselves blocked by a pair of Rare Hunters. Yami's turn proves to be rather underwhelming but Kaiba brings out all the stops, incluyding a monster that not even the Rare Hunter's Trap Card can block. The duo are defeated in a single turn and continue their search. Meanwhile, Joey, Tea` and Solomon find the Domino Aquarium, where their Duelist Kingdom rival and friend Mako Tsunami lurks. Mako had been trying to get lunch from the killer whale swimming in the tank but when the organizer falls ill, Mako agrees to fill in and does an admirable job. Joey recalls their last encounter and proves Mako that he's worthy of a Duel.


Unfortunately, Joey starts off poorly as the one card he'd meant to remove ends up in his opening hand and is unable to do anything against Mako, whom seems to have a counter against everything Joey sends his way. However, Joey manages to get a counter of his own and takes down one of Mako's strongest monsters with the help of a Trap Card. Joey has no idea what he's up against as Mako still has many more fish to cast and put Joey's Locator Cards at further risk.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1: Kaiba: LoD, PoG, TFoSD (2 copies), (via TFoSD: BEWD (3 copies), Hyozanryu), OtT
                Yami: Kuriboh
                Tall Duelist: Mirror Force
                Short Duelist:
DUEL 2: Joey: PP (previously inserted into his Deck), Garoozis, AS, FB, SD
                Mako: Flying Fish, Torrential Tribute, Amphibian Beast, Umi
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Torrential Tribute only destroyed the opponent's monsters.
3. Mirror Force reflected the attack back on the opponent's monsters.
4. Lord of D. was called "Lord of Dragons" in the Dub.
5. The Flute of Summoning Dragon was called "Flute of Summoning Dragon" in the Dub.
6. Skull Dice divided the monster's ATK by the die result.
7. Umi also hid its owner's monsters underwater.
1. When Mako attacks with Flying Fish, Torrential Tribute can be seen on his Duel Disk.
2. After Mako's Amphibian Beast (whose ATK dropped to 650 ATK via Joey's Skull Dice) is destroyed in battle by Joey's Alligator's Sword, Mako's LP dropped to an even number instead of an amount ending with 50.