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Episode 81: Let the Finals Begin!

At Kaiba Corp Stadium, while a helicopter drops to the ground and Kaiba waits for his competition, Marik and Odeon put their plan together from high in the seating arrangements. They finish just as Kaiba senses someone else is with them but no one is found. Nevertheless, Yugi and his friends arrive and are given their passes but are disappointed at the appearance of the stadium itself. Yugi had a bad feeling of who's coming next and it's exactly whom Joey asks about but the group remember him as Namu and introduce Yugi to him but Joey is feeling uneasy but is quick to drop suspicion.

As a bigger surprise, Bakura arrives and is in the Battle City Finals too instead of resting at the hospital. Yugi's suspicion rises as he mentally questions Bakura's story. Odeon arrives next and that's when Joey's suspicion returns. Kaiba could disqualify him for hacking into the system but (even though he has no verification) he has something Kaiba wants. Since 7 of 8 finalists have arrived, one of Kaiba's men announces that the Finals aren't here and is instead arriving as they speak. They'll leave once the 8th duelist arrives but the group is allowed to board, with some minor issues with Tea`, Serenity, Duke and Tristan that Kaiba resolves without hesitation.


Kaiba orders immediate lift-off of Kaiba Craft 3 despite the 8th duelist's still pending arrival but just when they're about to initiate lift-off, the 8th duelist, revealed as Ishizu arrives and boards. With lift-off complete, Kaiba ridicules Joey's champion status (which isn't true yet) then warns Yugi that Slifer won't be his much longer and to have it in his deck and play it. Roland requests each passenger to head to their assigned rooms. In Joey and Serenity's room, Serenity just (literally) can't thank Joey enough for what he's done when Tea`, Duke and Tristan enter, explaining that they want to stay there while they get their own rooms figured out but Joey isn't happy about it, especially when Tea` declares that Room Service is on him. Tristan wants to show Serenity the view (which she already saw with Joey) but is intercepted by Duke, whom does that same thing with Serenity instead, leaving Tristan utterly disappointed. In each of the other peoples' rooms, they provide us with their thoughts of the tournament. Roland announces that the Battle City Finals are about to begin and the fate of the world depends on Yami and the Heart of the Cards!

Episode 81's Episode Cards
*There were no cards used in this episode, apart from ones already played in prior episodes that I'm opting not to add here.*