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Episode 80: Lights, Camera, Duel!

On their way to the Battle City Finals, Joey notices a poster for a movie from his favorite movie star. However, when that movie star crashes through a nearby wall and requests Mai to uphold her end of a deal they made yeasrs ago, Joey begins to change his mind. Mai shows no interest or memory of such a deal but decides to Duel to determine her fate. Fortunately for Mai, Jean-Claude Magnum's monsters are nothing she can't handle by any stretch until Jean brings out his ace monster that ends up staying out, even after Jean loses the Duel. Mai is captured and ends up falling but Joey is there to catch her and helps her back up.

Episode Cards
Mai: Amazoness Swords Woman, Cyber Harpie Lady, Elegant Egotist, Harpie Lady Sisters, Grave Arm
Jean-Claude Magnum: Ninja Commander Ikusa (2 copies), Ninja Solder Katana (3 copies),
Ninja Master Shogun, Ninja Commando Kabuki, Kunoichi Ayame, the Ninja Girl (2 copies),
Ninja Smoke Ball, Great Kite of Ninja,
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Amazoness Swords Woman was a Normal Monster with different artwork and was called "Amazon Swords Woman" in the Dub.

3. Cyber Harpie Lady was called "Cyber Harpie" in the Dub.
4. Ninja Master Shogun was also an actual monster.