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Episode 80: Lights, Camera, Duel!

With night still upon them, the gang park a few blocks away from the Battle City Finals' location and as they walk over, Joey asks why Mai saved him back in Duelist Kingdom. When Mai answers, Joey is focusing his attention on a movie poster of Jean-Claude Magnum's latest movie and is itching to see it but with a loud crash, a limo plows through the wall. Joey's anger ramps up but not for long as he tries to impress him but he walks past him to Mai, getting her to recall her promise one year ago. Mai remembers and suggests a duel to settle the score. Even her friends' pleas don't deter her and the duel gets underway with JCM (Jean-Claude Magnum for short) playing Ninja Commander Ikusa (700) in Attack Mode, then brings out Ninja Solder Katana (400) in Attack Mode by its effect.

Naturally, Mai isn't impressed, insulting both his movies and his dueling skills (makes you wonder how he won those Locator cards) before taking her turn to play Amazon Swords Woman (Amazoness Swordswoman in the CG and it's also an Effect Monster) (1500) in Attack Mode. Her attack takes out NCI to leave JCM down to 2900 LPs. JCM responds by playing another NCI and a 2nd NSK in Attack Mode. Serenity would love to be like Mai but Joey only angers Mai as JCM asks if she's daydreaming but she'd rather eat worms and draws, taking out NCI to leave JCM's score down to 2100. It's what JCM was hoping for as with both NCI and NSK in his Grave, he tributes NSK for Ninja Master Shogun (1600) in Attack Mode and brings out Ninja Commander Kabuki (700) and a third NSK in Attack Mode. Then, due to NCK's effect, he can bring out Kunoichi Ayame, the Ninja Girl (300) in Attack Mode.

His attacks destroy ASW and leave Mai down to 1800 LPs. He sets 1 card to end his turn. Mai plays Cyber Harpie (Cyber Harpie Lady in the CG (1800) in Attack Mode and attacks but JCM activates Ninja Smoke Ball, cancelling out the attack so she sets 1 card to end her turn. JCM equips NMS with Great Kite of Ninja, protecting his monster from attacks or Spell Card effects and letting it attack directly by tributing a Ninja monster, which he does and attacks, leaving Mai down to 200 LPs. Mai uses Elegant Egotist to convert her CH into Harpie Lady Sisters (1950) in Attack Mode and uses them to take out JCM's Ninjas (and they're in Defense Mode apparently because he'd take serious damage to his score).

Next she ends her turn by setting 2 cards. JCM summons a 2nd KAtNG in Attack Mode and goes to attack but Mai activates Grave Arm to send her to the Graveyard. Plus, with NMS out of the action, it cannot defend JCM's LPs so she attacks directly to win the duel. However, JCM snickers, as his NMS isn't a hologram anymore and captures Mai. Mai squirms to get free and Joey distracts NMS enough so that Mai falls and manages to grab a pole sticking out. JCM has no idea what to do now but Joey positions himself to catch Mai and when she lets go, he breaks her fall, temporarily becoming dazed. At last, JCM realizes he's a fraud and Joey is the real hero. With the Battle City Final starting tonight, may the best man (or woman) win!

Episode 80's Episode Cards