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Yu-Gi-Oh Season 4 Episode Comparisons

Rise of the Great Beast (2)
Episode 184 With help from Yugi and others, Dartz is finally beaten and everything is returned to normal. Now Yami and Yugi must pick up where they left off and start the journey to Yami's final resting place.
Rise of the Great Beast (1)
Episode 183 Dartz has revived his Great Leviathan and is now attacking them for real so Yami brings out the Legendary Dragons in their true forms but finds they are no match for the Leviathan's power.
A Duel with Dartz (6)
Episode 182 Yami manages to bring out a monster with equal strength to Dartz's Divine Serpent and defeat Dartz but Dartz isn't through with them just yet and there's a massive storm headed their way!
A Duel with Dartz (5)
Episode 181 Yami finds a way to start chipping away at Orichalcos Shunoros' immense ATK and bring out the Legendary Dragons in their true form but Dartz surpasses all of that with a monster with infinite ATK!
A Duel with Dartz (4)
Episode 180 Yami and Kaiba face off with the 3rd layer of the Seal of Orichalcos, Tritos and now they have even less chances of winning, especially once Dartz brings out a new monster whose ATK equals 20,000!
A Duel with Dartz (3)
Episode 179 Dartz has quickly accumulated 3 times the regular starting Life Points in Duels and only raises the stakes with a card that can destroy any monster on the field and inflict its ATK to the opponent!
A Duel with Dartz (2)
Episode 178 Yami and Kaiba agree to Duel Dartz as a team but find that Dartz has the advantages thanks to the Seal of Orichalcos and his Deck of unusual monsters.
A Duel with Dartz (1)
Episode 177 Finally at Dartz HQ, Yami, Kaiba and others see where Dartz has kept the souls of their loved ones and many others.
Grappling with a Guardian (3)
Episode 176 Yami has Raphael in a bind of his own thanks to his Underworld Circle card but is facing off with Raphael's new Guardian that proves to be indestructible.
Grappling with a Guardian (2)
Episode 175 Once again locking horns with Raphael, Yami finds his opponent about the same as before, only with a renewed sense of evil as they play the Seal of Orichalcos.
Grappling with a Guardian (1)
Episode 174 Yami and the gang find out where Joey had been Dueling but realize they're too late to do anything about it. Yami then heads to the roof where Raphael is waiting but has no interest in a rematch.
Fighting for a Friend (5)
Episode 173 Weak from his Duel with Valon, Joey struggles to face off against his former friend Mai as she quickly turns the Duel in her favor.
Fighting for a Friend (4)
Episode 172 Just when Joey appears to have the edge again, Valon is back where he was previously with a whole new set of Armor monsters and a new suit of armor.
Fighting for a Friend (3)
Episode 171 Valon opts to use Joey's new creation against him but Joey has additional tricks up his sleeve, including his own suit of armor!
Fighting for a Friend (2)
Episode 170 Valon's Deck of Armor is already putting Joey in a bind but Joey soon brings out one of his best monsters to try and fight back.
Fighting for a Friend (1)
Episode 169 Joey follows Valon to a distant location and finds Valon isn't agreeing with Joey on why Mai is acting so strangely.
Paradise Found
Episode 168 With Alister defeated, Dartz moves on to Phase 2 of his plan. Meanwhile, Rebecca Hawkins works to hack into Kaiba's mainframe so they can read the inscriptions of the carvings located in a Florida museum.
Flight of Fear (2)
Episode 167 Alister proves to be behind the situation but with the Seal of Orichalcos in play, the plane's autopilot is out of action and while Mokuba struggles to fix it, Kaiba struggles to defeat Alister once and for all!
Flight of Fear (1)
Episode 166 Kaiba and Mokuba board a plane but find their passengers soon disappear and there's strange glowing lights outside.
Deck of Armor
Episode 165 Duke and Rebecca find Valon and want to take him down in a Duel, knowing full well that Valon is with Dartz and crew, but find ther opponent's Deck is unlike anything they've ever seen before.
Reliving the Past
Episode 164 Having been successful at restoring Yugi's heart, Yami Duels a non-human Duelist that proves to have a nearly invincible monster.
Episode 163 After costing Yugi his soul, Yami's guilt reaches an all-time high until he meets Ironheart, Chris and their dog Sky, whom share a place where the angry spirits live and a Duel where Yami can reclaim his other half.
On the Wrong Track (3)
Episode 162 Just when things look to be in Rex and Weevil's favor, Yami and Joey draw their legendary dragons but only Joey's is able to work successfully. What will Yami do to defeat his old rival?
On the Wrong Track (2)
Episode 161 Rex and Weevil have both activated their new Seal of Orichalcos cards and are taking control of the Duel with old favorites and new arrivals.
On the Wrong Track (1)
Episode 160 Yami and crew board a train but find that the passengers they had at the start no longer exist. Worse still, Yami and Joey find themselves facing off against old rivals.
Trial by Stone
Episode 159 Rex and Weevil head to Dartz's lair and beg for a copy of the Seal of Orichalcos but must be proven worthy of its power by passing a test.
Fate of the Pharaoh (3)
Episode 158 To turn the Duel more in his favor, Yami brings out a family of Kuriboh that prove to have more strength than they appear to be. Will they be enough to defeat Raphael?
Fate of the Pharaoh (2)
Episode 157 Yami brings out his new dragon and learns how faithful Raphael is with his cards.
Fate of the Pharaoh (1)
Episode 156 Yami makes it to the Duel site and learns Raphael's backstory with his cards, not to mention his way of thinking regarding the world around them.
The Challenge
Episode 155 Raphael kidnaps Professor Hawkins and uses him as an incentive to get Yami to Duel him for his soul. Meanwhile, Rex and Weevil want their first glimpse at the Duel.
My Freaky Valentine (3)
Episode 154 Much like Kaiba and Yami, Joey gets his own special card out of the blue but can he use it properly and defeat Mai without costing her a soul?
My Freaky Valentine (2)
Episode 153 Mai gets the upper hand but Joey proves to have a few tricks up his sleeve but will they be enough?
My Freaky Valentine (1)
Episode 152 At Industrial Illusions HQ, Joey and crew find Mai waiting inside along with other members of the biker gang but realize she's not on their side anymore.
An Unexpected Enemy
Episode 151 Out in the desert, a different biker gang takes aim at Yami and crew but a familiar face helps them out, only to vanish without a trace.
Déjà Duel (2)
Episode 150 Unfortunately, Pegasus is actually Alister, a member of the same biker gang that stole the God Cards and now he has revenge against Kaiba for what his father did!
Déjà Duel (1)
Episode 149 Kaiba gets a rematch with Maximillion Pegasus and finds his opponent's strategy to be just as irritating as it was the 1st time around.
The Creator Returns
Episode 148 It feels like Duelist Kingdom all over again when Yugi gets a mysterious package containing a VHS tape with Maximillion Pegasus awaiting on the TV screen.
Legend of the Dragons
Episode 147 Yami is brought to a special location where three dragons are sealed in ice and learns just how important it will be to set them all free.
A New Evil (2)
Episode 146 Yami faces off against Gurimo, a member of a biker gang that stole the God Cards and is using Obelisk against him, not to mention a brand new Field Spell Card that gives it even more power!
A New Evil (1)
Episode 145 Residents of Domino City encounter a mystery cloaked man that Duels with a card capable of much worse than just defeat!