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Yu-Gi-Oh Season 5 Episode Comparisons

The Final Duel (4)
Episode 224 Yami's God Cards have fallen but Yugi now faces his most trusted monster, Dark Magician and like any magician, he proves to be much tougher to take down.
The Final Duel (3)
Episode 223 The God Cards are being weakened but are not beaten so Yami and Yugi step up their games to try and turn the Duel in their favor.
The Final Duel (2)
Episode 222 Yugi works up a strategy to take down the God Cards without attacking them but it's such an ambitious plan that no one believes it will work. Can Yugi prove them wrong?
The Final Duel (1)
Episode 221 The partners face off but Yugi finds himself facing down all 3 God Cards at the same time!
The Final Journey
Episode 220 With Zorc defeated, the group return for the final preparations of the ceremony and that involves a Duel where Yugi faces his other half and risks saying goodbye forever!
In the Name of the Pharaoh!
Episode 219 With Zorc still unbeaten and seemingly unphased by their attacks, Yami brings back the God Cards and combines them into a brand new force. Is this finally the end of Zorc the Dark One?
The Dark One Cometh (4)
Episode 218 Yugi's Gandora card proves enough to destroy Bakura's combo but not win the Duel but with his own monster free, Yugi snatches victory but is it too late?
The Dark One Cometh (3)
Episode 217 Yugi's Duel with Bakura only gets harder as Bakura's defenses continue to increase and his own Deck is being depleted as well. However Yugi pulls out his last card that could be the key to his victory in the Duel.
The Dark One Cometh (2)
Episode 216 While Zorc easily breaks through the town's defenses, Yugi squares off with Bakura in a Duel, only to find that his chances of winning decrease each turn!
The Dark One Cometh (1)
Episode 215 Zorc has arrived and is proving to be a much bigger threat than anyone in the past.
Name of the Game
Episode 214 With Zorc's arrival nearly upon them, Kisara fights back against Magus but finds it much harder to keep the entity contained.
Village of Vengenace (5)
Episode 213 Down in Egypt, the groups face off against Duel Monsters as Zorc's arrival draws ever-closer. Bakura opts to send the Millennium Stone down further but when Yugi and the gang arrive, there's no sign of the items.
Village of Vengenace (4)
Episode 212 Seto faces pressure from Magus, the former Aknaden, to become the new Pharaoh but time is running out before Zorc arrives so unless Yami wins, they'll be in even greater danger.
Village of Vengenace (3)
Episode 211 While Bakura's game counterpart fades away, Dark Bakura's full plan is revealed, an hourglass that ticks down to the arrival of Zorc the Dark One.
Village of Vengenace (2)
Episode 210 The battle against Bakura continues as Mahad shows party tricks of his own, only to find that none of them seem to be working.
Village of Vengenace (1)
Episode 209 Bakura has met Yami and reveals an even greater force as his true power but Yami has the power of Mahad and Dark Magician to protect him.
In Search of a King
Episode 208 Rumors swirl of Yami's demise against Bakura's Diabound but the mystery girl's unknown powers are revealed to be that of Blue-Eyes White Dragon but Yami finds more about his cards' padt as Mana and Mahad have evolved their powers.
A Reversal of Fortune
Episode 207 Yami has agreed to join the fight and summons the God Cards but finds himself losing strength even with such powerful beats at his beck and whim.
Village of Lost Souls
Episode 206 Bakura has engaged in a Shadow Duel with Aknaden and nearly has it won but Yami and his crew work to decide whether to join the fight against Bakura or focus on other matters.
Birth of Blue-Eyes
Episode 205 Bakura continues wreaking havoc with his Diabound Kernel while Yugi and crew contend with a new friend named Bobasa that has a huge appetite.
Makings of a Magician
Episode 204 With Bakura still not beaten, it's now time to call upon a monster with magical powers that is all-too-familiar to Yami and crew.
The Intruder (2)
Episode 203 The struggle in Egypt continues as Yami brings out the God Cards themselves to battle Bakura's Diabond.
The Intruder (1)
Episode 202 Bakura's Egyptian counterpart attacks the city of Kul Elna but the city tries to fight back with a presence that Kaiba can sense.
Memoirs of the Pharaoh
Episode 201 Upon arriving in Egypt, Yugi tries to unlock the secret of the pharaoh using the God Cards and the stone table but is taken on a journey 5000 years into the past where the journey first began.
Spiritual Awakening
Episode 200 Yugi encounters Bakura, whom shares that they have one similarity out of all their differences but Bakura isn't really after Yugi just yet and seeks out Kaiba for a Duel to show him the past.
Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh
Episode 199 Yugi's Grandpa tells the story of when he was younger and discovered the Pharaoh's tomb with some friends but ends up discovering that getting to the best part is harder than it appears to be. Meanwhile, Rex and Weevil scope out Yugi's prized God Cards.
Sinister Secrets (3)
Episode 198 Yami quickly starts losing cards from his Deck thanks to Leon's Golden Castle of Stromberg card and finds it's much harder to get rid of than it appeared to be. How will Yami and his friends be able to stop Zigfried and destroy the card?
Sinister Secrets (2)
Episode 197 Leon's chances of winning appear to be slipping until he plays the one card Zigfried gave him, and it wreaks havoc on Kaiba's computer mainframe too!
Sinister Secrets (1)
Episode 196 Yami and Leon face off for the true championship but Yami finds there's more to it for Leon than just bragging rights.
One Step Ahead (2)
Episode 195 Zigfried's Goddess cards are seriously disrupting Kaiba's strategy but Kaiba managed to clear up the entire mess with his Chaos Emperor Dragon card. Will it be enough to defeat Zigfried once and for all?
One Step Ahead (1)
Episode 194 As the finals of the Kaiba Land tournament arrive, Kaiba intervenes to disqualify Zigfried for faking his name and causing havoc at the event. However, when Zigfried protests against it, Kaiba agrees to Duel for the rights to stay in the tournament.
Brawl in a Small Town (2)
Episode 193 While Joey and Tristan attend to the matter of Yugi's Grandpa, whom is injured thanks to Vivian's attack, Rebecca Hawkins brings out her Diamond Head Dragon to take control of the Duel.
Brawl in a Small Town (1)
Episode 192 Rebecca's next opponent Leon Wilson proves to have the most bizarre Deck of all and she's not fairing too well against it.
Down in Flames (2)
Episode 191 After getting a much needed lucky break due to a bad hand, Joey manages to take the lead but Zigfried now unleashes the combo that would defeat him in a single turn!
Down in Flames (1)
Episode 190 Joey now faces against the newcomer that took down Rex and Weevil in a single turn but finds the special effects of the volcano area to be a bit much.
Child's Play
Episode 189 Rebecca and Vivian Wong face off without Yugi to be there to cheer them on but Rebecca makes use of her time with her Fire Princess LP Gain combo.
Let the Games Begin! (2)
Episode 188 Apnarg Otum has Summoned Ancient Dragon, a monster that took him years to collect the necessary cards but Joey manages to find a way to beat it.....or does he?
Let the Games Begin! (1)
Episode 187 Joey squares off against newcomer Apnarg Otum and is quickly put in a tough situation thanks to his opponent's own dice card.
Unwanted Guest (2)
Episode 186 The Kaibaland Duel Computer continues to perform better and with Yami losing the cards in his hand, it's becoming harder and harder to make a comeback!
Unwanted Guest (1)
Episode 185 After a friendly duel against the Duel Computer, guests face peril whereby things go haywire and the Duel Computer is now set to its highest level. Yami Yugi steps up to try and defeat the Duel Computer using the Deck a friend of his was using. With the Duel Computer having such powerful cards, how will Yami Yugi prevail?