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Episode 147: Legend of the Dragons

On board the sea plane, the biker gang does Valon's favorite part: sliding out of the plane on their motorcycles and racing up the spiral road to the top. Meanwhile, Professor Hawkins states what Yugi was told earlier. Furthermore, he may have discovered the lost city of Atlantis, where Duel Monsters may actually originate. Tristan ridicules this and gets a blow to his leg from Rebecca as a reminder he's talking about Professor Hawkins but PH is no stranger to ridicule but Joey believes anything now after what they've been through. Rebecca sheds light on Yugi having a pharaoh  in his Millennium Puzzle and the gang learn she's now a college student. PH shares the last of what he knows of their situation before Yugi shows him the necklace he found last night and agrees to let PH take it with him for study.

Outside, Rebecca gives Yugi a kiss goodbye and Solomon takes her and PH to the airport by car. Suddenly Yugi hears a voice calling for help but he's the only one to hear it and the group head home for sleep but neither Yugi or Yami can sleep and fear it might be their toughest fight yet. In their lair, one of the bikers reports that they found the pharaoh but didn't capture his soul, something the white cloaked man didn't expect them to do but is happy to see that the biker he's talking to has the God Cards and places each one of them in one of the serpent heads to use them and bring for the the great beast.

Inside his room, Yugi is still having trouble sleeping and is brought into his Millennium Puzzle. They search for the source of the voice but come up empty until Kuriboh appears and leads the way. They find themselves in a white room and a figure passes through to follow the sound of their voice and they do, ending up falling through a portal to an area with a castle and a giant eye that takes in Duel Monsters. Inside the castle, they find three statues and Dark Magician Girl needs their help. Yugi and Yami agree to remove the sword and free the dragon named Timaeus. When Yugi awakens, he realizes it's not morning yet and finds Duel Monsters waiting to battle.

He heads out and finds his friends, whom all find what we learn from the white cloaked man as The Great Leviathan that is taking in Duel Monsters and unleashes its fury on Yugi and his friends but his friends dodge impact, leaving Yugi to take the hit and Yugi decides to summon Timaeus and weakens the GL, forcing it to retreat for the time being but DMG says it will return and its power will grow and time is running out. Timaeus appears to be strong but not strong enough and Yugi and Yami must release the other two dragons!

Episode 147's Episode Cards

Card Info:

Eye of Timaeus
Special Anime Monster Card

Send this face-up card you control and other cards listed in a Fusion Monster Card's text to the Graveyard and Special Summon that Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck.

Found In: Not Yet Released
Set #: None
Rarity(s): Common
Notes: Card has no info on it in the anime but is included for the info shown and rest of card info is from Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia.
Card User: Yugi Muto