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Episode 159: Trial by Stone

As Raphael's ride takes off, Rex and Weevil race to catch up and manage to grab the ladder as they run out of ground and their bike tumbles into the abyss below. Meanwhile, Tea` wonders if Yami and the group are ever coming back and it's quickly answered as Duke's car returns with its passengers and driver while Yami returns the way he left. Rebecca goes to hug him, certain Yami won but doesn't get the same appreciation and Joey hints at a different story. At last, Yami confesses to Rebecca that Yugi's soul was taken once Yami lost, recalling the events at that point. When Rebecca hears that Yami still played the very card he knew was evil, she breaks into tears, protesting that Yami himself should've been locked away and Yami agrees.

Joey knocks Yami to the ground, ordering him to pull himself together so they can find Dartz and where the souls are kept, a plan that Duke claims to have made earlier but was ignore and Tristan strangles him. On board the helicopter, the group arrive at their HQ and Rex and Weevil are advised to not be stupid in front of Dartz. They enter and learn that the wrong soul was captured. Rex and Weevil approach, explaining their situation and defending themselves against Raphael's claims. Dartz warns that giving them the Seal won't be easy and hands them blank copies, then raises two Orichalcos Stones, calling it their test and if worthy, they will be able to grab the stones but if not, their souls are offered up to the Great Leviathan. The downside keeps Rex and Weevil temporarily away from accepting the conditions but Raphael's next statement makes them determined to pass. They begin the test and Rex starts having second thoughts.

Despite all odds, Rex and Weevil grasp the stones and now can play the Seal of Orichalcos. Raphael shows them the room with 1 copy of each Duel Monsters Card in existence to build their new decks. Only catch is no God Cards and Weevil has to be persuaded that what they're offered is what they're looking for. Dartz gives them the task of defeating Yami and Joey in a duel and get their souls. Back in the trailer, Joey decides they should take action and destroy the Great Leviathan but Tea` reminds him that they need help and have no evidence to go on, not even from the underwater city, which has since been destroyed. However, Professor Hawkins, now awake, shares what he knows about Atlantis' history. Joey smells a cover up on Dartz's behalf but Professor Hawkins states that copies of the inscription are in a Florida museum. The group gets excited until they realize they don't have a way to get there on their own.

At Kaiba Corp, Kaiba is informed of what's been going on with his company and has a feeling that Pegasus is still behind it.

Mokuba adds that perhaps it's Alister that's responsible for what the company is going through. A phone call interrupts their conversation and isn't happy to hear that Joey is waiting to speak to Kaiba via webcam. Once Joey learns how a webcam works, he explains that they have clues on Dartz's biker gang, then adds that Yugi lost his soul. This infuriates Kaiba to the point of cutting Joey's webcam chat off. Now Kaiba has another reason to hunt down the biker gang. Back in the trailer, Joey is peeved that they don't have anything for transportation but Rebecca agrees to book their flights and arrive at the airport by train. They just better not be too late.

Episode 159's Episode Cards
*There were no cards used in this episode.*