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Episode 155: The Challenge

Still inside the secret room, Yami, Kaiba and Joeys' Legendary Dragon cards glow and Kaiba dismisses the experience as a trick and the story thus far as bogus and walks away with Mokuba following suit. Just inches away, Rex and Weevil are caught in their search for rare cards so Weevil tries the old "I can't find my glasses routine" but it's clearly seen through. After some consideration, the gang decide to see Professor Hawkins but their train of thought is interrupted by Kaiba's jet taking off and are too late to flag him down to obtain a lift (not like they'd get one anyway since it appears to have only two seats). Duke adds that they can take his car and has a special place for Rex and Weevil in the trunk and head off.

Meanwhile, Mai wants to know what Valon was thinking after what he did. Raphael sticks up for Valon and says they'll just let her lose next time but Mai adds that she doesn't need saving but learns of how powerful Joey's Claw of Hermos card is. Still, she isn't convinced and heads off on Valon's motorcycle. Raphael suggests to focus on the Pharaoh, explaining that Dartz doesn't always know what's best and with Yami out of the way, the rest will fall into their hands and Raphael's plan to duel is already in place.

Elsewhere, inside his house, Professor Hawkins is studying his pictures and cannot figure out what they mean. Just outside, Rebecca is riding on her horse Copernicus and has to ask what's going on with him and the helicopter flying overhead. The helicopter lands and a few men rush out and into the house. When they come out, they have Professor Hawkins, whom protests that they won't get away with their plan and the group enter the helicopter. Rebecca tries to stop them but isn't quick enough as the helicopter lifts off, leaving a Duel Monsters card with (presumably) a note regarding where Professor Hawkins is going. She goes to head off but is knocked to the ground as an explosion destroys Professor Hawkins' laboratory.

That evening, Duke and crew arrive to the former site of Professor Hawkins' house and find Rebecca, whom runs over to Yugi in tears and Yugi assures they'll find him. Later, inside the trailer, the group discuss who might've taken Professor Hawkins as Tea` finishes making tea. Yugi figures that Professor Hawkins doesn't have what the thieves want and will likely be back. Tristan needs to eat if they're going to wait around. He, Tea` and Duke prepare dinner when Tristan notices the absence of Rex and Weevil. Those two are digging for rare cards but they haven't eaten in days and desire food. Just outside of their location, Yugi and Rebecca are chatting and Rebecca hands Yugi the card with the note from Raphael, which advises to come to Death Valley if they want to see Professor Hawkins again. Using Duke's car, getting there shouldn't take more than an hour but Yugi must go alone.

Inside some hangar, the door opens, revealing Professor Hawkins chatting with Raphael, whom brings the news that his lab and all his findings are destroyed. In Dartz's lair, Dartz knows the time for the Great Leviathan's rebirth is drawing near and gets stronger with each soul captured. Outside, a storm rages and a boat is caught and destroyed. Back at the trailer, while the gang sleep, Yugi sets off to do what the note says and assures Rebecca, whom is awakened by Yugi's actions, that he'll be back but she isn't so sure. Yugi heads outside where Copernicus is waiting and becomes Yami as he positions himself on the saddle. Joey slides from upright to the floor and awakens to find Rebecca also awake and no sign of Yugi. Rebecca promise she wouldn't tell and Tristan's anger awakens the others. Tea` protests that it's not Rebecca's fault but Tristan would've knocked some sense into him yet Joey darts off then stops. In the distance, Professor Hawkins staggers along on a walking stick and falls right into Joey's arms as the others rush to his aid.

First on Hawkins' mind is where Yugi is and Yugi is well on his way for a duel and he chats with Yami that they have a few things over their opponent. While Joey, Tristan and Duke find Yugi, Tea` agrees to stay behind and keep an eye out for Rex and Weevil. Those two, however are also on their way to the duel via a two person bicycle. Inside the trailer, as Professor Hawkins sleeps, Rebecca hopes for the best for Yugi's sake. On the other end of a bridge, Raphael is ready for Yami, thanks to his own deck and its power. He gains a pair of wings as Yami continues his trek to the duel.

Episode 155's Episode Cards
*There were no cards used in this episode.*