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Episode 184: Rise of the Great Beast (2)

As Yami battles The Great Leviathan, Yugi attempts to step in and Yami stops him, saying it's his fight and he must prove that the darkness is gone, leaving Yugi to remember what happened. The duel he and Yugi had was only the first step of a long process. Yugi reminds Yami of his friends and while Yami has that, Dartz can't win. He calls upon the light of all his friends and successfully defeats TGL. As a result, the storm disappears and sunshine returns but Yami collapses from weariness and Dartz is lying motionless feet away. A light appears and Dartz awakens, reuniting with Ironheart, Chris and Sky. It's just as Yami knew, it was a darkness controlling Dartz. Yami and Yugi walk up tot he portal, give one last glance back, then step through the portal but Dartz and his family must go too as they have much to catch up on.

Atlantis makes its trek back down into the ocean depths while the group board the helicopter and leave despite Joey's protest. Inside the hospital, Rex and Weevil awaken to find each other and know whom to blame for this. Alister is next to awaken and finds the remains if his Dyna Dude action figure, remembering what happened to get it in that state. Valon awakens in his home and remembers what happened earlier. As he gets up, a Cyber Harpie (Lady) card falls on the floor, and he'll never forget Mai, whom is riding away on the beach, ready to pick up the pieces and recalls joining Dartz's side and the events that followed. She's not yet ready to face Joey yet and will head out until she is.

Yugi finds himself on the shore of a beach and Dark Magician Girl appears with the Legendary Knights to thank them for defeating the great beast. They take the the skies where Joey and the gang spot them by helicopter. Shortly after, the gang spots Yugi and touches down nearby. After a brief reunion, the group head back but Yugi stays a bit, knowing that Yami has to pick up where he left off but he won't be alone.

Episode 184's Episode Cards
*There were no cards used in this episode.*