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Episode 148: The Creator Returns

While Solomon sweeps outside, the gang watch the recent news on (presumably) Tristan's laptop and Yugi recalls that their now tranquil morning is thanks to the Eye of Timaeus but Tristan sees nothing special about the card so Joey has to tell him otherwise. Joey wonders if maybe the dragon can provide some answers and Tristan fights over the card's lack of care before Solomon enters to deliver a package. The origin of the package soon becomes clear and jogs memories of Duelist Kingdom but the gang cool down a bit when they realize Pegasus can't take souls anymore and Yugi plays the tape. Pegasus first states how Yugi never contacted him, not even by e-mail. However, he knows who's really behind this and must stop them but the risk is too high to leave any info on the tape, prompting the gang to see him in person. He concludes by mentioning the included card to enter his company's building and orders Yugi to guard it with his life.

They don't realize there's a piece of spy equipment on the window set by Weevil and Rex, whom learn of where Yugi and the gang are going and Weevil has the perfect plan to get them there. Meanwhile, a fragment of the Great Leviathan glows as the white cloaked man says it'll have enough strength to swallow the earth with nothing standing in its way. He calls for whom we now know is Raphael and we learn of his own name as Dartz, noting that they need more than the Pharaoh's soul so the others appear to take on more duelists and we learn one of them is named Alister, whom wants Kaiba while Valon wants Joey.

 Dartz orders the group to see Pegasus before Yugi and friends do. Meanwhile, Pegasus thinks out loud and is greeted by Mai with a different outfit and personality, wondering how she got past his security and we're left wondering what the source of Pegasus' scream is. That night, the gang is packing and Tristan decides he must leave his yo-yo. The next day, the group arrive at the airport and get some brief advice from Solomon before heading out, indicating to Rex and Weevil to make their move. The group are excited when they see the plane they're boarding, especially once inside it and Rex and Weevil are included via baggage that they snuck into. Almost everything the duo have done is going according to plan but Rex must now postpone his trip to the bathroom.

As the flight wears on, food is served and Rex and Weevil are regretting their plan. The plane lands and now the group must be escorted by car but now discover the baggage none of them packed and it's returned to the lost and found, foiling Rex and Weevil's plan. At Kaiba Corp, Kaiba orders one of his suits to make sure the press is gone and happy with the story that the company isn't to blame for the monster sightings. He then asks for an update from Roland on any leads but nothing has come up. Worse still, Mokuba enters with the news that Kaiba Corp's share is being bought by another company. After determining this to be the case, he can't afford to let anymore of his company be bought and gets a call. On the other end, it's Pegasus (though we know it isn't likely going to be him, given his scream from earlier), admitting to the crime.

He explains that he needed the upper hand to get Kaiba to do a favor and he was bored. He requests a duel or Kaiba will lose the rest of his company and Kaiba agrees to the duel. He sets out via helicopter, assuring Mokuba that once Pegasus is dealt with, they'll work on Kaibaland.

Episode 148's Episode Cards
*There were no cards used in this episode.*