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Yu-Gi-Oh Season 3 Episode Comparisons

Looking Back and Moving Ahead
Episode 144 Tea` brings Serenity on a tour through Battle City to show her what went down while she had her bandages on.
One for the Road
Episode 143 Now needing a ride off the island, Yami and the gang search for Kaiba, whom has initiated a self-destruct sequence to forget about every bad memory he's had from the Battle City Finals.
The Final Face-Off (5)
Episode 142 In a surprise twist, Odeon has awakened from his slumber and made his way to the Dueling platform, intending to save Marik from his dark side!
The Final Face-Off (4)
Episode 141 Yami gets in a bind as his Life Points drop to where he's in danger of losing the Duel. However, he counters Ra's return to the Duel with Slifer the Sky Dragon.
The Final Face-Off (3)
Episode 140 Marik survives Obelisk's attack but now brings out a new monster whose shield proves to be indestructible.
The Final Face-Off (2)
Episode 139 Marik quickly gets his new strategy underway by reviving The Winged Dragon of Ra and using his extra Life Points to power it up. However, Yami brings out Obelisk the Tormentor and intends on putting down Marik for good.
The Final Face-Off (1)
Episode 138 With his championship title and the fate of the world on the line, Yami squares off with Marik, whom has a special treatment planned.
Battle for Bronze (3)
Episode 137 Kaiba hates to see anyone hold Blue-Eyes but himself and starts to turn the Duel back in his favor but Joey wants him to have a better time Dueling.
Battle for Bronze (2)
Episode 136 In spite of a rocky start, Joey eventually turns Kaiba's Blue-Eyes against him and puts Kaiba on the verge of defeat in a single attack.
Battle for Bronze (1)
Episode 135 Joey proposes a Duel for 3rd place but after his crushing defeat from Yami, Kaiba refuses to Duel somone he believes is below him.
Clash in the Coliseum (6)
Episode 134 Yami faces Kaiba's Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which has more ATK than just about any monster in his Deck but eventually brings out a powerhouse of his own.
Clash in the Coliseum (5)
Episode 133 Kaiba gets Yami in a bind by bringing out his other two Blue-Eyes but Joey's spirit tells Yami about an option he never knew he had and is able to stay in the Duel.
Clash in the Coliseum (4)
Episode 132 Both God Cards are gone but both Duelists get going again and Kaiba eventually brings out his most trusted monster.
Clash in the Coliseum (3)
Episode 131 Yami is ready to attack but each attempt is thrwarted by Kaiba's countermeasures. How will Yami win if he can't get though?
Clash in the Coliseum (2)
Episode 130 Kaiba quickly gains the upperhand by bringing out his XYZ-Dragon Cannon to devastate Yami's field. However, Yami turns the tables with his own God Card.
Clash in the Coliseum (1)
Episode 129 Yami now faces off against his arch-rival Kaiba, where each of them has an Egyptian God Card to tip things in their favor.
The Darkness Returns (4)
Episode 128 Marik attacks Joey with his revived Winged Dragon of Ra but against all odds, Joey is still standing after the assault ends. Can Joey conjure up enough strength to summon a strong enough monster to win the Duel?
The Darkness Returns (3)
Episode 127 Joey struggles to cope with his ownership of Marik's Lava Golem, which is costing him Life Points each turn it's on his field. Making matters worse, it's prevented from attacking until Joey finds away to get rid of the restriction.
The Darkness Returns (2)
Episode 126 While Joey's energy is being slowly drained, his Life Points are too thanks to Marik's Trap Cards and eventually faces a new monster that can determine the fate of Mai!
The Darkness Returns (1)
Episode 125 Joey squares off against Marik, whom intends to use the magic of his Millennium Rod to drain his energy completely and quickly gains the upper hand.
Back to Battle City (3)
Episode 124 The semi-finals of the Battle City tournament is about to be revealed. Will any of the duelists get their desired opponents?
Back to Battle City (2)
Episode 123 Joey quickly gets down on his luck defending his Life Points and Kaiba opts to take full advantage so that he and Yami can face off in the next round.
Back to Battle City (1)
Episode 122 The airship is set free and the remaining participants can finally get back to the regular tournament but first have to face off against each other in a Battle Royale where the losers Duel first in order of their defeat.
Burying the Past (2)
Episode 121 Noah has taken over Mokuba's body and used it to cause the island to self-destruct in just an hour's time. Meanwhile, Kaiba is still trapped Dueling Gozaburo Kaiba. Can Kaiba win in time?
Burying the Past (1)
Episode 120 With Kaiba's stepfather Gozaburo Kaiba being the mastermind behind the whole ordeal, Kaiba challenges him to a Duel and quickly reveals familiar cards that have haunted Kaiba ever since he first Dueled against Yami.
So Close Yet So Far
Episode 119 Yami is finally on the verge of victory with his army of Blue-Eyes White Dragons and Noah looks for a flaw in Yami's strategy that he can exploit.
Noah's Final Threat (2)
Episode 118 Noah has changed up his strategy and proves to be nearly unstoppable thanks to help from his Deck Master's ability.
Noah's Final Threat (1)
Episode 117 Having watched Kaiba not only lose but get turned to stone just inches from reuniting with his brother, Yami takes over Kaiba's Duel, including with very few Life Points and some of Kaiba's very own cards. With Noah's Life Points well above Yami's, how can Yami possibly gain a lead?
Brothers in Arms (3)
Episode 116 Noah keeps Kaiba's attacks at bay and starts to gain Life Points from his Deck Master's ability, which proves to have one final twist.
Brothers in Arms (2)
Episode 115 Just when Kaiba is about to win, Noah brings Kaiba's loyal brother Mokba to step in and protect him from Kaiba's attack. Will Kaiba have the courage to attack his own brother?
Brothers in Arms (1)
Episode 114 Kaiba finally faces off against Noah but finds that Noah is countering his every move, especially when his Deck Master is revealed.
Merger of the Big Five (3)
Episode 113 Lector brings out the group's feared Five-Headed Dragon and decimate Yami and Joey's field but Yami and Joey quickly pull a few tricks of their own and end up with the stronger monster.
Merger of the Big Five (2)
Episode 112 Yami and Joey continue to have the upper hand but with Lector now in control and his Deck Master on display, Yami and Joey can no longer use Trap Cards and are soon locked out of attacks as well.
Merger of the Big Five (1)
Episode 111 Still upset over their losses, The Big Five agree to take the body they claim to have won earlier and end up facing off against Yami and Joey and quickly find their opposition is tougher than they look.
Noah's Secret
Episode 110 The gang find an old house with a seemingly upset baby inside but when the baby proves to be non-existant, they find a picture of Noah and realize there's been no change in appearance.
Settling the Score (2)
Episode 109 Lector maintains a huge lead over Kaiba thanks to his strategy and decides to raise the stakes all the way above the Earth with a monster that most other monster cannot reach!
Settling the Score (1)
Episode 108 Kaiba has his sights on Noah but finds himself with a former associate of his that challenges him to a Duel and shuts down Kaiba's key strategy.
Mechanical Mayhem (2)
Episode 107 With Tristan gone thanks to his heroic actions, Duke and Serenity face Nesbit alone and risk the same fate.
Mechanical Mayhem (1)
Episode 106 Tristan, Duke Devlin and Serenity find themselves against a ruthless member of The Big Five that bans all discussion related to their strategy amongst each other and quickly takes the lead in the Duel.
Courtroom Chaos (2)
Episode 105 Down on his luck from mostly no fault of his own, Joey is backed into a corner and possibly facing defeat.
Courtroom Chaos (1)
Episode 104 Joey tackles a virtual courtroom and ends up facing off against Johnson, whom doesn't like to play fair when it comes to the rules.
Freeze Play (2)
Episode 103 Crump's strategy is proving much more effective than Tea`'s and Tea` is quickly getting encased in ice with each turn. How will she find a way to win when her Dueling skills are much below her opposition?
Freeze Play (1)
Episode 102 Tea` finds herself in an icy environment where only penguins thrive, including her first opponent since the old days of Dueling in school.
Isolated in Cyber Space (3)
Episode 101 Still down after Gansley's latest attack, Yami recovers enough to continue the Duel but does he have what it takes to win?
Isolated in Cyber Space (2)
Episode 100 Gansley continues to stay one step ahead of Yami, even when things are looking to be in Yami's favor.
Isolated in Cyber Space (1)
Episode 99 Yami is facing down Gansley, whom has already calculated his victory in the Duel and quickly gets Yami backed into a corner thanks to Deck Master rules.
A Virtual Nightmare
Episode 98 While on route to the Battle City Finals, the airship is hijacked by a mysterious group that requires them to play by their rules. It's up to Yugi and the gang to take down their new opposition and get the Battle City Finals back on track!