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Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1 Episode Comparisons

*This episode aired as one episode, despite being two in the Japanese.
Steppin' Out
Episode 53 Tea` defeats dancing expert Johnny Steps despite every maneuver and Johnny becomes bitter, challenging Yami to a Duel for the rights to date Tea` in return.
The Past is Present
Episode 52 Kaiba is working in his office at Kaiba Corp when a mystery female invites him to Domino Museum where Kaiba learns of his ancient past with Yami.
The Mystery Duelist (2)
Episode 51 The mystery Duelist is revealed as Bandit Keith under the control of an individual Yugi isn't familiar with and is struggling to defend himself against Keith's Zera the Mant.
The Mystery Duelist (1)
Episode 50 Yugi finds himself trapped without his partner Yami when a mystery person steals his Millennium Puzzle and forces Yugi to Duel for it.
Dungeon Dice Monsters (4)
Episode 49 Yami turns the tides with his own Warp Vortex but his monsters fall one by one as Duke uses the same tactic against him. What can Yami do to win the Duel against Duke and save Joey from further humiliation?
Dungeon Dice Monsters (3)
Episode 48 Yami manages to build a wall in front of his Heart Points but now Duke summons a Warp Vortex and his ace monster, Orgoth the Relentless!
Dungeon Dice Monsters (2)
Episode 47 Yami learns the hard way that the dice he picked make it very difficult to summon monsters, leaving his Heart Points exposed as Duke's dungeon path expands closer.
Dungeon Dice Monsters (1)
Episode 46 Joey faces against Duke Devlin, a game designer whose shop is putting Grandpa's out of business. Just when Joey nearly gets the Duel in his grasp, Duke snatches victory away and makes Joey behave like a dog. Now, Yami has to face Duke in a brand new game where only Duke knows the rules.
Legendary Heroes (3)
Episode 45 Using the power of Time Wizard, the group revive an ancient machine to take to the skies towards Castle of Dark Illusions but an army of Duel Monsters is in their path and they're not making it easy.
Legendary Heroes (2)
Episode 44 Joey squares off against Mai Valentine but when they realize they're both in the game, they abort the Duel and look for a way to escape with the prized Niwatori card.
Legendary Heroes (1)
Episode 43 The gang dive into a virtual reality game created by Kaiba when Kaiba becomes trapped thanks to some modifications made by an outside party.
The Ties of Friendship
Episode 42 The Duel proves to mirror exactly the way Yugi and Rebecca's grandpas went when they were trapped in a cave as Yugi surrenders the Duel with Rebecca to show her the meaning of friendship. 
The Wrath of Rebecca
Episode 41 Yugi finds himself facing a girl accusing his grandpa of stealing her Blue-Eyes White Dragon so Yugi decides to face-off against her in a Duel but does Yugi have what it takes to beat a former champion?
Episode 40 With Pegasus defeated, and the souls he stole restored, the gang discover the reason behind the tournament's creation and a lost love Pegasus once held dear.
Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus (5)
Episode 39 Yugi's last gasp in the Duel proves to pay off as Yami brings out Magician of Black Chaos but Pegasus has a new threat that stops it in its tracks and can steal it in an instant!
Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus (4)
Episode 38 Pegasus manages to paralyze Yami's monsters using Dark-Eyes Illusionist and Yugi isn't faring so well thanks to the Shadow Realm. Just what can  Yami do without his Mind Shuffle tactic?
Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus (3)
Episode 37 Yami takes down Toon World and Pegasus' Toon monsters but just when Yami has a way around Pegasus' Millennium Eye, Pegasus brings the Duel to the Shadow Realm where the stakes are far higher!
Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus (2)
Episode 36 Yami faces the unstoppable power of Pegasus' Toon monsters, including Toon versions of his own monsters. Is there anything Yami can do to fight back?
Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus (1)
Episode 35 With Joey's defeat comes Yami's toughest challenge yet as he faces the man responsible for the souls of his grandpa and both Kaiba brothers. How will Yami win if his opponent knows his plays before he does?
Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (2)
Episode 34 Joey finds a way to turn the Duel in his favor by bringing out Thousand Dragon but is Yami's Dark Magician as weak and feeble as it appears?
Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (1)
Episode 33 Yami faces his best friend Joey in the semi-finals with the prize money at stake. Which of them will get the first lead in the Duel?
Keith's Machinations (2)
Episode 32 Bandit Keith starts to make a comeback when he brings out Barrel Dragon, which can attack three times in a single turn, leaving Joey without any monsters. Can Joey find a way to break down this metal menace?
Keith's Machinations (1)
Episode 31 Joey has trouble finding his entry card that qualifies him for the Duel thanks to Bandit Keith. Luckily he finds it and the Duel goes as scheduled but how will Joey win if his attacks prove useless?
Duel Identity (2)
Episode 30 Yami recovers from his ordeal but with bad cards in his hand, is there anything he can do to turn the Duel in his favor?
Duel Identity (1)
Episode 29 Yami struggles to Duel properly and Mai takes full advantage by weakening Yami's monsters with Mirror Wall. What is wrong with Yami and can it be fixed before it's too late?
The Night Before
Episode 28 Tristan ventures out with Bakura and Tea` to find the truth behind Pegasus' matches as Tristan figures foul play is at work. However, they find themselves in the midst of a Duel from the ancient past. Meanwhile, Yugi has his own ordeal thanks to his Millennium Puzzle.
Champion vs Creator (1)
Episode 27 Kaiba struggles to Duel with his best monsters infected by his own Crush Card combo while Pegasus brings out the most invincible monsters in his Deck!
Champion vs Creator (1)
Episode 26 Kaiba obtains the necessary star chips to enter the castle and faces off against Pegasus to save his brother's soul. However, Kaiba's Crush Card combo backfires and leaves Kaiba with few monsters that can take down Pegasus' supercharged Dark Rabbit!
Shining Friendship
Episode 25 With Yugi Muto still suffering from his near-disaster with Kaiba, Tea` agrees to Duel Mai for the remaining star chips but finds it much harder to compete with Mai's skills.
Face-Off (3)
Episode 24 Yami Yugi managed to make an invincible shield with Kuriboh but when Kaiba backs up to the ledge of the castle, Yami must make a tough decision!
Face-Off (2)
Episode 23 Just when Yami makes a comeback, Kaiba plays a devastating combo that infects Yami's monsters and prevents them from being used!
Face-Off (1)
Episode 22 Kaiba challenges Yugi to a Duel and is planning something no one at the time had ever done before!
Double Trouble Duel (3)
Episode 21 Yami and Joey start to make a comeback as they chip away at Para and Dox's Life Points but Para and Dox return the favor with a Spell Card that halves the opponent's Life Points and adds the amount to one of their monsters!
Double Trouble Duel (2)
Episode 20 Para and Dox have Summoned their strongest monster, Gate Guardian. How can Yami and Joey defeat them when none of their attacks will get through?
Double Trouble Duel (1)
Episode 19 After Joey's victory against Bones, Bandit Keith and his thugs block their escape route so they're forced to go deeper into the cave where a special Duel is about to take place.
Arena of Lost Souls (2)
Episode 18 At the Duel, Joey is trapped as he can't defend thanks to Bones' Trap Card and is facing down an army of self-reviving Zombie-Type monsters!
Arena of Lost Souls (1)
Episode 17 The gang find themselves in a cave after Joey is kidnapped by thugs ruled by Bandit Keith. Worse still, Joey is forced to Duel an opponent where their monsters continuously revive themselves and get stronger.
The Scars of Defeat
Episode 16 Joey challenges Kaiba to a Duel after Kaiba takes his insults too far but is forced to use Kaiba's new way of Dueling and isn't faring too well.
The Light at the End of the Tunnel*
Episodes 14+15 When Mai is defeated at the hands of Panik, it's up to Yami to put a stop to his rampage. However, when Yami is faced with the darkness and threats he can't even see, Yami is forced to think outside the Duel Arena.
Evil Spirit of the Ring
Episode 13 The gang find their friend Bakura has an evil side to him that draws them into a Duel where they play as their favorite cards. With Yami's monsters falling victim to Dark Bakura's cards, how will the gang claim victory?
Trial by Red-Eyes
Episode 12 Joey faces the legendary Red-Eyes Black Dragon and must find a way to take it down before he's defeated.
The Dueling Monkey
Episode 11 Joey faces off against the finalist from the Regional Championship, Rex Raptor, whom proves difficult for Joey to counter, especially when Rex is about to bring out his most prized card!
Give Up the Ghost
Episode 10 Kaiba has the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon card out but Yami is in a tough situation thanks to Kaiba's Trap Card. How can Yami make a comeback?
Duel with a Ghoul
Episode 9 Yami faces off against Kaiba once again but without Exodia, how can he possibly defeat his rival?
Everything's Relative
Episode 8 A masked stranger jumps out of the bushes to Duel Yami as payback for Kaiba's defeat and forces Yami to wager most of his star chips. Will Yami find out whom the masked stranger is and any connection to Kaiba's defeat?
Attack from the Deep
Episode 7 Yami ends up dueling Mako Tsunami, an experienced fisherman in return for Mako giving up his meal to them. However, Yami finds that Mako's monsters are hidden underwater. How can he defeat monsters he can't even see?
First Duel
Episode 6 Joey is forced to duel Mai without Yugi's help and discovers that Mai is able to identify her cards without looking at them. Can Joey discover what's going on before it's too late?
The Ultimate Great Moth
Episode 5 Weevil's strategy allows him to bring out one of his strongest Insect-Type monsters, the Great Moth, which weakens Yami's monsters as long as it's on the field. What can Yami do to defeat it and Weevil?
Into the Hornet's Nest
Episode 4 The group arrive at Duelist Kingdom where Weevil lures them to a Duel Arena that gives him the advantage. How can Yami win?
Journey to Duelist Kingdom
Episode 3 On the boat ride to Duelist Kingdom, Yami loses the Exodia cards his grandpa gave him that defeated Seto Kaiba. Can he get them back before they arrive?
The Gauntlet is Thrown
Episode 2 Yami Yugi is given a mystery VHS tape, only to find footage of Maximillion Pegasus inside and is drawn into a Duel with a strict time limit. Can Yami defeat Pegasus before time runs out?
Heart of the Cards
Episode 1 Yami Yugi is forced to duel Seto Kaiba afer his grandpa's treasured card is stolen and his grandpa is kidnapped. Does Yami have what it takes to defeat a champion and reclaim his grandfather's card?