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04/19/24 LUBT-EN is now complete, bringing MOCP-EN's regular page up next.
04/18/24 Next time completes gallery links for page 4 of residents.
04/17/24 How did Rarity's first magic show go? You can read about it here.
04/16/24 LUBT-EN is halfway done and there's info on my next booster set, along with an update to Jiggly Times and news on the next booster set.
04/15/24 About 24 residents needing gallery links are left on page 4.
04/14/24 Learn the activity Skywishes did today in the next Rainbow Report article.
04/13/24 The rulings page for LMPN-EN is done, making LUBT-EN next in line.
04/12/24 Wrapped up the updates to Pudgyville's movie fanfic and updated Daily Jiggle.
04/11/24 Another 12 links for Bulging Curves residents are up.
04/10/24 You can find out how Daffidazy feels to be up for a possible award of sorts here.
04/09/24 Halfway done with LMPN-EN's rulings page revisions.
04/08/24 Updated about half the episodes of Pudgyville's only movie fanfic and added the next Nightmare Herald article.
04/07/24 Doubled the amount of gallery links added to the 4th page of residents.
04/06/24 G3 Ponyville's only dragon (until Whimsy Weatherbe of course), has unlocked the mysteries surrounding the cave Pinkie Pie and others found years ago.
04/05/24 Starting on revisions for LMPN-EN's rulings page next time.
04/04/24 No errors here, just the first 6 ponies on page 4 getting their gallery links. Also updated Jiggly Times.
04/03/24 How did the Jewel Ponies dazzle the garden? Read about it here.
04/02/24 Everything is filled in for the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards page, including what set the other half of BERD-EN is from, though FITS-EN's release date is approximate as I have no record of when it actually came out.
04/01/24 Legit update to LMPN-EN puts it at the halfway point on its regular page.
03/30/24 All remaining tentative names are in place.
03/28/24 A pony seeks their silliest partner for the next Rainbow Report.
03/26/24 Next time will complete updates to the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh cards page and two of the booster sets' dates are different than how you might see them online as they're from when the video of the cards went up on YouTube. PLPN-EN is from when the original cards were uploaded to deviantART.
03/24/24 Hopped on to LMPN-EN for the updates now as LAIC-EN has completed them.
03/22/24 The second-to-last batch of residents on the page have tentative names.
03/20/24 Confusing times return for the next Rainbow Report article.
03/18/24 Only 7 sets remain to update.
03/16/24 LAIC-EN is down to the halfway point.
03/14/24 After practically neglecting residents, there's an update to their 3rd page.
03/11/24 Sun and Seek Day is revealed in much detail.
03/10/24 Really getting down towards the end now and TMOF-EN was a lot further back than I remember and will likely remain out of place until there's a set before it.
03/08/24 LAIC-EN begins the updates fully next time as JIOJ-EN finished them today.
03/06/24 Six more names are up for Bulging Curves residents page 4.
03/04/24 How did the butterflies of Butterfly Island recover from their flu? Skywishes and Star Catcher have the answer.
03/03/24 BERD-EN now joins the update cycle at times for the next month and there's a notice about one of those first four cards on the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh News page. You'll likely also notice the page's title is smaller than it used to be. Felt it was much too big and will try to fix that for the others as I get to them and new ones going forward. Also added the missing gallery links to BERD-EN's page.
03/02/24 Getting close to the early booster sets from when I was just starting out.
03/01/24 JIOJ-EN is now halfway done and there's a new Daily Jiggle article.
02/29/24 The month comes to an end with more tentative Bulging Curves names.
02/28/24 Daisyjo had some trouble deciding on flowers for her birthday party. How did she solve it? Find out here.
02/27/24 The updates are now just ahead of the first two Rainbow Blessing sets.
02/26/24 On to JIOJ-EN with the completion of INOH-EN.
02/25/24 The names keep on coming, albeit still tentatively.
02/24/24 There's a new G3 Ponyville anthem.
02/23/24 Updated info for the four Retro Rainbow reprint sets, though volume 4's release date is unknown so I put in an approximate date based on the other 3.
02/22/24 INOH-EN is halfway done with the updates and Jiggly Times has a new article.
02/21/24 Six more tentative names are up along with a link to Pudgyville's page on all BC residents pages.
02/20/24 There's now a name for Kimono's G3 Ponyville school.
02/19/24 Reached the Retro Rainbow reprint sets from years ago.
02/18/24 INOH-EN has started the changes as HOFS-EN finished them today. There's also a new Daily Jiggle article.
02/17/24 More tentative names have been added to the 4th page of residents.
02/16/24 What's cooking at G3 Ponyville? The Breezies share the story so far.
02/15/24 Now diving into the 2016 booster sets and have updated the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Card News page to announce the next set.
02/14/24 Perhaps the shortest headline of any article I've written joins an update to the latter half of HOFS-EN.
02/13/24 Updated Page 4 of residents with 5 tentative names and Daisy Summer's info.
02/12/24 The gang has a new special place to snack on when they can't or don't want to visit the Cotton Candy Cafè.
02/11/24 Got several more sets done on the main page of MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards.
02/10/24 Quite the batch of updates today from FITS-EN's pages both getting updated to HOFS-EN getting underway and the new page for this year's Jiggly Times articles. Even the main page for Jiggly Times articles got an update and the articles pages now have links to Bulging Curves info.
02/09/24 12 residents on page 4 are ready for the info.
02/08/24 Unicornia's pink unicorn that loves to have fun makes The Rainbow Report's next article.
02/07/24 The main page for MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards draws closer to completion.
02/06/24 Daily Jiggle's new page joins updates to the latter half of FITS-EN's regular page and Daily Jiggle's main page.
02/05/24 Completed page 3 of Bulging Curves residents and prepared page 4.
02/04/24 Sunny Daze becomes the highlight of the next Rainbow Report article.
02/03/24 Scrapped half of the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards page's theme to keep it down to 3 colors and moved the release date under the rest of the info.
02/02/24 FLFN-EN completed updates so I've moved to FITS-EN, which has 2 cards already done. Nightmare Herald also gets a new page for its updates.
02/01/24 Just two ponies remain for page 3 of residents.
01/31/24 The ponies have their own special day coming up and you can read about it here.
01/30/24 Filled in more of the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Sets and their release dates on the main page. Still undecided on the color theme though.
01/28/24 Cards 59-30 are now done for FLFN-EN.
01/26/24 (Mostly) completed Banjo Pop and Melody Jam's info.
01/24/24 The butterflies of Butterfly Island are sick! Read all about it in the next Rainbow Report article.
01/22/24 All done with DOTV-EN's revisions at least so next time is the latter half of FLFN-EN.
01/20/24 Fancy Glow and Dancing Songs' bios have been updated.
01/18/24 Added an extended family for Spike the Dragon in the G3 Ponyville.
01/16/24 About 2/3 the way done with DOTV-EN's updates. Going to try and start cutting off the update at the halfway point if starting on a different page.
01/14/24 Party Games and Petal Burst now have their updated bios.
01/12/24 There's been a new World's Biggest Tea Party like the one in 2008.
01/10/24 Finally finished up revisions for DTDS-EN and have moved to DOTV-EN. Updates from 2022 below have also been removed.
01/08/24 Have a look at Sweetheart Rose and Pasta Cuties' bios.
01/06/24 How'd Ponyville's New Year's Eve celebrations go? All is revealed.
01/05/24 Tweaked how Rainbow Monsters are displayed by changing the colors below the card types to a rainbow in reverse (blue, then green). This was applied to DTDS-EN and will be applied going forward. I realized having it just be purple for that part of the info might cause confusion over whether it's a Fusion Monster or not.
01/04/24 Got just over halfway done with DTDS-EN's revisions as the card info needs to be brought over to the new design and the card rarity isn't automatically moved over.
01/02/24 Topple Lace and Sparkle Dive get updated bios and the page itself has a darker purple background like this page's and I removed the colored table cells for easier reading.
01/01/24 The new year brings a new (half-new really) booster set to be rotated with the other updates. Also updated the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards page.
12/31/23 As the new year dawns, the Breezies get the last article of The Rainbow Report of the year.
12/30/23 CIOH-EN is now complete, bringing DTDS-EN next in line and Jiggly Times has a new article.
12/29/23 Bubble Hearts and Crazy Flop have updated bios.
12/28/23 There's something big planned for Ponyville's 2023 New Years Day celebrations.
12/27/23 All done with CBPN-EN entirely so it's on to CIOH-EN, which has the first two cards done.
12/26/23 The last Daily Jiggle article of 2023 is up along with updates to half of CBPN-EN's rulings page.
X-Mas Day To coincide with today's date, there's a special Christmas article in The Rainbow Report.
12/24/23 Bright Wink and Summer Search now have updated bios.
12/23/23 Now CBPN-EN's rulings page has started the changes.
12/22/23 The G3 ponies had a great race and you can read all about it in the next article of The Rainbow Report. Speaking of articles, there's also a new one for Nightmare Herald.
12/21/23 Filled in the bios for Tidal Watch and Brushy Palms.
12/20/23 Half of CBPN-EN's regular page is done with the newest changes.
12/19/23 Glitter Glide and Loop-De-La dance on the ice for the next Rainbow Report article.
12/18/23 You can now view Maple Surprise and Puffy Bursts' updated info along with the next Jiggly Times article.
12/17/23 Completed BUBN-EN instead as BRFT is going to be replaced by a different set that uses mostly the same info. As a replacement, I'll probably make a new page with links to the 100 card reprint sets' info once they're replaced with the smaller hybrid reprint sets. Also started CBPN-EN for next time.
12/16/23 Have a look at what Silver Song did to make headlines in The Rainbow Report.
12/15/23 Was very productive yesterday due to an internet outage as I opted to perform the layout changes on both the rest of BOTB-EN and all of BOFS-EN before starting BRFT-EN's changes. Also took away the background colors for this table and darkened the page to the same shade of purple as the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards pages. For today, I've added to Coral Splash and Cloudy Cotton's bios.
12/14/23 Half of BOTB-EN is done and Daily Jiggle has updated.
12/13/23 There's an article on the two Toola-Roolas G3 has gotten over the years.
12/12/23 Soda Fizz and Spicy Drops now have their updated bios.
12/11/23 After a bit of unintended neglect, BAOB-EN finished all the updates today and I moved to BOTB-EN, which has an update to how Special Edition promos are written, allowing me to remove the large label meant to separate the 4 cards from the remaining 60.
12/09/23 Divine Shine Ponies make their debuts in the next Rainbow Report article.
12/07/23 Apple Berries and Chocolate Sundaes' bios are now mostly complete after a bit of unintended neglect.
12/05/23 A bit over halfway done with BAOB-EN's updates though it's quite a bit of work to move the text over.
12/04/23 The lastest booster set (though it's rather small) is underway.
12/03/23 See what went down in G3 Ponyville's The Rainbow Report when residents saw the Cutie Cascade Ponies.
12/02/23 BTTR-EN is done with the recent changes so it's on to BAOB-EN. In the meantime, you can check out a new article from Nightmare Herald.
12/01/23 There's info for Hazy Meadow and Darling Love's bios.
11/30/23 As December 2023 approaches, the update below is mostly going to be null and void thanks to updates on ABOC-EN's two pages. The format was too bulky and in some ways harder to read. I've kind of gone back to how things were back when I started, but now with a different font and some parts of the info are more visible. You'll see this applied when the tiny set debuts in a few days or you can also see it here (the info there is just a placeholder).

You can also
read about Sweet Summertime's collab with Sweetberry in The Rainbow Report's newest article.
11/29/23 HOFS-EN is ready to go and I went further down to get pages with Pendulum Monsters ready with slightly updated info on the far right.
11/28/23 Funny Fly and Glimmer Float have updated their bios and Jiggly Times gets a new article.
11/27/23 Kimono's new school is certainly one for saying "neigh" to because of its occupants. Read all about it in G3 Ponyville's newspaper linked above.
11/26/23 Finished both FITS-EN pages and got HOFS-EN ready to go before moving to Daily Jiggle for an update there (and it's in this font as well).
11/25/23 Twinkle Flare and Fruit Wave now have their nearly finished bios.
11/24/23 You can read all about G3 Applejack's new pumpkin for the next Rainbow Report article.
Turkey Day The very first MLP Yu-Gi-Oh set is now getting the revisions as FLFN-EN is done.
11/22/23 Royal Sweet and Bouncy Swirl get updates alongside Nightmare Herald.
11/21/23 Star Catcher gets her first article in The Rainbow Report.
11/20/23 Up next is FLFN-EN as DOTV-EN's revisions were completed today.
11/19/23 Garden Dance and Rainy Puddles' bios are nearly complete.
11/18/23 Updated The Rainbow Report and Jiggly Times, which now have a different font for the colorful articles.
11/17/23 Next up is DOTV-EN as DTDS-EN has completed all recent changes.
11/16/23 Maple Surprise and Splashy Splotches have their info.
11/15/23 The Rainbow Report and MLP Yu-Gi-Oh News have both updated.
11/14/23 Updated Daily Jiggle's newest page to try out an update that coincides with my artwork of the newspaper articles. CIOH-EN is done and DTDS-EN is now underway.
11/13/23 Silly Giggles and Wonder Pines' info are now pretty much complete.
11/12/23 The Rainbow Report gets a new article.
11/11/23 The rulings page for CBPN-EN is done so the next set is CIOH-EN.
11/10/23 BC residents now have info for Windy Whirl and Glowing Wishes alongside an update for Nightmare Herald.
11/09/23 With no fanfics to go up at the moment, I updated The Rainbow Report page to give it an updated look.
11/08/23 CBPN-EN's regular page is done and got the rulings page ready.
11/07/23 Switched to Myriad Pro for the character pages as well and updated bios for Pretty Pansy and Lovely Dreams.
11/06/23 Since finishing up All-Time High's revisions slipped my mind yesterday, I've done all 30 episodes today and updated Jiggly Times.
11/04/23 It's back to CBPN-EN to get the latest changes after completing BUBN-EN today.
11/03/23 Cherry Cream and Sleepy Nights now have updated bios.
11/02/23 The final Pudgyville fanfic is done with changes so it's on to the first half of All-Time High Season 1. Daily Jiggle has also updated.
11/01/23 BRFT-EN has now been done after I forgot about it earlier, which means BUBN-EN is next.
Spooky Night Nothing scary this time around, just two more Bulging Curves residents' bios being filled in.
10/30/23 Pudgyville is down to its final season before I move to All-Time High.
10/29/23 The last of BAOB-EN is going up today.
10/28/23 Rainbow Pounce and Summer Meadow have updated info. Also updated this page with the Myriad Pro font in a larget size for easier reading.
10/26/23 Realized the fanfic pages had a different font for the titles of each episode so I've fixed some of those and moved to Pudgyville Season 6. I'll fix the other titles later.
10/24/23 BOFS-EN got done so now it's on to revising BRFT-EN.
10/22/23 Golden Sparkles and Icy Slope now have updated bios.
10/20/23 With so little to do, I quickly ran through the last episodes of Pudgyville Season 4 and started Season 5. Also linked previous fanfics that were missing links to their next fanfics.
10/18/23 BOTB-EN is done so it's on to BOFS-EN.
10/16/23 Ocean Glow and Daisy Switch have their nearly complete bios.
10/14/23 Less than 10 episodes remain for Pudgyville Season 4.
10/12/23 BTTR-EN is done so I've gotten BOTB-EN ready for the changes.
10/10/23 You can now view Mountain Cookie and Strawberry Partys' info.
10/08/23 All caught up editing Pudgyville fanfics up to Season 4, which has gotten the next 4 updated, though the new font means less has to be done.
10/06/23 ABOC-EN is done with the changes so I've moved to BTTR-EN.
10/03/23 Jolly Surf and Citrus Dazzle have their info up.
10/02/23 Opting to change fonts to Myriad Pro for the fanfic too as accents don't seem to be able to be used. As a result, the title of each episode is also going to be smaller. That got done in addition to the 4 episodes that were updated.
10/01/23 Battle of the Bulge (BAOB-EN) is now underway.
09/30/23 A few updates to ABOC-EN to move the Monster Card Type down to where the effects are and put the main Monster Card Type in its place so you can identify exactly what the card is at all times. Also changed the font to Meiryo UI (with bold applied) and Myriad Pro on a few pages to make the text easier to read, even with boldface applied. The next booster set is also around the corner.
09/29/23 Added info for Sassy Pie and Super Stream's bios and updated Nightmare Herald.
09/28/23 Pudgyville Season 4 completes 10 episodes with the updates.
09/27/23 RONS-EN is down to the final 20 cards.
09/26/23 Added info for Penny Keen and Cutie Belle.
09/25/23 Tweaked Season 3 of Pudgyville before getting Season 4 underway. Jiggly Times has also updated.
09/24/23 About 1/3 of RONS-EN's cards are done.
09/23/23 Yesterday, I updated both Bulging Curves and Pudgyville's home pages yesterday to include both characters and locations, including some new location names. Also added a link to said homepage for Bulging Curves' residents thus far. Today has begun adding info for said Bulging Curves residents on page 3.
09/22/23 Season 3 of Pudgyville is done and I got Season 4 ready to go for next time.
09/21/23 RABS-EN is done so it's on to one of the first booster sets I ever did, RONS-EN, which'll take cards from RB06-EN for convenience. Also updated Daily Jiggle.
09/20/23 All residents on page 3 have gallery links.
09/19/23 Pudgyville's 3rd season fanfic will be done next time. I've also updated the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Card News regarding both the upcoming set and the future of my Pendulum Monsters.
09/18/23 Next time will complete RABS-EN's updates.
09/17/23 Bulging Curves residents updates with 12 more gallery links and there's a new Nightmare Herald article, whose page also has an updated font (Tekton Pro) as the old one is more complicated and harder to read. I feel this keeps somewhat of an unsettling vibe too.
09/16/23 Only about 10 episodes remain for Pudgyville's 3rd fanfic season.
09/15/23 RABS-EN is down to 40 cards.
09/14/23 About 30 residents remain to have gallery links on page 3.
09/13/23 Pudgyville Season 3 updates 4 more episodes to nearly bring it to the halfway point. Jiggly Times has also updated.
09/12/23 RAOD-EN and RB12-EN got done so I've gotten RABS-EN ready to go for next time (as the Rainbow Blessing sets are done and the sets are down quite a bit from when I started).
09/11/23 Gallery links are up for 12 more Bulging Curves residents on page 3.
09/10/23 Completed updates for 4 more Pudgyville Season 3 episodes. Since RB12-EN wasn't done yesterday, I'll try and get it done this afternoon instead.
09/09/23 RB12-EN is halfway done (and will be named appropriately with each card at the end of the page's updates) so I'll bet getting RAOD-EN ready for the changes, whose cards are coincidentally the other half of RB12-EN. Daily Jiggle also has a new article.
09/08/23 With most names on page 3 of Bulging Curves residents deemed acceptable (Icy Pond is now Icy Slope), 12 of them have their gallery links.
09/07/23 Season 3 of Pudgyville has updates.
09/06/23 RB10-EN is done so next is RB11, which is just a reprint of DOTV-EN.
09/05/23 Page 3 of residents has all its tenative names in place and there's an update to Nightmare Herald.
09/04/23 Completed updates for Pudgyville fanfic Season 2, then started Season 3.
09/03/23 RB09-EN is done so it's on to RB10-EN.
09/02/23 Bulging Curves residents page 3 updates once again.
09/01/23 There's updates to Pudgyville Season 2 and Jiggly Times.
08/31/23 Finally completed RB08-EN and moved to RB09-EN. Don't worry about the set name in each cards' info. That'll be fixed once I'm either done with the page entirely or done for the day.
08/30/23 12 more residents have tentative names.
08/29/23 It won't be too much longer before Pudgyville's second fanfic is done with the revisions. I also opted to save the last 40 cards of RB08-EN from yesterday for next time as it's quite a bit of work, even when doing them 4 at a time.
08/28/23 Back to RB08-EN with intentions to complete its updates and move to RB09-EN. Daily Jiggle has also updated.
08/27/23 You can find another 12 new names for residents, though obviously they're not official yet.
08/26/23 Pudgyville's 2nd fanfic season is halfway done and I'll try to have the updates from yesterday finish this afternoon.
08/25/23 RB07-EN should finish today, which'll bring me to RB08-EN.
08/24/23 BC residents update again along with an update to Nightmare Heald for the first time in about two months.
08/23/23 Episodes 17-20 are done for Pudgyville Season 2 (along with a new possible way to show flashbacks).
08/22/23 RB05-EN was already done last time and RB06-EN should finish today and I'll move to RB07-EN.
08/21/23 All cards are in for SLOL-EN so I've begun the updates for Bulging Curves residents page 3.
08/19/23 Four more Season 2 Pudgyville episodes are done.
08/17/23 Now RB05-EN is getting the updates, but I'm intending on using the original page to complete RB05-EN faster.
08/15/23 Started page 3 of Bulging Curves residents after (mostly) finishing page 2 and will get that going next time.
08/13/23 Seasons 1 and 2 of Pudgyville's fanfic have updates, and they're now given a different color to differentiate themselves.
08/11/23 RB04-EN may finish up today, or should at least get down to 50 cards.
08/09/23 There's more info for Party Soak, Autumn Rose and Spring Jump's bios.
08/07/23 Pudgyville's first fanfic nears the end of the updates.
08/05/23 RB03-EN is looking to wrap-up today and I'll start RB04-EN afterwards.
08/03/23 Golden Sea, Berry Funny and Sandy Clouds update with their info. You can also now access the latest MLP Yu-Gi-Oh card set that started a month ago here and in the July 3rd entry.
08/01/23 Updates are done for episodes 7 through 10.
07/30/23 I should finish up RB02-EN and move to RB03-EN this afternoon.
07/28/23 Shimmy Dance, Silly Plug and Pillow Float have most of their info in.
07/26/23 Episodes 11-14 of Pudgyville's first fanfic have the changes while others have tweaks to fix how VAG Rounded deals with appostrophes and such.
07/24/23 Wrapped up revisions for RB01-EN so I've moved to RB02-EN for the afternoon.
07/22/23 Glamour Game, Fuzzy Wind and Glitter Bright have updated info.
07/20/23 Fixed up the next (or previous if you prefer) 4 episodes of Pudgyville's first fanfic.
07/18/23 Probably won't get as much done with the spoiler revisions today as the set being worked on is quite large.
07/16/23 Autumn Fire and Summer Pose have their bios mostly done.
07/14/23 More Pudgyville fanfic episodes are updated.
07/12/23 Much was done from POMG-EN to PTBP-EN, PGVC-EN and RB01-EN.
07/10/23 Updated Twilight Dusk, Flirty Love and Cutie Sleep's bios.
07/08/23 With Bonnie's blog done, I've filled in the gap with Pudgyville's first fanfic, starting from episode 26, which is at the top so the newest episodes are easily found.
07/06/23 POBG-EN should wrap-up today and allow me to move on to POMG-EN.
July 4th I guess you could say the "fireworks" are updates to Flirty Flip and Silver Dust's bios.
07/03/23 Slice of Life is now underway (in between regular site updates)
07/02/23 That's a wrap on updates for Bonnie's Belly Blabs.
07/01/23 July kicks off with updates to PNFN-EN (which I aim to finish today and move to POBG-EN) and Jiggly Times.
06/30/23 Updates to Laser Flash and Jewel Sun are up on this last day of June. Also got done what was meant to be Wednesday afternoon's updates, though PNFN was an early set back when I didn't have my own card template or art skills so the gallery is basically filled with cards made with Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker and various online images or screencaps. I plan to fix that in the future though. There's also gallery links for ones missing it after the other changes were done.
06/29/23 Down to just a month of Belly Blabs to move over. Also going to tackle what was intended for yesterday afternoon (see previous post).
06/28/23 POCN-EN continues the revisions and once done, I'll move to PNFN-EN.
06/27/23 Daily Jiggle and Bulging Curves residents page 2 have updates.
06/26/23 Bonnie's Belly Blabs is down another month in the new format.
06/25/23 PLBN-EN should finish today and then I'll start POCN-EN. The MLP Yu-Gi-Oh card news also has a few updates, including info on the next set.
06/24/23 Page 2 should wrap up next time with gallery links. Also added visual links for some members, though they're only the card artwork versions.
06/23/23 Another month's worth of entries are in the new format and Nightmare Herald has a new article.
06/22/23 Revisions for PLOP-EN are underway, and may even finish today.
06/21/23 Since I forgot to do the edits I said I was going to do on the 19th, I did them yesterday afternoon instead. Today nearly completes gallery links for page 2 of residents.
06/20/23 Bonnie's Belly Blabs gets another update with a month's worth of entries moved over to the new format and color scheme.
06/19/23 PLPN-EN is well underway with the revisions and the rulings page should get done today as well. Jiggly Times has a new article also.
06/18/23 Another 12 residents have their new gallery links.
06/17/23 Updated Bonnie's Belly Blabs from years ago to give it a possible new look.
06/16/23 PAOP-EN nears the halfway point and you can expect it to finish today and have PLPN-EN started too.
06/15/23 12 more residents on page 2 have new gallery links, putting them at the halfway point. Also went back to the Daily Jiggle pages to fix the broken link to the main page. Speaking of Daily Jiggle, there's a new article up too.
06/14/23 Opted to revise the MLP Creations page to add descriptions, reformat the links and remove dead links.
06/13/23 OWPN-EN should complete the revisions today.
06/12/23 First 12 residents on page 2 have updated gallery links.
06/11/23 Since I finished MLPT-EN's rulings page at last, OVTR-EN is nearly halfway done and I expect to complete it and its rulings pages today. Nightmare Herald has also gotten an update.
06/10/23 All that's left on page 1 is the visuals, which'll be added over time. In the meantime, I'll revise page 2.
06/09/23 MLPT-EN's rulings page nears the halfway point as it's from the earlier days of my card making and is thus rather messy internally.
06/08/23 Redesigned the main page for Bulging Curves to feature the new info about the town and even buildings, some of which I haven't even really defined yet.
06/07/23 Residents' galleries are nearly done on page 1 and Jiggly Times has an update.
06/06/23 MLPT-EN is about halfway done on its regular page. Hopefully I can get that and the rulings page done today.
06/05/23 About half the residents on page 1 have their new gallery links.
06/04/23 MOTR-EN is getting the updates and should finish entirely this afternoon.
06/03/23 Completed revisions to MOCP-EN yesterday since I missed the update in the morning and began them for MOTR-EN. There's also been a new link for residents' galleries so I don't have to risk running out of the shortened URLs. It's the best I can think of honestly. Ignore any results that aren't from my account there (MasterYubelMarik). Daily Jiggle also updated.
06/01/23 Moved about half of the members on page 1 to page 2, and took some members on page 2 into the new layout, which has moved names to the top of the bios. Gallery links are something I need to figure out though. This'll be the standard for all towns, though total members on each page will likely vary.
05/31/23 Date with Disaster completed about 2 days ago and today completed said revisions on LMPN-EN's rulings page. I've also started LUBT-EN's revisions and will continue them this afternoon.
05/29/23 There's updates to Bendy Bones, Blind Brew and Bubble Free, whom are keeping their names. They also have new shortened URLs as the one I'd been using stopped accepting links until I created an account. We'll see how this new one goes.
05/25/23 Next time should finish up LMPN-EN's revisions entirely.
05/24/23 All updates from previous news entries match the current ones and several Bulging Curves members have updated info (around Winter Dream or so).
05/23/23 LMPN-EN has just under 40 cards to go on its rulings page.
05/21/23 Updated Glory Fly, Rainbow Music, Mrs. Prime Mary (mostly just the link), and Flippy Fuzz's info.
05/19/23 Down to just half a month's worth of entries below.
05/17/23 The rulings page for LMPN-EN is down to 50 cards.
05/16/23 Discovered one lacking rule for Rainbow Summons while making yesterday's cards. That's now in place.
05/15/23 Summer Love, Winter Frost and Shine have updated info.
05/13/23 March 2022's entries down below are done.
05/12/23 The first 20 cards (starting from #99) for LMPN-EN's rulings page has the updates. Cards will resume tomorrow, which means seeing them on Sunday due to a slightly tigher schedule I'm on today.
05/10/23 Party Song, Sunshine Heart and Smile Charm have updated info.
05/08/23 Just three more months remain down below.
05/06/23 LMPN-EN's regular page has all the changes and I started the rulings page for that same set.
05/03/23 Filled in info for Rose Dawn, Autumn Filling (whom are both entirely new) and Soupy Shine.
05/02/23 As one May begins, the other one gets updates further down.
05/01/23 Date with Disaster's spoiler has begun and I've updated the news page to reflect this.
04/30/23 April comes to a close with LMPN-EN's regular page down to 30 cards (and a new set beginning tomorrow).
04/29/23 Valley Seas, Hug Song and Mirror Spell have new gallery links while Petal Rain and Silver Shine have mostly complete bios.
04/28/23 June 2022's entries down below are done and Nightmare Herald updates.
04/27/23 Updated LAIC-EN to finish that page off and plan to begin LMPN-EN's regular page updates this afternoon.
04/26/23 Nightlight Star, Fluffy Glow and Rainbow Rise have their full bios (minus the visuals).
04/25/23 July 2022's news updates below are done.
04/24/23 JIOJ-EN got done so I moved to LAIC-EN today and should soon move to LMPN-EN from there. Jiggly Times has also gotten an update.
04/23/23 Topple Treat, Tidy Clean and Bouncy Breeze have updated info.
04/22/23 Updated August 2022's entries down below.
04/21/23 With HOFS-EN and INOH-EN completed the last time this update took place, I've moved to JIOJ-EN, which is already 20 cards in.
04/20/23 Mirror Spell, Delightful Dreams, Hug Song and Daily Jiggle have updates.
04/19/23 Created the new page for all town residents (though there's too many to actually have those residents on the page). Others will be added over time.
04/18/23 September 2022's entries below are done.
04/17/23 HOFS-EN nears completion and there's two changes to MLP Yu-Gi-Oh News.
04/16/23 Several more residents are updated, including whom was once Crystal Light. Nightmare Herald has also updated.
04/15/23 October 2022's site news entries have the changes.
04/14/23 Completed the changes on FITS-EN's rulings page and began said changes for HOFS-EN.
04/13/23 Topaz Glow, Ruby Star, Beachy Twirl and Sweet Soup have finalized info.
04/12/23 Updates took place for November 2022's entries below and Jiggly Times.
04/11/23 FITS-EN is down to around 30 cards on its rulings page.
04/10/23 Several members now have confirmed info, and just lack visuals.
04/09/23 December 2022's entries have been updated below.
04/08/23 FITS-EN's regular page is done and the rulings page has begun the changes.
04/07/23 Page 1 of Bulging Curves residents just needs to fill in the missing characters and verify others' info.
04/06/23 Got January 2023's entries revised down below.
04/05/23 Updates are nearing the end for FITS-EN's regular page.
04/04/23 Bulging Curves residents and Nightmare Herald get updates.
04/03/23 Got done FITS-EN's revisions that should've been done yesterday and a bit more.
04/01/23 I assure you there's an update down below on this April Fool's Day. Check all of February 2023's news entries.
03/31/23 March closes with the residents reaching what was once Groups A and 1 and an update to Jiggly Times.
03/30/23 Wrapped up FLFN-EN's revisions and started revisions on FITS-EN's regular page.
03/29/23 Bulging Curves residents update once again.
03/28/23 FLFN is nearly done with the revisions.
03/27/23 6 more residents have been moved onto the new format and there's a new Daily Jiggle article.
03/26/23 Made some changes to this page to see how I like things. So far, it's looking okay.
03/25/23 TROP-EN is now complete.
03/24/23 FLFN-EN has begun the revisions.
03/22/23 Said structure has been updated with 12 members being moved over. The characters here are going to be the limit for the other pages, excluding Pudgyville and Ponyville.
03/21/23 Yesterday, I was able to figure out a new structure for the residents, and have opted to replace groups and families with a standard philosophy for simplcity. This meant some ponies had to get new names and I'll update their gallery links at some point in the future. There's also now a backstory for how the town came to be (though it excludes the other changes that have occured since).
03/20/23 While I work to figure out how to restructure Bulging Curves and its residents again due to it being a monumental since its creation, I've finished revisions for DOTV-EN. Some characters may stay, some may lose info, I'm just not sure yet.
03/19/23 You should now be able to view TROP-EN's card info from what's been revealed thus far.
03/18/23 Updates to DOTV-EN will complete next time around.
03/16/23 Shakey Bakey, Fancy Twirl and Mrs. Dust all have possible updated info. I also think I've gotten the rules down for Rainbow Summons so there are no changes from when they were first put up.
03/14/23 DOTV-EN is about 1/3 done with revisions.
03/12/23 Touched up Rosey Nose, Velvet Jewel and Glory Fly's bios with possible final info.
03/11/23 That new Monster Card teased on the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh News page has rules in place. (Bare with me while I fine tune them as it's my very first time creating a new concept.)
03/09/23 CIOH-EN completed the revisions.
03/08/23 Gusty Breeze, Cloudy Cuddles and Pretty Party have more possible info.
03/06/23 Next time will finish up the revisions on CIOH-EN's page.
03/05/23 SPP5-EN has now arrived, but it won't be the only one for this month.
03/04/23 Several Bottom family members have updated tenative info and I've opted to move the originally scheduled set to May so I can figure out what to do with Pendulum Monsters as they take away from the work I put in for the artwork and can certainly be a lot to take in. I think you'll like the cards from this alternate set better.
03/03/23 As CBPN-EN's rulings and regular pages got done yesterday, today began updates for CIOH-EN.
03/02/23 November Glow, Cuddle Bright and Top and Bottom have updates.
03/01/23 CBPN-EN's regular page is down to just 10 cards. I'll do that and maybe half the rulings page tomorrow. Nightmare Herald has also updated.
02/28/23 Filled in 3 more possible residents' info.
02/27/23 CBPN-EN nears the halfway point of its main page's revisions.
02/26/23 Started filling in info for members, though ones with question marks in info are obviously not official yet.
02/25/23 BUBN-EN should be complete tomorrow and Jiggly Times has two updates this time.
02/24/23 That's it for moving all group info for page 1. Now I just have to fill in the missing pieces.
02/23/23 Got done with BOTB-EN and BOFS-EN yesterday, and half of BRFT-EN today.
02/22/23 Groups A and 1 will be done next time and there's a bonus memer up named Glitter Skies.
02/21/23 As you can probably tell, much got done with BOTB-EN's revisions as I did another 20 cards yesterday. There's just so much to get done that I see no harm in doing an afternoon update or two as well the following day. Daily Jiggle has also updated.
02/20/23 Residents have finally caught up to where other residents have yet to be converted over.
02/19/23 Doubling up the number of cards that get done, at least until I'm caught up.
02/18/23 Next time should get me caught up to the residents that don't have the newest updates.
02/17/23 BTTR-EN updates another 10 cards in its spoiler and Nightmare Herald has another article.
02/16/23 Completed Groups 2 and B (and/or left places for yet-to-be determined members)
02/15/23 Yesterday I just couldn't help myself and decided to revise what was left of ABOC-EN's regular page and do the rulings page. That meant today I got started on BTTR-EN's newest revisions and updated MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Card News.
Heart's Day Groups B and 2 are nearing completion.
02/13/23 ABOC-EN starts a new revision to highlight pretty much everything in the spoiler, though the top gets the set name too and is highlighted black. Jiggly Times has also updated.
02/12/23 There's more residents' info for Groups B and 2.
02/11/23 PLPN-EN adds more color to its rulings page.
02/10/23 Group 2 and B are now getting more info.
02/09/23 The rulings page for PLPN-EN has the updates, and has just started adding color to the card info.
02/08/23 Groups C and 3 are now complete
02/07/23 The revisions are complete for PLPN-EN's regular page. There also won't be any articles added until the 2nd site I use to post art (Sofurry) comes back online.
02/06/23 Residents continue being added and I think I've finally found the tweak to this page that I like.
02/05/23 PAOP-EN updates.
02/04/23 Several updates taking place from Daily Jiggle to Bulging Curves residents and even Daily Jiggle's main page.
02/03/23 OWPN-EN's rulings page now has the changes.
02/02/23 Group C is underway.
02/01/23 February kicks off with updates to OWPN-EN's regular page.
01/31/23 Residents get another update along with Nightmare Herald.
01/30/23 OVTR-EN's rulings page has the updates.
01/29/23 BUBN-EN has wrapped up its spoiler, a clear sign of its completion.
01/28/23 Families get another update to add 6 more members' info and remove links to the family page.
01/26/23 OVTR-EN completed revisions on its regular page.
01/24/23 Residents get yet another new format as I realized the MLP Yu-Gi-Oh cards already get a lot of info as is. Thus, they have pretty much everything there. They're also split to match how the town appears. This means the families page will be replaced with a main page containing residents from all towns I manage (Ponyville, Pudgyville, Pon-Evil and Bulging Curves), grouped based on family.
01/22/23 MLPT-EN's rulings page has all the changes.
01/20/23 Residents continue to update and are now on the first two groups.
01/18/23 Trying out a new format for families so each member gets a description.
01/16/23 MLPT-EN has updates to its regular page.
01/14/23 Families have caught up to Groups B and 2 and members are being added.
01/11/23 Almost back to Group 2 residents.
01/10/23 Updated MOTR-EN's rulings page.
01/08/23 Families "finish" another set of 7. Still not certain on this page's color scheme yet. I'll keep it this way for now.
01/06/23 Group A will start next time.
01/04/23 The regular page of MOTR-EN is done.
01/02/23 Families are about halfway done (in terms of getting them in the new format). You'll also notice (or not), the lack of 2021 entries down below as per my annual removal of older posts to keep this page relatively short. Also trying out a new color scheme on this page.
New Year's Day The booster set has begun.