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MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Card News

1. This page lists any and all news for future MLP Yu-Gi-Oh card releases.
2. Release dates and set names below are subject to change.
04/16/24 Brush up on your Dueling skills because it takes a bit more skill than usual to master these special cards. Old meets new as old friends get new Skill Cards. Then you can reunite with older Pudgyville residents. Everything will be revealed starting May 5th, 2024!
03/28/24 BERD-EN045 has the wrong character featured in its artwork and will get new artwork for its reprint while the art it currently has will be reused for when that character's card is made.
03/03/24 "Glitter Skies" from BERD-EN shoud be called "Glittery Skies" as that is the character's name and was intended for the card's actual release.
02/15/24 You may not think they're the approved body type to be out in public, but here they come, 15 all new ponies mixed with some familiar faces with updated effects and artworks. They're going to hit the beach so to speak March 3rd, 2024!
01/11/24 OVMD-EN's "Snow Shine" should not apply to Special Summoning more than one Rainbow Monster per turn because the rules restrict those Summons to once per turn anyway. This will be fixed in a future release and should be treated as though it applies for Summoning 1 Rainbow Monster.
01/10/24 "Cutie Love" from OVMD-EN mentions "a PGV Rainbow monster" when it should be "a Rainbow Monster" as Rainbow Monsters have no sub-types.
12/14/23 As 2024 dawns, weight will reign supreme once again with familiar fatties new and old, some of which are new Rainbow Monsters! 60 cards are headed your way so whether you're after the new or the old, there's something for everyone and you can see them January 1st 2024!
11/15/23 Christmas has come early with 16 special cards featuring old faces in a totally new look. You can unwrap these cards on December 4th, 2023! Then, as 2024 dawns, look out for a secondary, literally bigger set with 30 new cards and some familiar fatties to round out the set.
10/05/23 "Anti-Learn" from BAOB-EN should be a Tuner monster and should be treated as such until the reprint includes the change.
09/19/23 1. Pudgyville faces evil once more, and this time, there's cards to go with it! Take sides with Pudgyville, and use their updated effects to your advantage, or turn to the dark side and try out the frightening new cards October 1st, 2023!
2. All Pendulum Monsters in prior sets will become Rainbow Monsters in the future as it is much less confusing and you can see the entire arworks. This also gives the card's rarity its own space. Effects and artworks may change and Levels will become their equal or near-equal Spectrums. What's a Rainbow Monster? click here.
06/25/23 Ready to go back to a more typical way to Duel? Well these ponies sure are, and they're ones you've come to know, including some from a certain 90s TV show from back in the day. The Sparkle Rare foil dazzles them up for a whole new look and they'll have updated names and effects too. They'll make their return July 3rd, 2023!
Night Mare (DTDS-EN050) incorrectly allows the player to get "No Moon", which is a Rainbow Monster, a card exclusive to the Rainbow Zone, from the Main Deck to the hand. It will be excluded in subsequent reprints and should be treated as though it is not listed at all.
Darkness falls over Ponyville once again, bringing a new terror for anyone in their way. Take on frightening new versions of the ponies you've come to know and incorporate new Rainbow Monsters into the mix May 1st 2023!
Are you ready to find treasure? You'll strike rainbows with Treasures of Ponyville, a 15-card set devoted to a new type of Monster Card! These unique monsters are sure to brighten up your Duels as you use them for all new strategies. To learn more about them for the upcoming set, click here.
Dusk Ruler (SPP5-EN010) has the wrong DEF on its card; it should be 1300.
Old friends are getting a makeover, and it's no slumber party. Nostalgia reigns supreme as the ponies you know and love are getting new cards to evolve their attacks. Are you on the side of the ponies that face trouble head-on, even at the dead of night, or the ponies with a more slice of life routine? Decide for yourself March 5, 2023! Then, stay tuned for a 2nd set coming right after that features a new Monster Type!
Start the new year with a jiggle and shake with characters old and new finding extra padding on their slender frames on January 1st, 2023!
Take a dive below the surface of the ocean to find the treasures that await, like new sea ponies, and even ones that have fire in more than their belly. Grab your scuba gear and take a look at what's beneath the waves October 3, 2022!
Things have never looked brighter for your favorite ponies. Back with new artwork that makes them glow like a neon sign and updated names and text, they're bound to make your day a whole lot brighter. Get your first look at these radiant ponies July 1st 2022!
The ponies of the future have arrived and they're packing supersonic speeds, giving them an overwhelming advantage over their opposition! You've never experienced ATKs so high for such low Levels before. Overcome any obstacle with cards from Back to the Rainbow May 2nd 2022.