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Rainbow Summoning Rules

1. Rainbow Summons are Special Summons.
2. Rainbow Monsters use Spectrums (like Levels but centered) from 0 to 6.
3. Rainbow Monsters are stored in the Rainbow Zone, which can be anywhere off your field. (Limit of 7 Rainbow Monsters per player)
4. Once per turn, during your Draw Phase, you can add 1 Rainbow Monster from your Rainbow Zone to your hand instead of conducting your normal draw. (Limit of 1 Rainbow Monster in your hand at a time.)
5. Once per turn, if you have a Rainbow Monster in your hand, you can either:
Tribute 1 monster whose Level equals the Spectrum of your Rainbow Monster. (Tribute a Level 1 monster for a Spectrum 1 Rainbow monster.)
Tribute Rainbow Monsters on your field whose Spectrum equals the Spectrum of your new Rainbow Monster.
(Spectrum 1 + Spectrum 1 = Spectrum 2)
6. Rule #5 does NOT apply to Spectrum 0 Rainbow Monsters.
7. Rainbow Monsters are sent to the Grave if taken off the field.
8. Rainbow Monsters can be used for Tribute Summons.
9. Rainbow Monsters can be revived later if Summoned properly first.