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MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Set Name
Release date:
Beach Ready (BERD-EN)
A half-reprint, half-new set featuring characters from Bulging Curves and the last 30 cards of LAIC-EN.
Release date: 03/03/24
Overflowing Meadows (OVMD-EN)
A half-reprint, half-new set featuring the latter half of LUBT-EN, past Pudgyville characters and various Pudgyville movie scenes.
Release date: 01/01/24
Squishy Cuteness (SQCT-EN)
Older ponies that look like plush toys.
Release date: 12/03/23
Battle of the Bulge (BAOB-EN)
A half-reprint, half-new set featuring corrupted versions of cards from the first half of BOTB-EN.
Release date: 09/30/23
Slice of Life (SLOL-EN)
Reprints all cards from MLPT-EN.
Release date: 07/03/23
Date with Disaster (DTDS-EN)
Ponies of the past with some sort of defect that are also against certain things.
Release date: 05/01/23
Treasures of Ponyville (TROP-EN)
A new type of Monster is revealed and support to go with it.
Release date: 03/19/23
Sparkle Pack 5 (SPP5-EN)
Older ponies updated with a new look.
Release date: 03/05/23
Bulging Boundaries (BUBN-EN)
Familiar faces become familiar fatties.
Release date: 01/01/22
Under the Sea (UNTS-EN)
A series of sea ponies like the ones from MLP G1.
Release date: 10/03/22
Bright Future (BRFT-EN)
Reprints all cards from LMPN-EN with new artwork that features ponies resembling neon signs seen in some restaurants or in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Release date: 07/01/22
Back to the Rainbow (BTTR-EN)
A mixture of turbo-charged ponies and perhaps more typical ponies.
Release date: 05/02/22
Sparkle Pack 3 (SPP3-EN)
The classic all-foil pack returns with all new ponies and cards based around them and even ones from the past. Two generations of ponies combine to create the latest Sparkle Pack.
Release date: 10/03/21
Infinite Overhang (INOH-EN)
Characters new and old join fatty forces to create a bond tied together with supporting cards. Villans will try to force them apart but will they be successful? That's up to you.
Release date: 05/01/21
Luscious Beauty (LUBT-EN)
New fatties have arrived and they're ones you might remember more clearly as some were recently shown in a movie.
Release date: 03/01/21
Pudgyville Collection (PGVC-EN)
A look back at the beginnings of Pudgyville with the very first cards created from Pudgyville's residents with a new foil and look.
Release date: 12/14/20
Hooves of Friendship (HOFS-EN)
A collection of unreleased G3 ponies, upgrades to G1-based cards and cards related to previous Sparkle Packs.
Release date: 01/07/19
Rainbow Blessing Volume 12 (RB12-EN)
Reprints all cards from RAOD-EN and FLFN-EN.
Release date: 11/05/18
Rainbow Blessing Volume 11 (RB11-EN)
Reprints all cards from DOTV-EN only.
Release date: 10/01/18
Rainbow Blessing Volume 10 (RB10-EN)
Reprints all cards from PAOP-EN and POCN-EN.
Release date: 08/06/18
Rainbow Blessing Volume 9 (RB09-EN)
Reprints all cards from TMOF-EN and BOTB-EN.
Release date: 05/07/18
Rainbow Blessing Volume 8 (RB08-EN)
Reprints all cards from MOTR-EN and ABOC-EN.
Release date: 03/06/18
Rainbow Blessing Volume 7 (RB07-EN)
Reprints all cards from SPP1-EN and SISP-EN.
Release date: 01/01/18
Rainbow Blessing Volume 6 (RB06-EN)
Reprints all cards from MOCP-EN and RONS-EN.
Release date: 10/02/17
Rainbow Blossom (RABS-EN)
A mixture of Pendulum Ponies, upgrades of older cards and new pones.
Release date: 08/07/17
Return of the Fat (ROTF-EN)
A mixture of fattened ponies, ranging from chubby to plump.

Release date: 07/03/17
Rainbow Blessing Volume 5 (RB05-EN)
Reprints all cards from MLPT-EN.
Release date: 05/01/17
Sparkle Pack 2 (SPP2-EN)
Cards based on events or characters from the "My Little Pony 'N Friends" TV show and/or "My Little Pony: The Movie".
Release date: 04/10/17
Plump by Nature (PLBN-EN)
A mixture of fattened ponies and/or upgraded older cards.
Release date: 03/06/17
Rainbow Blessing Volume 4 (RB04-EN)
Reprints all cards from LMPN-EN.
Release date: 01/02/17
Boundless Friendship (BOFS-EN)
A mixture of unreleased G3 ponies, upgrades of older cards and cards based on more recent (at the time) MLP media.
Release date: 11/07/16
Large and in Charge (LAIC-EN)
Releases fattened characters from MLP FiM and variations of Pudgyville characters.
Release date: 10/03/16
Portal of Magic (POMG-EN)
Releases characters from MLP FIM, variations of G3 ponies and some MLP OCs.
Release date: 08/15/16
Rainbow Blessing Volume 3 (RB03-EN)
Reprints all cards from PLPN-EN.
Release date: 07/11/16
Jiggle of Justice (JIOJ-EN)
Releases new Pudgyville characters, updated versions of previous ones and more fattened FiM characters.
Release date: 06/13/16
Circle of Hearts (CIOH-EN)
Releases FiM characters from the debut of Starlight Glimmer, MLP OCs and newer G3 characters.
Release date: 05/09/16
Flabulous Friends (FLFN-EN)
Debuts fattened FiM characters and upgrades to past Pudgyville characters.
Release date: 01/10/16
Ponyville Beginnings (POBG-EN)
Releases MLP Tales characters either in their dream careers or that made cameos from the TV show.
Release date: 08/03/15
Retro Rainbow Volume 4 (RR04-EN)
Reprints cards from LMPN-EN.
Release date: 07/12/15?
Retro Rainbow Volume 3 (RR03-EN)
Reprints cards from PNFN-EN.
Release date: 06/15/15
Retro Rainbow Volume 2 (RR02-EN)
Reprints cards from OWPN-EN.
Release date: 05/05/15
Retro Rainbow Volume 1 (RR01-EN)
Reprints cards from FITS-EN and OVTR-EN.
Release date: 04/07/15
Rainbow of Destiny (RAOD-EN)
Releases new Pudgyville characters and characters that dislike them.
Release date: 03/02/15
Dawn of the Villains (DOTV-EN)
Debuts "The Dazzlings", the Mane Six under Discord's magic, cards based on "Twinkle Wish Adventure" and some variations of G3 ponies.
Release date: 01/12/15
Smiles from the Heart (SFTH-EN)
Includes cards based on Pudgyville's hit TV show and a variety of characters from the town.
Release date: 12/15/14
Pony Cuteness (POCN-EN)
Includes a few FiM characters, some MLP OCs, some career-based MLP Tales character cards and cards based on the Power Ponies part of FiM.
Release date: 07/14/14
Rainbow Blessing Volume 2 (RB02-EN)
Reprints cards from OWPN-EN and CBPN-EN.
Release date: 05/05/14
Rainbow Blessing Volume 1 (RB01-EN)
Reprints cards from FITS-EN and OVTR-EN and some cards that were previously unreleased.
Release date: 03/03/14
Best of the Belly (BOTB-EN)
Debuits Pudgyville's town and characters.
Release date: 01/13/14
Party of Ponies (PAOP-EN)
Includes Pon-Evil characters mixed with characters from around the debut of Queen Chrysalis in FiM.
Release date: 11/11/13
Meadow of the Rainbow (MOTR-EN) (Rulings)
Releases shiny versions of characters across multiple generations and some MLP OCs.
Release date: 08/19/13
Abundance of Cuteness (ABOC-EN) (Rulings)
Releases a vast number of MLP OCs mixed with variants of past MLP characters and a few actual MLP characters.
Release date: 07/02/13
Sparkle Pack 1 (SPP1-EN) (Rulings)
Release cards based on the MLP G1 movie, TV series and specials.
Release date: 06/03/13
Sinister Surprise (SISP-EN) (Rulings)
Features corrupted versions of existing MLP characters and some Pon-Evil characters.
Release date: 04/08/13
Meadow of Cute Ponies (MOCP-EN) (Rulings)
Includes MLP OCs entirely and introduces the Duo subtype.
Release date: 03/04/13
Rainbow of Nostalgia (RONS-EN)
Reprints cards from the early days of when I was making the cards.
Release date: 12/31/12
My Little Pony Tales (MLPT-EN) (Rulings)
Features mostly MLP OCs and a few MLP Tales characters.
Release date: 10/01/12
Luminous Ponies (LMPN-EN) (Rulings)
Features ponies with a brighter appearance.
Release date: 07/17/12
The Magic of Friendship (TMOF-EN) (Rulings)
Releases characters from the first season of MLP FiM, cards related to them and some MLP OCs.
Release date: 03/08/11
Chubbier Ponies (CBPN-EN) (Rulings)
Includes references to weight gain and even fatter ponies.
Release date: 08/29/09
Pearly Ponies (PLPN-EN) (Rulings)
Features shiny ponies.
Release date: 04/05/09
Overweight Ponies (OWPN-EN) (Rulings)
Includes ponies that have put on weight.
Release date: 10/29/08
Pony Friendship (PNFN-EN) (Rulings)
Features chubby, Core 7 and pearly ponies and ponies based on Yu-Gi-Oh's "Arcana Force" monsters.
Release date: 09/09/09
Over the Rainbow (OVTR-EN) (Rulings)
Includes various G3 ponies and support for them.
Release date: 09/04/09
Fun in the Sun (FITS-EN) (Rulings)
Debuts a variety of G3 ponies, cards and support based on multiple eras of MLP G3.
Release date: 08/31/09?