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About Pudgyville

Town basics:
1. Philosophy 100% supports fat and skinny ponies
2. Zero tolerance for negative behavior
3. School does not give out homework except in college level
4. Residents are generally unaware of real-life objects like plants and animals
5. Town originally was against fat entirely
6. No groups
Sample Locations Sample Characters
1. Belly Buffet - Restaurant owned by Bonnie Eduardo - Current mayor of Pudgyville, supportive of most residents' ideas
2. School of Jiggles - Ms. Sheila's school, doubles as a college, which has harder learning material and gives out homework Ms. Sheila - Current teacher of the town. She is very uplifting and tries to incorporate the town's theme into her teaching and stay with the ponies' desire to be fat by being fat herself.
3. Spicy Goods - Gala and Mrs. Spices' restaurant, serves all kinds of food, initially only served spicy food, offers special bonus menu item Jasmine - Tends to show off at times by either wearing skimpy clothes or dancing in front of the camera, first pony to have a permanent weight.
4. Chubby Cinemas - Town's movie theater where the movies play at the entrance Bob - Big fan of Jasmine and tends to hang out with her or look at her more than anything else, friends with Kyle and Darren.
5. Cheeky Peaks - Booty-shaped mountain range above Belly Buffet Kyle - A friend of Darren and Bob's, less likely to tease, has a crush on Ms. Sheila.
6. Flirty Fabrics - Mocha's clothing store, sells mostly sexy outfits Darren - A keen eye for detail and if he sees it happen, he'll be sure to make the other pony know it, a friend of Bob and Kyle too
7. Amazing Scents - Sweet Aroma's perfume shop, features some samples up front Sarah - A knack for wanting to help others as much as possible, even if not necessarily wanted by others
8. Precious Jewels - Darling Diamond's jewelry store Marie - Music teacher in Ms. Sheila's school, also enrolls as a student
9. Belly Beach - Typical beach basically Bonnie - Owns "Belly Buffet" and cooks there
10. Nightly Moves - Mrs. Spice's night club, can be offered money, but doesn't require it Brittany - Uses big words, most don't understand what she said at first
11. Rich Estates - Eduardo's house, complete with a large swimming pool Chloe - Loves the thrill of game shows and has always dreamed of participating on one.
12. I Full Tower - 1000 foot metal statue with access ladder to view from inside Gala - Spicy food fan, does crave some attention for her walk
13. Garden of Eaten - Edible garden made of candy and other sweets Chatrina - Sister to Mocha, sensative about her weight
14. Cactus Corner - Garden made by Cutie Steps and Cactus Cathy that is intended to be safe from harm to others, but has proven difficult Flippy Dove Treat - Very pro-fat, winner of the War of Fattrition