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About Bulging Curves

Town basics:
1. Philosophy 100% supports fat and weight gain only.
2. Mostly two extremes of residents, aggressive and timid
3. Pudgyville is considered their rival due to supporting both fat and skinny ponies.
4. Everyone has friends.
5. Town originally started as "Early Pudgyville".
6. No groups or families.
Sample Locations
Sample Characters
1. Bulging Academy - Learning center for students as taught by Mrs. Prime Mary. Sunny Belle - an aggressive, bossy pony that vows to force her views on others
2. Jelly Belly Furnature Pub - A teacher's lounge of sorts with tables and chairs for relaxing and a bar to get drinks and food. Goldie Rain - Mayor that has a a tendency to gravitate toward quick fixes
3. Jiggly Times - Marks the center of town, houses the ponies that make the town's newspaper Mrs. Prime Mary - Teacher at Bulging Academy with a poor understanding of electronics
4. Housing - Numbered "BC-1" to "BC-400" and includes both staff and regular residents. Spiral Sweet - Gets into awkward situations as a result of her special property
5. Jiggle by the Sea - Beachside restaurant owned by Super Stream, serves sea food and drinks Bouncy Love - A very "in depth" pony
6. Weigh Inn - Hotel complete with a variety of room services as well as typical hotel features, owned by Sugar Topping Sunshine Rose - Seemingly dimwitted for role playing
7. Body Art - Art supply store with optional body painting, owned by Splashy Splotches Autumn Filling - Takes care of any empty spaces herself
8. Bulging Beach - Beach open to all residents that are either at an acceptable weight or are intending on gaining weight Belle E. Ville - Misunderstood due to her choice of hair accessory
9. Rainbow Park - Playground for younger ponies with larger siblings or parents Glitter Skies - An avid singer
10. Full Belly - Restaurant with bonus ice cream shop, owned by Icy Slope Sassy Pie - Dating expert
11. Pot of Gold - Town hall of sorts, occupied by Mayor Goldie Rain Sugar Topping - Hotel owner, rarely goes upstairs
12. Button Pop - Clothing store and photography center Splashy Splotches - Gets messy while painting
13. Just My Size - Dating center, includes simulated dating and/or advice, owned by Sassy Pie Icy Slope - Dinner and desert waitress at the