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Yu-Gi-Oh Content




My Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Episodes Episodes I've written based on the various TV shows.
Yu-Gi-Oh News The very latest on the franchise.
Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Comparisons Detailed summaries of each Yu-Gi-Oh anime's episodes (excluding ARC-V).
My Yu-Gi-Oh Bloopers Fan-made failures based on the
Yu-Gi-Oh TV series.
New Jersey Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments A list of tournaments in the state of New Jersey.
My Yu-Gi-Oh Games My own games based on the
actual game.
Abbot and Costello Parodies A parody of the famous "Who's On First?" skit from Abbott and Costello using Yugi and Joey.
My Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Tutorial My instructions for beginner players.
Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Errors Mistakes I've found in my summaries of Yu-Gi-Oh episodes.
Yu-Gi-Oh Gx Episode Errors Mistakes I've found in my summaries of Yu-Gi-Oh GX episodes.
Yu-Gi-Oh Product Spoilers Spoilers for products with only a fraction of cards rated.
 Card Rarities All card rarities and info on them.
My Improved Forbidden and Limited List My redesign of
the card game's Forbidden & Limited List.
Yu-Gi-Oh Terminology All Yu-Gi-Oh terms explained.
Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings Explained How my Yu-Gi-Oh card ratings are done.
My Deal with Archetypes Why my ratings on their members and support is generally pretty low.
The Joke with Chamionships and Champion Duelists Details for why I consider Yu-Gi-Oh Championship events and actual champion Duelists to be a joke.
Picture and text-based
My Yu-Gi-Oh Cards My own cards.
Misprinted Yu-Gi-Oh Cards My own misprinted cards based on real ones.
My Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings My reviews of each individual card (including multiple reprints).
Funny Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Cards with a bit of humor.
New Card Ratings My reviews of new and recently updated cards from the products they come in.
Good Websites My reviews for websites I recommend visiting.
Bad Websites My reviews for websites I do not recommend visiting.