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Good Yu-Gi-Oh Websites

A vast library of summaries detailing the differences between Japanese and English dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh episodes.
Rating: 3
It's unfortunate that the owner has stopped updating but is kind enough to keep the site up as long as possible. They've done a lot of work to make the comparisons two different versions of the anime and had been in the process of revising them to flesh them out with more details. I'd always enjoyed reading them but things have clearly started to come undone, at least with the full pages that have the cards that were used. Still, it was a fun ride while it lasted and certainly inspired me to do my own for this website.
Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia and Yugipedia
An editable site where anyone can contribute new info about the current anime in place or the card game itself.
Rating: 3
These two sites are about equal. Both allow users to input info to the site, which is good and bad. I'd probably rate Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia a bit higher if it weren't for the lack of mods currently using the site (as they all went to Yugipedia for various reasons). While Yugipedia does tend to have the info before Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia, the site is quite laggy, whether you're logging in or just trying to make a simple edit. I haven't tried either site on a mobile device but most users on both sites are pretty friendly but I'd imagine both are/will be the target of vandals now and then (as all Wikias are). I've been working to keep Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia more up-to-date with images at least and will hopefully one day be among the new moderators to keep the site clean.
Pretty much all your Yu-Gi-Oh needs, including watching the show and viewing the cards in both the anime and the TCG.   
Rating: 4
This site really does go the extra mile, further than the site below this one. It's a vast database of pretty much everything you could ever want from the anime to the card game itself, all in one place. Of course, some users may struggle to browse the site due to various limitations like bandwidth or whatnot and you'll have to sit through some commercial breaks while you watch the show but that's better than nothing.
The premiere Yu-Gi-Oh website made by Konami themselves.   
Rating: 4
A well-laid-out website with pretty much every language possible included so that no one feels left out. They too keep up with the news, giving them a bit more of an edge than Ygorganization.
A much more reliable and up-to-date source for Yu-Gi-Oh news. Even has its own forum.   
Rating: 3
If you've been to this site previously, you'll understand why it's at least a 3/5. They keep up with the news and are generally on top of things as the news is released. They even opt to explain things that may be difficult for viewers to understand. They do a fine job as a whole. Haven't really checked out their forum yet but I'll be willing to bet it's a much better place to be than the garbage one on Pojo's site.