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Bad Yu-Gi-Oh Websites

That other verson of Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki with more info.
Rating: 2
While it has more information than the regular Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki, the site is pretty laggy and not only are the same admins that once helped the regular Wiki are over there but they're actually advertising a new browser add-on and presenting it as though they're better. They could be the ones to help the regular Wiki but instead they got fed up with the Wiki's changes and made their own and did I mention they steal from our Wiki? The only reason I use their site is to get info I wouldn't be able to get on our Wiki.
Shriek OCG and Shriek TCG
One of two potential places to get Yu-Gi-Oh news before the arrival of 
Rating: 2
While nowhere near as bad as, the news has stopped flowing in it seems. The sites were never good at keeping up but they did used to get the news. Now it seems they've stopped entirely, either because the owner kicked the bucket or just simply doesn't care for the site anymore. The comments section is now mostly filled with spammers. It was my go-to for Yu-Gi-Oh news for a long time but since they stopped posting the news, I've had to resort to Forums
Home to all kinds of discusion groups, reviews of cards and all the latest news.
Rating: 1
It used to be a relatively decent place to be for either getting questions answered about certain cards or just discussing the game in general but over the years, it's deteriorated to where it's just idiots and trolls that don't even take your question seriously, often accusing you of being "a bad player", especially when you state that you don't think Deck X is good. It's really no place for anyone to be anymore, especially compared to Ygorganization.