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Scariest Places on Earth

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Sloss Furnaces

A since-abandoned furnace whose history has made for hundreds of sightings over the years.

Chillingham Castle

A castle with 800 years of brutal history and still awaiting the renovations.

Paris Catacombs

A nearly endless maze of tunnels that has not been
fully explored.

Hunedoara Castle

Dracula's castle where Dracula himself comitted many murders in brutal ways.

McPike Mansion

A house with activity dating back to the late 1800s.


An isolated island off the coast of Italy that was home to a hospital of nightmares.

Axe Murder House

A house whose family was supposedly killed by an intruder.

New Ledge Lighthouse

An old lighthouse whose occupant had a tragic ending.

Ohio University

A dormitory whose hallway has mysteries surrounding a since-removed wall and a stain on the floor.

Woodchester Mansion

A family owned castle where the family each has their own story to tell.

Mineral Springs Hotel

A hotel whose good life met a tragic end thanks to a few of its inhabitants

Magnolia Lane Plantation

A 200 year old home near New Orleans, LA with a violent past involving Native Americans losing the land to a vicious new owner.

Pine Barrens

A forest in New Jersey said to house a being called the Jersey Devil.

Ohio State Refirmatory

A refirmatory for first offense inmates that ended up causing more harm than good.

Charleville Castle

An Irish castle dating back 1000 years where it is said Druids performed various activities

Bunnyman Bridge

A bridge with alleged hangings from around Halloween.

Lucedio Monastery

A structure in northern Italy with 700 years of various evil deeds.

Lake Shawnee

A since-abandoned West Virginian amusement park with history going as far back as Native American tribe times.

Lizzy Borden's House

Home to the murderers of a mother and father with a nursery rhyme to boot.