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This island has about as much land as there is information about it's history. During the times of the Black Plague, the island was used to separate the healthy from those infected and it is also thought that 160,000 perished throughout the island's history. There's a hospital on the island, which was inserted there in 1922, but the doctor at the hospital was called Dr. Lobotomy and for good reason as he would do at least twenty lobotomies per day! Afterwards, he started to see the spirits of the victims of the plague while conducting experiments.


 The ghosts of the plague later pushed him off the bell tower to his death and the hospital was never used afterwards. The bell tower remains the only fragment of a church left but was converted into a lighthouse during the 18th century. Water levels around the area are seemingly on the rise, leaving the island to slowly sink. The island was put up for auction in 2014 to help deal with Venice's debt and Luigi Brugnaro won with a roughly $704,000 bid. He now owns the island for 99 years, though not everyone is happy with his win. Scaffolding currently holds up some of the metal hospital in attempt to slow the demise of the building.

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