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My MLP Creations

Text Creations
Daily Jiggle Newspaper articles on the daily lives of residents in Pudgyville.
Bonnie's Belly Blabs A blog written by Pudgyville resident Bonnie before Pudgyville's newspaper took over.
My MLP Fanfics Stories written by me using multiple generations of MLP, and even some custom ones.
About Pudgyville A town devoted to ponies equally supporting weight gain and others.
MLP FIM Abbot and Costello Parody A parody of Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First".
MLP Song Parodies Various weight gain-related songs I've written based on songs I know.
Big Beautiful Ponies A record of all fat MLP OC ponies I've created.
"My Chubby Pony" song One of the song parodies linked on the main page above.
Art Creations
MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Yu-Gi-Oh cards I've done based on actual MLP and custom MLP characters.
My MLP Fanfic Comic Strips A small list of MLP-based comics I did.