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Yu-Gi-Oh Gx Episode Errors (Page 2)

*Only includes episodes with errors
A Snake in the Grass (3)
Time: 2:41
Details: Ojama Yellow is shown going to Jaden's Graveyard in the left image yet it should be Necro Gardna like in the right image because not only was it removed from his Graveyard later in the duel but Ojama Yellow isn't a card frequently used by Jaden.   
Time: 10:03
Details:  Jaden brings back Sparkman and Polymerization with Fusion Recovery but Avian comes out of his Graveyard instead of Sparkman in the left image. The right image is correct.
Time: 10:30
Details: Throughout the entre time that the dub shows Darkbright's card, it's shown as Elemental Hero Magma Neos when it should be its own artwork as the Japanese version shows.
Time: 16:40
Details: Sparkman once more is shown with an orange background when it's a Normal Monster like in the Japanese version.
Trapper Keeper (2)
Time: 3:44
Details: The dub shows Topaz Tiger's ATK in a Life Point graphic instead of an ATK graphic.
Win Mr. Stein's Duel (2)
Time: 11:50
Details: Burstinatrix's ATK is shown in a Life Point graphic in the dub instead of an ATK graphic.
Head in the Clouds (2)
Time: 4:32
Details: Chazz's Duel Disk in both versions shows XYZ-Dragon Cannon yet it should be VWXYZ- Dragon Catapult Cannon.
Head in the Clouds (1)
Time: 16:10
Details: Z-Metal Tank is a Normal Monster in the dub instead of an Effect Monster as it should be.
Primal Instinct
Time: 7:45
Details: Gilasaurus has been given a Normal Background  in the left image instead of an Effect Background as shown for the right image. 
Future Changes
Time: 10:21
Details: Jaden brings back Neos with Silent Doom but the left image shows that he has 2000 ATK when it's supposed to be DEF like in the right image.
Ultimate Destiny
Time: 11:19
Details: Doom Lord is shown with 800 ATK in the left image but there's clearly a card underneath him in both versions (although in the right image is difficult to see). The right image is correct.
Time: 14:48
Details: In the dub, all 3 Monsters are shown with Dreadmaster (2200 ATK), Captain Tenacious (800 ATK), and Diamond Dude (1600 ATK) when it should show their DEF as they're all in Defense Mode as you can see their cards underneath each other.
Time: 4:34
Details: Matmathica's LPs are shown to be 4000 in the dub but the Japanese has him with 3000 LP, which seems more likely given the duel is already underway
Time: 5:18
Details: The dub shows Doron's ATK at 500 but he's in Defense Mode. The Japanese is correct, although they don't show the words ATK or DEF.
Time: 11:11
Details: The dub versions both show a Monster's ATK in a Life Point Meter and both should be in an ATK graphic.
Time: 13:45
Details: The dub versions both show a Monster's ATK in a Life Point Meter and both should be in an ATK graphic.
Art of the Duel
Time: 17:31
Details: The Japanese shows Shining Flare Wingman at 3100 ATK but that's incorrect as they didn't account for Wildheart in Jaden's Graveyard. It should be 3400 ATK as shown in the dub.
Rah! Rah! Ra!
Time: 7:14
Details: Ultimate Offering's card art wasn't edited properly in the left image. It should have the TCG version instead.
Time: 14:32
Details: The dub shows Franz's LPs at 4000 when it should be 1200 like in the right image.
Generation NeXt
Time: 9:42
Details: Familiar-Possessed - Hita's ATK is shown at 1840 in both versions when it should be 1850 as shown on the real card.
Let's Make a Duel
Time: 16:29
Details: The dub shows that Reversal Quiz is the card's image but its supposed to be Question like in the Japanese.
Mirror Mirror (1)
Time: 11:31
Details: Doom Lord is a Level 4 monster in the dub when it's in Aster's hand instead of being Level 3 like it should be.
Taken by Storm (2)
Time: 7:34
Details: The dub has Element Saurus' DEF shown when it should be his ATK as his DEF had already dropped earlier.   
Obelisk White?
Time: 6:57
Details: Armed Dragon LV3's ATK is shown in a lifepoint meter instead of an ATK graphic, although it's partially obscured by the CN logo but you can see a gauge next to the 1200 in the left image. The Japanese version is correct. 
Homecoming Duel (2)
Time: 11:40
Details: Dreadmaster's DEF is shown to stop at only 2300 but they didn't account for not only the fact that the combined DEF of Diamond Dude and CT is 2400 and they forgot Defender altogether!
Time: 12:04
Details: Dreadmaster's DEF still remains incorrect even after Captain Tenacious is destroyed.
Time: 20:49
Details: The dub shows Archlord Zerato (second from right), not one of Jaden's cards and 2 Fusion Monsters that aren't Jaden's The right image has Air Hummingbird instead and the correct Neo-Spacian Fusion Monsters.
No Pain No Game
Time: 16:12
Details: In the dub, Cyber End Dragon has the card art of Chimeratech Overdragon not his own like in the right image (although the Japanese version makes it hard to see).
Time: 18:42
Details: Both versions show a card underneath Multiple Slime yet Mad Dog took damage after it was destroyed.
Camaraderie Contest
Time: 12:56
Details: When Hassleberry takes more damage from Cyber Summon Blaster, his lifepoint meter reads 4000 before returning to the correct amount.
Curry Worries
Time: 16:19-16:21
Details: The graphic for Curry Fiend Roux shows his DEF rising to 4300 not his ATK as shown for the right image.
I've Seen the Light
Time: 12:36
Details: After Sartorius flips up his Knight of Pentacle, it shows his ATK at 1000 yet it should be his DEF because both versions show a card underneath it, indicating Defense Position.