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Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh Cards (Page 5)

Cards below have been recreated with humorous names and card text to reflect my actual views on them.
Broken Mirror of Shattered Dreams
Continuous Trap
Ensure your opponent doesn't need to do anything to beat you by paying 2000 Life Points each turn just to weaken your opponent's monsters by half.
Comments: We didn't really get better as sets went on because even after 4 sets, we were still getting bad cards like this, as if Konami didn't want us to have any real fun.
Jammed Up Idiot Machine
Continuous Spell
Wreck your chances of victory by locking out your ability to Summon monsters except weak Slime Tokens with 500 ATK and DEF in Attack Mode that can't be used for anything useful.
Comments: Apparently it was too much to ask to make it playable because it was just as useless as Revival Jam, which came from the same original set (Labyrinth of Nightmare).
The Guy without a Horse
EARTH / Warrior / Level 7 / ATK 2300 / DEF 2100
After years of putting up with his incompetent owner, the horse opted to run away to find someone that could actually ride him properly.
Comments: It was in the same original booster set as Celtic Guardian but was effectively worse because Celtic Guardian at least served as a defense whenever you needed it.
Panic Swordsman
EARTH / Warrior / Level 4 / ATK 1400 / DEF 1200
His skills have proven to be quite underwhelming, especially to the other members of his army.
Comments: Even though it was what we had back then, that doesn't mean it didn't suck and it sure did.
Sky Diver's Broken Modules - Multiple Failures
Continuous Spell
Each turn, you can lose a card on your field to prevent your opponent from doing anything to your useless support cards. During the End Phase, you can set completely obvious and useless "Sky Diver" cards in your Grave on your field where they'll be quickly thwarted when they're activated up to the number of equally useless "Sky Diver" support cards you wasted this turn.
Comments: All the support in the world doesn't change what Sky Strikers are, pretty much overhyped garbage.
Sonotgreat Circle
Quick-Play Spell
Activate 1 of these effects.
● Copy Reinforcement of the Army to get 1 "Sonotgreat" monster from your Deck.
● Temporarily protect a useless "Sonotgreat" Link Monster you control that wasted another Link Monster with that name to bring it out from Monster Effects.
You can only activate 1 "Sonotgreat Circle" per turn.
Comments: I found only one notable effect to use but this card is already at 1 on the new Forbidden & Limited List.
Active Link Arrows Right, Bottom-Left and Bottom-Right
The Pathetic Knights of Repeated Bewilderment
DARK / Warrior-Type Link / ATK 2100 / Link-3
2+ DARK monsters
At your Main Phase, you can cosplay as Foolish Burial by sending a "The Pathetic Knights" monster to where it truly belongs, then Set a completely useless and obvious support card from your Deck. Should you bring out a DARK Xyz Monster(s), you can get rid of 1 worthless card on the field. Oh and this guy can't be Link Material.
Comments: It's banned too now and the Wiki completely has nothing written on it (and I wouldn't be able to since I don't have a clue). It still seems pretty well useless to me but I guess beating copy-paste Decks is enough to ban the card.
Epic Whiner
LIGHT / Dragon / Level 4 / ATK 1600 / DEF 1000
If this card got disposed, you can ensure you have even less options later on by banishing a worthless high-Level LIGHT or DARK Dragon-Type monster from your Deck. When banished, you get that useless banished monster from earlier back in your hand.

Comments: I really didn't seee much use for this but it's become Forbidden for reasons even the Wiki doesn't acknowledge.
Super Regretful Rejuvenation
Quick-Play Spell
When your turn is pretty much over, you can draw an extra card for each Dragon-Type monster you wasted this turn.

Comments: Apparently wasting lots of monsters is a reason to ban this card because it hasn't come off the list since. I'd also argue that discard-and-draw Decks are awful because the cost is entirely relient on this card being drawn.
Barely Lit Fusion
Continuous Spell
When you're dumb enough to play this, Fusion Summon a "Garbage-Knight" Fusion Monster using monsters from your Deck as Fusion Material that loses all its ATK and DEF. You can also waste a card from your hand to restore the ATK and DEF of the monster Fusion Summoned by this effect but then you wouldn't have to do that if you Fusion Summoned normally would you?
Comments: So never mind the fact that the Fusion Summoned monster loses its ATK and DEF when brought out this way as getting that extra Normal Summon helped get it banned. How did that get banned but not Double Summon, which takes no effort to get the same result?
General Awfully Bad
DARK / Machine-Type Tuner / Level 3 / ATK 1400 / DEF 400
You can pointlessly return one of your safe monsters to your hand to bring this card out and risk losing it for good. Oh and if you somehow manage to succeed, we'll give it 500 ATK if you manage to return a useless WIND monster to the hand. Regardless of what happens, this guy won't be with you for long.
Comments: An apparent combo with Divine Wind of Mist Valley (also bad) and uses in other Decks were enough to get it limited to 1. Sorry but being a Tuner isn't an excuse to ban the card and neither is because of its effect. It's crap and will always be crap.
Garbage-Knight Master Dimwitt
EARTH / Rock-Type Fusion / Level 9 / ATK 2900 / DEF 2500
3 "Garbage-Knight" monsters
This card is useless unless you foolishly Fusion Summon it first. Have hopes of it getting stronger? Well we're only giving it 100 ATK for each of its fallen members in your Graveyard. Or, you can waste Level 7 or lower Garbage-Knight" Fusion Monsters in your Graveyard to copy their name and effects for 1 turn.
Comments: The wiki alleges a combo with Gem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazull to create an FTK but they don't say how and there's nothing in Lady Lapis' text to explain it given that you're not likely going to have enough to cause an FTK.
Lost Equalizer
Normal Trap
If by some miracle, one of you is down 8000 or more Life Points through their own stupidity, you can bring both players down to just 3000 Life Points.
Comments: It was already useless back when it came out and its alleged combos that got it banned require you to fall behind deliberately, which is highly risky and stupid.
The Pathetic Knights' Failed Launch
Quick-Play Spell
Choose a DARK Xyz Monster you control that can't do anything anyway and make it Xyz Material for the Xyz Summon of a new DARK Xyz Monster with 1 Rank higher. Oh and you can also attach 1 "The Pathetic Knights" monster in your hand to that monster as Xyz Material by getting rid of this card in your Graveyard but it won't help.
Comments: Even with the alleged combo with Azathot, it's pointless because Azathot won't have its all-powerful field-clearing effect. Plus, I don't know why you'd transfer materials when the new DARK Xyz Monster will only have 1, two at the most but only likely in a The Phantom Knights Deck.
WATER / Aqua / Level 1 / ATK 100 / DEF 2000
You can waste a worthless monster to bring out an equally worthless "Croaked Frog" monster from your Deck. "Croaked Frog" monsters cannot be destroyed by battle, not that that matters.
Comments: It wasn't really all that good until more support cards came but I never saw any of them as a threat (and Frogs are dead now anyway). It simply took too long to actually fill the Grave with enough Frogs to win.
Fairly Bad Tale - Melting Snow
LIGHT / Spellcaster / Level 4 / ATK 1850 / DEF 1000
If you Normal or Special Summon this card, you can cosplay as Book of Moon to turn one face-up monster to face-down in Defense Mode. If you're desperate for a monster, you can prevent 7 resources in your hand or Graveyard from being retrieved to revive this card.
Comments: While my rating for this card was relatively high, it was for its use as a Beatstick but apparently the other effect is abusable with Decks that also suck.
Broken Chain on Strike
Quick-Play Spell
When you're ready to fail, activate this card in hopes of dealing 400 burn damage based on the number of cards in the chain. We know it doesn't matter but we can't allow you play any other copies in the same chain.
Comments: It's at 1 because it "inflicts massive damage if used right" according to the Wiki. What, you wait until there's 30 links in the chain? 400 damage is minimal and if you have to wait for multiple cards to be used in a chain to get big damage, your strategy fails miserably.
A Loser Dies
Normal Spell
When you're already at a disadvantage, put yourself further behind by wasting half your Life Points and risk a new useless monster going out early too.
Comments: The alleged combo uses Stratos to get Bubbleman to "swarm the field". Um what? Bubbleman is CRAP and this doesn't expand on that idea at all. There's nothing in the effect that makes it even worth Limiting.
Era of the Hyped Monarch
LIGHT / Fairy / Level 8 / ATK 2800 / DEF 1000
You can waste more monsters to Summon this card by wasting one that already wasted a monster. When you waste monsters to tribute Summon this card, you can wreck your strategy further by pointlessly sending support cards from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard. After that, Special Summon a monster that runs away during the End Phase. During your opponent's turn, you can also waste monsters and support to Tribute Summon this card.
Comments: It's so powerful that it's been Limited to 1 in tournaments because it's "a key card on Monarch Decks" as the Wiki puts it. Yeah right because if that's their key card, I highly doubt it's as successful and even if it is, it doesn't make it good.
Ditzy Diva
WATER / Sea Serpent-Type Tuner / Level 2 / ATK 200 / DEF 400
When this card is Normal Summoned, you can double your weak army by Special Summoning a useless Level 3 monster from your Deck.
Comments: She's pretty much useless apart from being a Tuner but apparently combos with equally lackluster cards and that got her banned.