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My Yu-Gi-Oh Bloopers (Page 1)

1. These bloopers are for the original series only (and not Season 0).
Yugi: *Transforming into Atem* *Millennium Puzzle hits him in the face and he falls down* *beep*
Pharaoh, have you noticed that none of our cards are holofoil?
Atem: Yes, why?
Yugi: Why is it in Japan, they have rarities on their cards but here we don't?
Atem: Maybe we happen to have less valuable cards.
Yugi: Don't the God Cards count as valuable? *beep*
                        Playing with a Parasite (1)
Weevil: So you want me to give you something else?
Kid: Yeah.
How about a taste of my arachno slime? *mechanism jams* What the.....? *beep*
Tristan: What's he doing with your duel disk?
Joey: That's what I'm about to find out. You WHAT?! You were about to sell it on eBay?! *he strangles the kid* *beep*
Mai: Watch it! Cross in the green not with the queen *beep*
Mai (again): Watch it! Cross in the green not with who's mean! *beep*
Joey: That is one ugly spider
Tea`: Spider? Where? *she runs away and smacks into the camera*
Joey: I think you got it.
Tea`: *faints*
Joey: Uh-oh, we missed. Here comes my giant fly swatter. *he charges towards the spider but the spider snaps the swatter in two* Aw man. I just paid for dat at Wal-Mart.
Weevil: I play Reckless Parasite, which brings the parasite in your deck to life
Joey: You gotta be outta your mind, my deck doesn't have any Parasite....ahh!
Weevil: You were saying? Looks like you had a Parasite Paracide card
Joey: This wasn't in my original starter deck *beep*
                              Mind Game (3)
Yami Marik: You and I had an agreement. I said if you lost you'd be banished to the Shadow Realm for eternity. So...  *He activates the rod but nothing happens* What's wrong? *Marik turns it over* Made IN CHINA!?!?!?!?! Cheap piece of junk! *He tosses it aside* *beep*
                       The Master of Magicians (2)
Arkana: Then, as Catherine looked on, something went horribly wrong!
Atem: Your show got cancelled?
Arkana: No, not that! *beep*
                         Double Trouble Duel (1)
Lumis: *jumps off the roof and hits the face of the next building, sliding down*
Director: Okay cut, we need a medic for this guy.
                         Obelisk the Tormentor
Kaiba: Obelisk, attack now! Show Ultimate Dragon why you're known as the Tormentor! Fist of Fate! *Obelisk hits the wall instead* *beep*
                              Mime Control (2)
Strings: It appears you're out of options, Pharaoh. Thanks to my Nightmare's Steel Cage you can't attack and in one more turn you'll be finished and your Millennium Puzzle will be mine!
Atem: Never! As long as 4Kids is animating, you won't succeed in claiming my puzzle. *beep*
Strings: Your misguided faith is completely pathetic when compared to the overwhelming power of my Egyptian God Card but you'll see that first hand in just one more turn.

Atem: The rules state that Egyptian God Cards can't be used in tournaments.
Strings: The anime has no rules.
                              Mime Control (3)
Atem: Marik, it's over!
Strings: Ha. My Egyptian God Card is unstoppable.
Atem: That rule only applies until the card is banned. *beep*
                     Espa Roba the ESP Duelist (2)
Joey: You've been gettin' some bum info and now I know why. You couldn't see my cards at all but I bet you have security cameras in high places.

Espa Roba: I don't have that kind of money, Wheeler.
Joey: Sorry. *beep*
                            Heart of the Cards
Yugi: Joey, earth to Joey. Joey? Hey are you in there? It's your move.
Tea`: They've been at it for hours but Yugi's like an expert.
Tristan: How is Yugi an expert when it's only the first episode? *beep*
                             Trial by Red-Eyes
Rex Raptor: Now, time to meet Red-Eyes, a creature like none you've seen before
Joey: It's not a Dinosaur
Rex: So?
Joey: So why is it in your dinosaur deck? *beep*
                                 Face-Off (3)
Kaiba: I'm going to force your hand, Yugi. *He backs to the edge of the castle*
Atem: Stop, this, Kaiba. You'll hurt yourself!
Kaiba: 4Kids wouldn't allow that. *beep*
                        The Darkness Returns (2)
Joey: It's getting way to hot in here. I should've called the heatin' company. *beep*
*Roland's cell phone rings*
Roland: Yes, what is it?
Kimo: Croquet isn't speaking to me right now. What are you doing? Over.
Roland: I'm hosting another new tournament from Mr Kaiba, Over.
Kimo: Have you ever visited Pegasus' castle? Over.
Roland: No. Over and out. *beep*
                            A Duel with Dartz (3)
Raphael: You LIED to me!
Dartz: What'd you expect? TV is full of that these days. *beep*
                          The Wrath of Rebecca
Rebecca: Nice try Yugi, my monster is the Millennium Shield!
Yugi: Isn't that a Normal Monster?
Rebecca:  No it has a powerful effect that wasn't explained or put on the actual card.
                               A New Evil (2)
Rebecca: Yugi, hey, Yugi! *hugs Yugi*
Yugi: Uh

Rebecca: Oh no. Don't tell me you forgot about me now that you're a big time champion duelist.

Yugi: That's what it says in the script, look. *beep*