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My Yu-Gi-Oh Gx Bloopers

Jaden: Time to get my game on! *someone hands him a basketball* That's not the game I meant! *beep*
                          The Next King of Games
Jaden: I've got my deck, I've got my gear, and I've got about 20 minutes to get to the academy for the entrance exam. Hey, why aren't I moving forward? Who put me on the treadmill? *beep*
                    Return of the Supreme King (3)
Yubel: But this time, I'm not going anywhere, but you are Jaden. You're about to banish FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!
Jaden: How? I'm a cartoon. *beep*
                            Generation NeXt
Sheppard: Take this. *He hands Zane something*
Zane: What is it?
Sheppard: It's your ticket into my new tournament.
Zane: Looks more like a stopwatch.
Sheppard: Right, so it is. Let me try again. *beep*
Sartorius: What will you be wagering? What about that helicopter I've heard so much about?
Ojin: Actually, that hasn't been in the news much. *beep*
Bonaparte: Wait, but I'm the vice chancellor. You can't just bid me adieu just like that!
Crowler: Watch me little man

Bonaparte: Little? I'll have you know I was named after the guy who was a tough competitor in wars.
Crowler: He ran away, I hardly consider that tough. *beep*
Sheppard: I give you, the Gx Dueling Tournament!
Chazz: It says 404 Error
Sheppard: Just a technical glitch. We'll have that fixed soon. *beep*
                            Magna Chum Laude
Jaden: Wow, Chumley that's amazing!
Syrus: Yeah, Chum, I didn't know you were Van Gogh!
Chumley: Whoops, wrong painting. *beep*
                          Making the Grade
Bastion: I've already done all the math
Chazz: Any loser can use a calculator. *beep*
                          Let's Make a Duel
Bob: It's time to play Who Wants to Be a Duelist Extraordinaire? and I'm your host, Bob Banter!
Jaden: Your show has the most random questions ever, Bob.
Bob: I know. *beep*
                             The Art of the Duel
Orlando: You have to experience the art of the duel. *gets hit by a monster*
Jaden: What do you call that one?
Orlando: Orlando in pain. *beep*
Announcer: First up to bat is Jaden Yuki, the second king of games. Here's the wind-up....and the pitch. Jaden hits it and it's a fly ball! *ball hits Crowler* Make that an eye ball! *beep*
                                Courting Alexis
Teacher: Bastion?
Bastion: Here!
Teacher: Chazz?
Chazz: Here!
Teacher: Mueler?
Mueler: Here!
Teacher: Jaden? *no response* Jaden?...... Jaden?....... Jaden?........Jaden?..........Jaden?......
Chazz: Enough already, he's not here!
Teacher: Jaden?.........Jaden?.......Jaden.......
Chazz: Oh for Pete's sake! *beep*
Chazz: I've seen the light
Jaden: We all have, it's in our houses and the sun. *beep*
                             King of Copycats (1)
Dimitri: I AM the king of games.
Jaden: No, you need to be at the nearest Comic Con convention instead! *beep*
Dimitri: Ancient Gear Golem, attack! Mechanized Melee!
Syrus: I activate Magic Cylinder!
Dimitri: AGG prevents Spell and Traps from being activated when it attacks.
Syrus: That's the CG version, yours is the anime version. *beep*
                          Amnael's End Game (1)
Amnael: I play Lead Compass, letting me summon Alchemy Beast Leon the Lead
Jaden: Isn't that part of that lame book series?
Amnael: Well it was decent enough to get cards made from it *beep*
Jaden: What's Chazz doing?
Syrus: Looking for his mind because he clearly lost it.
Hassleberry: Cartoons have minds? *beep*
Jaden: So Chazz, what music do you throw down with?
Chazz: I don't listen to music when I duel.
Alexis: Then why did I catch you listening to Jazz music during your last duel, Chazz?
Jaden: Chazz likes Jazz?
Chazz: Shut up, it's not true!
Alexis: Maybe Chazz needs some Jazz to cool down with. *beep*
Chumley: This is a totally licious card, Jaden.
Jaden: I don't think licious is a word, Chum.
Chumley: Duh, of course it is, they just forgot to put it in. *beep*
Bystander: Is that you, Truesdale?
Zane: It's Zane.
Bystander: Are you sure it's Truesdale?
Zane: Yes. It's 100% true.
Bystander: So you're Zane True?
Zane: Zane Truesdale! *beep*
Opponent: I activate Crush Card Virus!
Jaden: Does that infect people with love potions? *beep*
                            Pop Goes the Duel
Alexis: Atticus?
Atticus: No I'm Nightshroud's good side. *beep*