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The Problem with Most Archetypes
You've probably noticed that I have a bit of a hatred towards Archetypes as all cards they get are either 2/5 or 1/5 apart from a select few. I have a few reasons to explain that:

1. They're BORING! Everyone and their grandma makes a Deck with them because they aren't skilled enough to make anything else. You end up finding dozens if not hundreds of copies being used because Konami can't seem to be bothered to create anything generic anymore.
2. The members and support generally SUCK on their own. Most of them have either pretty bad effects and/or low ATK and DEF to where they're utterly useless. Zoodiacs are the biggest offenders because their effects outright suck and no amount of Xyz Mateirals gives their Extra Deck members any real offense or defense. They were actually basically banned from a particular tournament store. There are exceptions but then, I've rated those higher accordingly but for the most part, you can't; do anything with them so either when the Deck is crippled by Konami or just gets powercreeped, the money, time and effort is wasted.
3. They're often expensive. In part because of everyone and their grandma wanting to build the Deck, everyone wants multiple copies of certain cards and generally speaking, the higher the rarity, the higher the price of the card. This can make an Archetype Deck cost hundreds of dollars and much of that can come from getting multiple copies of certain high rarity cards.
4. Players that build them are often smug about it. "Oh you just don't understand how they work" or "Git gud". I find it ironic when people say the latter because if they were really "gud" at the game, they wouldn't need to build a Deck that everyone else is already building. The only reasons these Decks have ANY success is because Konami basically prevents any other Deck from trying to get into the mix and they ONLY release cards that support Archetypes.
The Exceptions
So what's special about the others then since they're Archetypes as well?
1. They're NOT expensive. Karakuris and Blackwings for example have support and members that are pretty easy to obtain, thus making the Deck easier to build. Additionally, they already have generic support from previous sets, which most Archetypes do not.
2. They're not overhyped. In all honesty, Karakuris and Blackwings have the merit to back up the hype around them. Blackwings can quickly swarm the field using the likes of Bora the Spear and Black Whirlwind. Their support is also pretty good. Karakuris can recruit new members each turn using their Extra Deck members while also protecting the owner from most battle damage.
3. They don't suffer from Archetype Bias. Although they do better as a strategic Deck, they can be used individually and still do well. In fact, I use Bora and Shura together in a DARK Deck because they work well together as a pairing. None of their members have effects that prevent you from doing anything with them unlike say Qliphorts, which are basically covered from head-to-toe with it.
Tackling the Issue
So what do I plan on doing against these monstrosities?
Well I DO have a better banned list in mind, though I'm sure no one would think it's good because "I can't lose my Deck that I spent money on". I also have a Deck in mind to basically render them useless in responding.