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The Joke with Yu-Gi-Oh Championships and Champions
I've come to realize another thing regarding the franchise. The tournaments are filled with copy-pasted Decks. There's no actual skill involved to be a champion Duelist. This is only partially why I ridicule this so-called event. Allow me to explain.

1. Looking at the recent Decks that end up topping in tournaments, there's only a select few, and it's only the ones that everyone and their grandma knows about. Therefore, it takes 0 skill to build the same Deck and compete against the Decks as you already have insight on how to beat it. You're also not playing against any rogue Decks that'll likely be something you didn't anticipate or plan for, especially since Konami doesn't really care enough to give any other Decks a chance to play against them. This basically means you take part in an event that is going to be won by 1 of the Decks Konami has allowed to win by default. Might as well just hand out the prize cards to everyone that intended on competing. "Well that's no fun" you'd probably remark. No, it's not and neither is what the event is as a whole. Duelists may have a good time and they may think it's worth it but they're only winning because they have no skills to play anything else.

2. The card prizes are AWFUL. You're competing for a card that not even YOU, the WINNER of the event, can use. What's the point in competing then? You could've had 10,000 close calls and the only thing you get in return is a card that you can't ever play against your future opponents. I don't see a reason valid enough to ban a card the prize winner played their heart out to win, especially since everyone else will know them and become familiar with the card they won and and can come up with countermeasures. Cyber-Stein has countermeasures and it was initially legal before getting the emergency banhammer. Even where the cards aren't illegal for use, they still suck. They'd be better off as regular Structure Deck Commons than $5000 prize cards. It's kind of an oxymoron in that stance because it's more of a consolation prize than an actual prize worth keeping.

3. Even when you win, you're getting shafted because in addition to the crappy prize card you either can't use or will have no use for, Konami steps in and bans any cards you were probably using to make the Deck less powerful. So for all your hard work, you get shafted twice and now have to make an adjustment that'll only work until those cards are banned too. You're also out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for those cards that got banned and will now see a drop in price so even selling them won't make back everything you paid for.

4. Since everyone and their grandma is building a Deck already successful, it's proof they don't have the skills to play anything else. How? If they did, they'd have done that but the so-called champions can't be bothered to try playing a Deck that doesn't cost thousands of dollars. I find that ironic considering they're willing to get shafted twice after their hard work is done. Yes, I'm aware that there are Decks that suck but just because they weren't hit doesn't make them bad. However, in the case of so-called champion Duelists, it's irrelevent. They ARE bad but aren't being allowed to prove that. This isn't some tin foil hat conspiracy either. It's from my research over the years. You don't need to go to an event to see this. Ygorganization.com provides it routinely at least twice a week.

Now I know you're going to ask "Do you even play this game?" and the answer I have is 'no' but not because I don't want to play. Stores I had been playing at closed down and I'm not ready to return yet. Of course, with the upcoming debut of Rush Dueling, I think I may venture into that. It looks to level the playing field and will bring players back to the early days of the game where Duels lasted more than a few turns. It'll also be impossible to OTK/FTK.