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Episode 47: Dungeon Dice Monsters (2)

At the site of the game, the stakes are restated and the game literally takes shape. Yami says he's a quick study so Duke lets him choose the dice himself with his own already picked. Duke loosely goes through the rules of the game and gets started quickly by unleashing Ryu-Kishin (10/10/10)  in Attack Position. (Even though these are being summoned, I won't count them for the list below and the numbers are the same as the ones you see vertically just in the horizontal position.) Yugi's turn gives him nothing because Duke explains that the Summoning Crests he had were too high (how does he know this? Can he see the dice as they appear on Yugi's board?) and goes through what the six crests are (all of which got changed to less obvious crests in the US at 5:01 into the episode I might add). Tea` and Tristan protest to start over now that Yami is just starting to learn the rules but Duke says it won't be a problem for the King of Games before rolling his dice and bringing out Yaranzo (10/10/10) in Attack Position and moves it forward 1 square with a Movement Crest.

Much like his last roll, nothing Yami rolls this time matches and he learns about storing unwanted crests in his Crest Pool (how do you enter them in or take them out? We just see them already counting in Duke's Crest Pool). Duke rolls his dice and unlocks Gator Dragon (10/10/10) in Attack Position and advances it 1 space with a Movement Crest. Finally Yami rolls two Summoning Crests but with their numbers not the same, he can't summon. Duke on the other hand gets Level 4 dice and unlocks an Item Summoning. Once again, Yami gets no matching crests so Duke rolls and brings out The 13th Grave (10/0/10) in Attack Position only three squares away from Yami's Heart Points.

 Yami finally rolls two Level 4 Summon Crests and summons Mighty Mage (30/20/50) in Attack Position and moves it one square to take out T13G. Just four more and he'll equal Duke's army of monsters, rather five more as Duke unlocks Blast Lizard (10/10/20) in Attack Position, whom has a hidden ability. Yami gets confirmation that he had some low level dice, rolls and unlocks Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress (" ") (10/10/10) in Attack Position. Duke rolls and gets no Summon Crests but rather what he wanted, another 2 Magic Crests to give his BL its special attack, which he performs after using a Movement Crest to move BL, leaving Yami down to 1 monster. In his next roll, Yami is unable to summon a monster so Duke rolls and unlocks Dark Assailant before using 2 Movement Crests to advance his 2 closest monsters to just one square away from Yami's Heart Points. He doesn't think he could get out of the mess Yami is in and he invented the game, explaining his story of what was to become a deal with Pegasus once Duelist Kingdom was finished.


Duke will have his revenge by breaking Yami and refuses to believe anything Yami says (which is true, given that Pegasus WAS a cheater so it's ironic he's calling Yami the cheater without even knowing how it was done or how good Pegasus really was). Nevertheless, Yami rolls and summons Thunderball (10/10/30) in Attack Position, which won't be much help to Yami unless he figures out its special attack but Yami won't know how. Duke rolls and moves his two closes monsters to within striking distance and attacks, leaving Yami down to 2 Heart Points. How can Yami possibly win? Duke has more everything and is poised to attack again!

Episode 47's Episode Cards
 There were no cards played in this episode.