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Episode 97: The Dark Light

At DA, Aster defeats another duelist and looks at his deck but is disappointed to not find the missing Destiny card. He has to keep searching as it's out there somewhere. At Industrial Illusions HQ? (It's hard to tell where exactly this is but if someone could tell me, that would be great) Pegasus lectures Sheppard about the missing Destiny card and the "white hole" created when the card went missing. Sheppard also shares what he thinks as well. Later, Aster figures out that Sartorius not only has the card but his father too and barges into the White Dorm.


Unfortunately, Aster's time inside is short-lived as he's kicked out shortly after. Inside (what looks to be) Sheppard's office, Jaden and Hassleberry appear to be watching some kind of kids program when Crowler and Bonaparte arrive, asking what they are doing here. The Slifer Red Dorm has no TV and both Jaden and Hassleberry didn't want Sheppard's widescreen TV to go to waste. They flip the channel to find that The D, who turns out to be Aster's stepfather. Aster flashes back to his childhood with The D and his younger self asks The D to teach him how to duel.

At the Kaiba Dome, home of the dueling site, the announcer introduces the challenger as Doctor Collector and, of course the champion, The D. The D draws and plays Enigma the Creator (1200) in Defense Mode and 1 card face down to end his turn. Doctor Collector (whom I'll now call DC) was hoping he'd say that and draws, playing Dimensional Fissure, removing from play any monsters normally sent to the Graveyard. Next he plays Graceful Charity to draw 3 cards, then discard 2, both of which are monsters so they get RFG.


Then he plays Mining for Magical Stones (Magical Stone Excavation in the TCG), letting him get back his GC by discarding 2 cards, one of which is RFG the other (Monster Reincarnation) is sent to the Grave. Once again, he uses Graceful Charity. Finally, he uses Dimension Fusion to bring back his Cosmo Queen (2900) 3 Magician's Valkyrias (1600 x3) and Ebon Magician Curran (1200) all in Attack Mode for 2000 LPs, leaving him with 2000. The group watching the duel fear that The D is in big trouble as with EMC's effect, The D takes 300 damage each time he summons a monster (The real card only deals damage during your own Standby Phase, which DC has already passed). DC attacks with his monsters but The D activates Negate Attack, ending the Battle Phase and Cosmo Queen's attack.

However, DC isn't done as he plays Magical Blast, dealing 200 damage to The D for every Spellcaster DC has out, leaving The D with 3000. He sets 1 card face down thinking that he's won this duel. The D introduces his "friend" as The Dark Light and DC can't make any sense of this but in any case, The D draws and plays 2 Fiend's Sanctuary cards giving him 2 Metal Fiend Tokens (0000 x2) in Attack Mode. Then he plays D - Force, which he puts face up on top of his deck.

Next he tributes his 3 monsters for his ultimate card but before we find out what it is, the cable cuts out. Aster sees this and calls The D, who requests Aster to come over. When he does, we see the immense size comparison between The D's and Aster's boats. Aster opens the doors to find The D, who explains how he won the duel. The doors behind Aster close as The D says the only other exit is behind himself. He also explains that he's the one who took Aster's father.