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Episode 98: Ultimate Destiny

At DA, Jaden is annoyed that the TV went out and Hassleberry want to knock some sense into it but Crowler and Bonaparte stop him, saying the TV is Sheppard's and he's not one you want to be an enemy. The TV finally comes back on and it's a news report, saying that there looks to have been an explosion at the Kaiba Dome (Won't Kaiba be annoyed to hear this?) and the fate of both duelists previously dueling is unknown except that The D has disappeared.

Back at the "chat room" with Aster and The D, The D tells about the first day he and Aster met and how the card was stolen. The D decides to show Aster the card up close and Aster's not scared, since he'll duel in his father's honor. The duel gets underway as Aster plays Destiny Draw, letting him toss a Destiny Hero to the Grave (and draw 2 cards but he doesn't say so). Next he plays D - Spirit, letting him play Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude (1400) in Attack Mode (since he controls no monsters but they don't tell you that). Next he uses its effect, which picks up Pot of Greed so he'll get to use it next round.

Then he activates Over Destiny, letting him bring out a monster whose Level is half of one in his Grave and he chooses Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious (0800) in Attack Mode.With Malicious in his Grave, he removes it from play to bring out another Destiny Hero - Malicious (0800) in Attack Mode, then tributes both of them for Destiny Hero - Dogma (3400) in Attack Mode. (Both? You tributed all THREE of them, Aster and Dogma requires 3 tributes). He ends his turn with Clock Tower Prison. The D is impressed but says bell tolls for Aster. Aster uses Dogma's effect, which now halves The D's score, leaving him with 2000. The D uses Claret Note, giving him a Plasma Token for every 4 Levels Plasma has, giving him 2 Plasma Tokens (0000 x2) in Attack Mode.


Then he plays Fiend's Sanctuary, giving him a 3rd token. Next he tributes all 3 tokens for the ultimate destiny card, Destiny Hero - Plasma (1900) in Attack Mode and uses it's effect to take Dogma, half it's ATK and its effects, raising Plasma's ATK to 3600. (The real card doesn't absorb the equipped monster's effects.) The D attacks directly with Plasma, leaving Aster with 400. Is that all The D can do? The D warns Aster not to over exert himself and plays D - Force, then sets 1 card to end his turn. Aster draws and The D reminds Aster of Plasma's ability to absorb monster effects and now he loses half his LPs, leaving Aster with 200. Aster draws and uses the effect of his Pot of Greed. Next he plays Destiny Hero - Doom Lord (0800) in Defense Mode. Oops! At 11:19 into the US episode, they're showing Doom Lord's ATK as 800 instead of his DEF as he's in Defense Mode!


He uses Doom Lord's effect to RFG Plasma but it doesn't work, thanks to D - Force. (The real Doom Lord can't use its effect while in Defense Mode). The D draws and activates D - Boost, letting him draw 2 cards underneath D - Force since that card is on top of his deck. Then he uses Drain Time, freezing Aster's Standby Phase. He orders Plasma to attack directly. (Are you forgetting that Aster has a monster out The D?) but Aster activates D - Counter, which would've destroyed Plasma but D - Force once again protects Plasma so Doom Lord gets destroyed.

Aster draws and sets 2 cards to end his turn. The D attacks with Plasma but Aster's still standing as he activated Eternal Dread, giving his CTP 2 more counters. The D had also simultaneously activated Dust Tornado to destroy CTP, allowing Aster to bring out Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster (2200) along with Captain Tenacious and Diamond Dude all in Defense Mode. Oops again! At 14:48 into the US episode, they're showing Aster's 3 monsters with 2200 ATK, 800 ATK and 1600 ATK respectively when it should be their DEF! The shot at 14:41 into the episode confirms Dreadmaster is in Defense Mode.

Aster had also activated Greed Pact, forcing both players to draw 1 card, making Plasma no longer invincible. The D activates D - Force again, then plays Unfair Judge, which for 800 LPs, lets Plasma attack all monsters Aster controls if no monsters were destroyed during the Battle Phase, leaving his score at 1200 and Aster with no monsters. Aster discards Destiny Hero - Dark Angel to trigger its effect, putting it on top of The D's deck, nulling D - Force's effect. Next he plays Dark City, giving his attacking Destiny Heroes 1000 ATK if they attack a stronger monster.

Then he summons Destiny Hero  - Celestial (1600) in Attack Mode. He attacks, raising Celestial's ATK to 2600 and destroying the equipped Dogma and dealing 500 damage to The D, dropping his score to 700. The D says that Plasma can absorb human spirits also and asks Aster whether he still wants to attack since Aster's father is the first appearing soul. Aster has a conversation with his "soul father" about how The D is just a pawn, the real evil is in Sartorius. Aster decides to continue his attack and wins the duel. The evil in the Plasma card starts a fire and Aster is rescued from the burning boat by helicopter, saying that his next task is Sartorius.