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Episode 94: Heart of Ice (2)

At the duel, Alexis jokes about Jaden possibly having brain freeze and decides to jog his memory. Chazz says it should be him dueling her. Hassleberry tells Jaden to think warm thoughts. It's time for Plan B, once Jaden thinks of it of course but Jaden decides Snow Fairy is a good place to start and plays Card Trooper (0400) in Attack Mode and uses its effect to send 3 cards from his deck to his Grave.


He attacks with CT, destroying Snow Fairy and leaving Alexis with 2700. Next he uses Pot of Greed, then O - Oversoul to bring back Elemental Hero Sparkman (1400) in Defense Mode. After that, he gives Sparkman Spark Blaster and uses the effect to switch Card Trooper to Defense Mode to end his turn. Alexis uses Call of the Haunted to bring back Snow Fairy (1100) in Attack Mode. Next, she attacks with White Night Queen to destroy Sparkman and uses Snow Fairy to destroy Card Trooper.


Oops! Jaden says Sparkman's effect has been triggered but it's really Card Trooper's since Normal Monsters HAVE NO EFFECT! Now Jaden can draw 1 card and he'll need it. Jaden plays Dandylion (0300) in Defense Mode to end his turn. Alexis isn't surprised that this is all Jaden can do and draws, playing Cold Sleeper (1100) in Attack Mode and attacks Dandylion with it, destroying it and causing Dandy to leave behind 2 Fluff Tokens

(0000 x2) in Defense Mode. Alexis destroys the tokens with her WKQ and SF. Jaden draws and with Necroshade in his Grave due to being sent there by Card Trooper's effect, he can play Elemental Hero Neos (2500) in Attack Mode.

He uses Neos destroy Snow Fairy and leave Alexis with 1300. Alexis says her SF is coming back and uses Cold Sleeper's effect to bring her SF back in Defense Mode. Jaden uses Quick Summon to bring out Card Blocker (0400) in Defense Mode and ends his turn. Alexis tributes Cold Sleeper and WKQ for White Night Dragon (3000) in Attack Mode. Next, she equips it with White Blizzard, dealing Jaden 600 damage each time one of his monsters is destroyed. Then she equips it with White Veil, Sartorius' secret weapon that destroys all of Jaden's Spell and Trap Cards when WKD attacks. Atticus sees that it's over and the Alexis they knew is gone.


Alexis attacks Neos with WKD but Jaden uses CB's effect to make it the target yet WB's effect deals Jaden 600 damage, leaving him with 700. She ends her turn as Chazz says she's so talented but is caught by Syrus and Hassleberry. Jaden removes from play 2 cards for Spell Striker (0600) in Attack Mode. (The real card only requires you to remove from play 1 Spell Card in your Graveyard.) Next he brings out Armor Breaker (0800) in Attack Mode and equips it to Spell Striker. Then he attacks directly with SS, leaving Alexis at 700. With AB's effect, Jaden can destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card (I really wish 4Kids would get this straight as they said Magic Card) and he chooses White Vail. Jaden switches Neos to Defense Mode to end his turn.


Alexis says he'll pay for destroying WV and draws, playing Mystical Space Typhoon on Armor Breaker. Next she attacks and destroys Spell Striker with WKD, leaving Jaden with 100 by White Blizzard's effect. Jaden plays Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab (0500) in Attack Mode and Contact Fuses it with Neos for Elemental Hero Flare Neos (2500) in Attack Mode and he gets 400 ATK for every Spell and Trap Card on the field for a total of 3700. Jaden attacks, hoping it works and it does, destroying WKD and winning the duel for Jaden. Alexis awakens and grabs Jaden's hand to stand up. Jaden says there's only one thing left: Take down Sartorius and everyone agrees with him. Mark Sartorius' words!