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Episode 85: Rah, Rah, Ra!

At DA, Jaden, doesn't understand why no one has dueled him now that it's the second day of the Gx Tournament. Syrus and Hassleberry sarcastically ask why seeing as how Jaden is indeed the best. Syrus then notices the sky change. A pillar of fire rises up and a familiar monster's wings emerge, causing the duelist's opponent to collapse. The winner grins. A helicopter lands and two familiar faces walk out. Jaden runs into Sheppard's office, seeing Chumley and Pegasus. Why is Pegasus here. Sheppard explains that The Winged Dragon of Ra card was stolen. It's the most famous card in Duel Monsters (well I'd say it's one of the most famous). It's also the most dangerous. Jaden thought the cards were destroyed.

(Well THAT wasn't mentioned before.) Pegasus kept a copy for researching purposes and his company's chief designer has stolen the card and Chumley's grilled cheese too. (I should note the rather dramatic change in Chumley's voice from episode 50.) Sheppard says that he and Pegasus have reason to believe the Ra replica is here since students have been reported receiving Ra-related injuries. Jaden realizes he saw the monster beforehand and Sheppard announces the postponement of the Gx Tournament. If Syrus had known Chumley was coming, he'd have made grilled cheese.

Chumley says it isn't the time but requests other food items. He then hands Jaden a new card he made, a Field Spell. Jaden finds Pegasus in a forest and Pegasus tells of the other time a counterfeit Ra card was used. (actually, there was a THIRD incident with Odeon disguised as Marik who used a counterfeit as well during the Battle City tournament, though Pegasus must have missed it.) A voice speaks out and Pegasus recognizes it as Franz, the person that stole the Ra card and insists Franz not do anything he'll regret later. (He probably already has.) Franz says Pegasus must duel for it but Jaden steps in, saying it's not cool to steal or make counterfeit cards (Franz didn't make any counterfeit cards, he only stole the copy, Jaden.).

Franz tries to inform Jaden of the God Cards in case Jaden hadn't learned about them. (Would there really be any need to learn about them if they got destroyed?) Jaden knows about them, it's like dueling 101. Pegasus is amazed that Jaden can see monster spirits. The duel finally starts and Jaden uses Poly to bring out Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman (1900) in Attack Mode, then plays Elemental Hero Neos (2500) in Attack Mode by Necroshade's effect. Pegasus wants to know if Neos is actually out.

(Obviously since Jaden's been using the card for several episodes now and shouldn't the creator of Duel Monsters know about this?) Franz draws and plays Ra's Disciple (1100) in Attack Mode and when summoned, it lets him add 2 more copies from his deck to his hand. Next he plays Trap Booster, letting him summon Ultimate Offering by discarding 1 card. Oops, you can't summon a Spell or Trap Card unless it is a card like Embodiment of Apophis. Ultimate Offering also wasn't edited in the US at 7:14 into the episode!


Franz uses UO's effect to summon 2 more Ra's Disciple and The Winged Dragon of Ra (????) in Attack Mode. Hassleberry sees Ra and goes off to the duel, his friends soon follow. Franz's score drops to 2500 by UO's effect. Pegasus insists again that Franz stop but Franz made a card to control an Egyptian God and he plays it: Mound of the Bound Creator and attacks Shaman with Ra, leaving Jaden with 2600, then due to Mound of the Bound Creator, he takes 400 more damage since a Level 10 monster destroyed an opponent's monster in battle.


 Jaden sees Ra crying. (This is only in the dub as the Japanese version has no tear, which makes WAY more sense) and switches Neos to Defense Mode, then plays Card Trooper (0400) in Defense Mode to end his turn. Franz plays Nubian Guard (0500) in Attack Mode and attacks Neos with Ra, destroying Neos and leaving Jaden with 1800 by MotBC's effect. He then destroys Card Trooper with NG, letting Jaden draw 1 card by CT's effect. Jaden uses Pot of Greed.

Then he plays Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (1200) in Attack Mode, then uses Burst Impact, which destroys all other monsters in play, destroying NG and leaving Franz with 2200 as he explains Spell Cards can't be used on an Egyptian God Card. Jaden ends his turn with Damage Off Zone, which cuts the Battle Damage dealt to a player by half. Franz uses Ra's effect to pay 1000 Life Points and destroy all monsters Jaden has. (Last I checked, the effect was used ONLY when Ra was brought back.) Franz is left with 1200 and Jaden is left defenseless. Franz threw away his job for one card?! Franz explains his story, then uses Ra's special effect to pay all but 1 LP to give it to Ra. (As I recall, this effect also ONLY activated when Ra was brought back.) Oops! Franz's score is shown at 4000 instead of 1200 in the US at 14:32 into the episode!

Franz's score drop to 1 while Ra's ATK rises to 4499 and Franz attacks, hitting Jaden as Pegasus tells Franz to stop. Jaden's score drops to 900 as Jaden explains that his DOZ can also reduce damage to 0 by halving his own LPs. Franz sets 1 card to end his turn. Jaden draws and it's the new card Chumley made, Skyscraper 2 - Hero City, letting him bring back Neos in Attack Mode. Next he plays Neo-Spacian Glow Moss (0300) sin Attack Mode and uses his effect, which turns out to be a Spell Card but Franz activates De-Fusion, leaving Ra with 0 ATK and Franz himself with 4500 LP.

In any event, Jaden attacks with his monsters, destroying Ra and leaving Franz with 1700. Finally, he uses Necro Illusion, letting him bring back an opponent's monster that was destroyed in battle and he chooses Ra, then uses its effect, reducing his own score to 1 and adding his other monster's ATKs to Ra. He attacks directly and wins the duel. Chumley and crew are air-lifted by helicopter while Jaden remembers what Pegasus told Franz before they left, then wonders if he could've won without his new card. (I'd say no but then 4Kids would've let him win somehow.) Jaden tells Chumley to keep rockin' while Hassleberry wonders how long they're going to stand like this because he's starving.