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Episode 80: What a Doll!

At DA, Dorothy panics about having only 2 hours to clean the place but is thankful for the CatVac2000(which looks very much like Pharaoh, I might add) She talks about reality shows and how one can forget to clean the place. She then notices the lack of doll in the case. Jaden and the gang arrive, saying it's good to be back. Winged Kuriboh tells Jaden a stranger is inside. The gang rush over to find that someone cleaned it up (besides Dorothy) A little girl (which Syrus and Hassleberry seem to be already falling for) welcomes them home, then introduces herself as Alice. Inside, she serves them all tea.

Jaden asks what Alice is doing here and she tells them she's a transfer student that moved in (although she's clearly lying by the way she says it) Syrus tries to point out about DA needing new students to pass the exam but is interrupted by Hassleberry and ends up dumping his tea back into the cup. Hassleberry says Alice is here and his lonely days are over.

(What do you call the people you actually hang out with then, Hassleberry?) Later that night, Bastion shows as Jaden apparently forgets he called Bastion over. Bastion isn't impressed until he hears that Alice cooks and made the rather large amount of food on the table. Jaden doesn't seem to know why but guesses Alice is just being nice. Syrus adds that she seems to be nicer to some than others. Hassleberry continues his "love speech" with Alice as Bastion wishes he met her first, then feels like he's met her before.


Around midnight, Jaden is woken up by WK, who says someone is in trouble. Jaden and WK wander into the forest to find Bastion, who hasn't the slightest clue how he got there. Alice shows, questioning them about it being past their bedtime. Why is she really here? To duel Jaden, who points out that she could've asked him. A love-struck Hassleberry falls out from behind the tree trunk. Alice tells them that she's just another disposable soul like Jaden. She tells Jaden that she's here to stop people from spreading darkness and despair. Jaden liked her better yesterday, since she was at least happy. Alice tells him that her happiness was an illusion and that life is a pit of despair. The duel begins and Alice plays Alice the Wandering Doll (1000) in Defense Mode. Next she plays Cursed Dollhouse and ends her turn.

Jaden plays Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (1200) in Attack Mode and attacks AWD but Alice reveals that AWD can't be destroyed in battle and when attacked, Jaden loses 500 LPs, leaving his score at 3500 and finally moves to Jaden's field. Plus, due to Cursed Dollhouse, she can summon a Doll Part monster from her deck and she chooses Doll Part Blue (0000) in Attack Mode. Alice draws and plays Doll Part Gold (0000) in Attack Mode. She attacks with it, but it's destroyed, leaving her with 2800.


She then activates Necro Dollmeister, letting her summon 2 Doll Part monsters from her deck and she chooses Doll Part Red and Doll Part Pink (0000 x2) in Defense Mode. Then she activates Soul Resurrection, letting her bring back Doll Part Gold in Defense Mode. She then attacks AWD with Doll Part Blue, leaving her with 1800, then due to AWD, she loses 500 more LPs, leaving her with 1300 but AWD returns to her field. Finally, she uses Marionette Burial, letting her tribute her Doll Part monsters to play Doll Chimera (0000) in Attack Mode. Jaden knows he'll be having nightmares tonight. For every Doll Part monster in Alice's Grave, it gains 400 ATK for a total of 1600.

She ends her turn (which was dumb since she could've attacked and dealt Jaden some damage.) Jaden draws and plays Rallis the Star Bird (0800) in Attack Mode. He attacks and destroys DC with it, leaving Alice with 1100. Then, due to Rallis' effect, it's removed from play. Bastion thinks that Alice wanted Jaden to attack as DC reappears. Alice explains that her monster cannot be destroyed and by sending 2 Doll Part monsters from her deck to her Graveyard, she can bring her Doll Chimera back.


Plus with another 2 Doll Part monsters in her Graveyard, it gets 800 more ATK for a total of 2400. Jaden switches Burstinatrix to Defense Mode and ends his turn. Alice plays Doll Hammer, destroying her monster and letting her draw 2 cards and change the Battle Position of a monster, which she chooses Burstinatrix to Attack Mode. Then, she discards 2 more Doll Part monsters to bring her Doll Chimera back, whose ATK is boosted to 3200. She attacks and destroys Burstinatrix with it, leaving Jaden with 1500, then sets 1 card to end her turn.


Jaden plays Elemental Hero Bubbleman(0800) in Attack Mode and draws twice with his effect. (" ") Then he uses Pot of Greed. After that he uses Poly to summon Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (2400) in Attack Mode and uses its effect to destroy DC (" "). Then due to DC's effect, Alice discards 2 more Doll Part monsters to the Grave and again re-summons Doll Chimera, whose ATK is now 4000. Next he uses Metamorphosis to tribute Bubbleman for Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman (0800) in Attack Mode. (The real card is an Effect Monster that requires you to send Metamorphosis and Bubbleman to the Grave) He equips him with Bubble Blaster, doubling its ATK to 1600 (as Neo Bubbleman counts as regular Bubbleman but they don't tell you that). Rallis returns as he attacks with NB, destroying BB and DC but Alice brings back her Doll Chimera once again with 4800 ATK.


He attacks with Thunder Giant, then activates Battle x 2, doubling TG's ATK to 4800 and therefore destroying both monsters. Alice cannot bring back DC since he has no more Doll Part monsters in her deck.Jaden attacks with Rallis, not destroying AWD but leaving him with 1000 and bring AWD to his field. Then he uses Spy Hero, letting him use a Spell Card from Alice's deck. Oops! It actually lets him use an opponent's Spell Card in the Grave. So he uses Doll Hammer to destroy AWD and draw twice. Alice activates Released Curse, destroying all cards on the field and dealing 300 damage to their controller(s), leaving Jaden with 700 and Alice with 800. Then he uses Fusion Recovery to return Poly and Sparkman to his hand.


He sets 2 cards and ends his turn. Alice becomes nice again and explains her story of her being a doll spirit. Jaden says she's wrong and tells her it's her move. Alice draws and plays Door to Mirrorland, letting her summon Eshila the Lovely Bisque Doll (1000) in Attack Mode. With her effect, she gains 1000 ATK per 4 Doll Part monsters in her Grave, giving it 4000 ATK. (This is impossible in the real game since you cannot have more than 3 copies of a card.) She attacks with it but Jaden activates Flute of Summoning Kuriboh (The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh in the CG), letting him summon Winged Kuriboh (0300) in Attack Mode.


Then uses Transcendent Wings to discard 2 cards and tribute WK for Winged Kuriboh LV10 (0300) in Attack Mode and uses its effect, destroying ABD and winning the duel. Alice tells Jaden that her spirit is set free and disappears, much to Hassleberry's disappointment. Dorothy is glad the doll is back but cannot figure out why someone would steal her, then leave her lying on the ground. A teary-eyed Hassleberry admits his love with the doll spirit.