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Episode 51: Graduation Match (1)

At the Obelisk Blue dorm, Zane is thinking back to when Crowler announced that he had the highest score in the school and asks whom he'll pick to duel in the Graduation Match. Back in "reality", Zane ponders. Who will he duel? The only one worthy! It's time to give Jaden his rematch! Syrus yells, saying his brother scared him but Jaden says Zane always scares him. What's he doing here? Zane says he hasn't been in their dorm in all his 3 years at DA. It's nice to finally have a reason to come here. Jaden questions if that reason is to take them out to lunch or to their cool Obelisk Blue dorm functions but Zane says it's to duel him. Syrus thought he said duel, which Zane did. He has chosen Jaden to duel in the Grad Match. He walks out, saying that he likes their dorm and it's a prefect fit for them. Jaden is stoked about the last match of the year that he's in but Syrus adds that Zane is the only student duelist Jaden's ever lost to and now must duel him in front of the entire school. If he doesn't win this match, he'll be stuck in Zane's shadow forever!

Meanwhile, Chazz Bastion and Alexis are talking as Alexis tells that the Grad match features Zane and Jaden. Bastion says it'll be an exciting duel, an Obelisk vs a Slifer. (This isn't the first time this has happened, Bastion, there's also Crowler vs. Jaden, which also was an Obelisk vs. Slifer match). Chazz says it should be him in the Grad match as Atticus swings down from the trees and lands on his feet, saying he wouldn't be so sure as its a collective duel not a fast and furious one. Later that night, Jaden is thinking about Zane, the only duelist who stands between him and being the best. Zane shows, saying it's time for their rematch. The next day, everyone gathers for the duel. (Obviously it wasn't time for their rematch until the next day.)


Bastion figures that Zane is the popular one but Alexis says some things you can't figure but Chazz can't figure out why he was left out of the duel. (Chazz, Zane picked, not you, that's why.) Zane lets Jaden choose who goes and Jaden picks Zane to start. Zane plays Poly, which sends monsters to the Grave for a Fusion Monster and he says that there's more than one way to summon a dragon. He brings out Cyber End Dragon (4000) in Attack Mode (which is NOT a Dragon-Type monster, its a Machine for it wouldn't be usable with Power Bond otherwise.) The rest of the gang is shocked and Jaden questions how he could let this happen. (By going second, Jaden.) Jaden asks if there is anything else Zane has, which Zane says he does and plays Different Dimension Capsule, which removes 1 card in his deck from play and after 2 turns is added to his hand. Finally, he sets 1 card to end his turn.

Jaden plays Elemental Hero Wildheart (1500) in Attack Mode and equips it with Wild Half, halving the ATK of Cyber End, leaving it with 2000 and Special Summoning a token with the same ATK as the halved monster. He then equips Wildheart with Cyclone Boomerang, giving it 500 ATK for a total of 2000. He attacks but Zane activates De-Fusion, which brings back his Cyber Dragons (2100 x3) in Attack Mode. Jaden attacks and destroys the token and his own monster but with CB's effect, all Spell and Trap Cards are destroyed and for each one, Zane takes 500 damage. (The real card only inflicts 100 damage and only activates if the monster was destroyed by a card effect.) Zane's score drops to 3500.

The gang are amazed that Jaden destroyed Cyber End Dragon. (Well no he didn't because CED was returned to the deck with De-Fusion and Jaden destroyed the token.) Sheppard says that Jaden may actually have done his homework. Crowler says that'd be a first. Jaden sets 1 card to end his turn. Zane says the card he removed with DDC comes to his hand. Zane then says that he didn't add Power Bond, he added Card from a Different Dimension instead, which lets them both draw 2 cards. He attacks directly with CD but Jaden activates Draining Shield, cancelling the attack and raising Jaden's score to 6100. He says Jaden'll need them as he attacks directly with his other CDs, leaving Jaden with 1900. He sets 1 card face down and ends his turn.


Jaden uses The Warrior Returning Alive, letting him retrieve Wildheart, which he plays in Attack Mode. Then he uses Poly to summon Elemental Hero Wildedge (2600) in Attack Mode. He says that his monster will destroy all 3 CDs in one attack. (The real card can attack all monsters at once but each monster it battles counts as one attack.) He attacks and destroys the CDs, leaving Zane with 2000. Zane activates Return Soul, returning his Cyber Dragons to his deck since they were all destroyed this turn. Zane chose Jaden but is wondering where he is. He says that Jaden isn't himself, he's not dueling with his heart. Jaden agrees, he's dueling with his head. Zane isn't pleased and plays Future Fusion, which lets him fuse cards not in his hand. A selection of cards appear. The cards have been changed/redesigned for US as shown at 17:22 into the US episode.


He sends his CDs from his deck to his Grave and summons CED again but it can't attack the turn it's summoned. (The real card doesn't summon the monster until 2 turns have passed.) Jaden draws and sets 3 cards face down to end his turn. Zane says Jaden can't win by using his head. (In the CG, that is how you win.) He plays De-Fusion to again bring back his CDs, which makes CED return to the Fusion Deck (didn't know they used that for it's usually from the deck) then uses Power Bond to once more summon Cyber End and with PB's effect, its ATK doubles to 8000. Zane will no longer admire Jaden nor will anyone else. Jaden's through!