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Episode 24: The New Chazz

On his boat, Chazz says that all he needs is one more duel. He has a "chat" with Jaden, who tells him he's stranded. A little thirsty maybe, Chazz says. You know what Jaden's thirsty for? Another duel! Chazz throws the bottle at him and realizes that he needs it and dives after it. He falls below the ocean, saying he'll get Jaden for it. Ojama Yellow tells Chazz to wake up but Chazz doesn't respond. Guess he (or is it she?)'ll have to do his/her's wake-up dance but Chazz wakes up, seeing someone. Who is he? Chazz sees the man has his cards. Those are his cards, hand them over! The figure apologizes, then dumps them in a puddle of water.


He tosses Chazz a card, saying it will more than make up for it. "A lousy no name? It stinks!" Chazz says and attempts to throw it away but the man tells him it is the card that will change his life. No one calls Chazz a coward! The man tells Chazz that talk is cheap but Chazz says he's rich he'll spend whatever it takes to be the best out there. The man responds that no amount of money can get him that. He has to earn it. He wishes Chazz luck and walks away. A large amount of water pours in, taking Chazz with it and tossing him on a large slab of ice. At least he's back in civilization, well kind of. Chazz walks over to the large building, saying that while the building isn't bad, his "pad" is bigger.

A voice tells him that he needs 40 cards to enter and invites him to sit down, saying that he's been here for a long time. Chazz sees that he has cards. So how many does he have? The man tells him that he only has 39 and has no energy to find the 40th. Chazz offers what looks like $1000 but the man declines, saying that apart from the fire and clothing, they're all he has. Chazz sets off to find his own cards. He can't believe he has to find 40 cards just so the school can open its doors for him. He arrives, saying that he found 41 cards so the man can enter as well. He tries to hand the Ojama Yellow card but can't and OY says he cannot be given away since they're best friends.


 The man asks what's going on. Can't he see it? OY tells Chazz that he's the only one that can see him. Chazz hands the man another card and walks over to the fire. He likes to make his own entrance so he hurries the man to get inside. Chazz enters. "This is North Academy? What a dump!" He says. He walks in further to see a man fly out and land on his back. It's the man whom Chazz gave a card too. He asks what happened and the gang of students tell Chazz that they welcomed him to the academy.

A large man in a rocking chair asks Chazz if he wants to try the duel gauntlet, which the students say is a 50 man duel and they rank you based on how many you defeat. If they win, they duel The Zare, whom runs the place. During a duel, Chazz plays Limiter Removal, raising the ATK of his monster (KA-2 Des Scissors) to 2000. He attacks directly and wipes out the rest of his opponent's LPs. Chazz defeats more of the students before the 4 remaining say that beating amateurs doesn't prove anything. They offer to duel Chazz one by one but Chazz wants to take them all on at once.

Student 1 plays Marauding Captain (1200) in Attack Mode and by his effect, he plays another Marauding Captain in Attack Mode as do the other students. Chazz sets 2 cards and plays Giant Rat (1450) in Defense Mode. Student 1 plays The Allied Forces, giving all Warrior-Type monsters 200 ATK for every Warrior-Type monster in play. (The real card's name is The A. Forces.) MC's ATK rises to 2800. He attacks, destroying Giant Rat.


The other students attack but Chazz activates GR's ability, letting him summon an EARTH monster with no more than 1500 ATK and he chooses Gyaku-Gire Panda (800) in Attack Mode. Student 2 jokes about GGP but Chazz uses its effect, giving it 500 ATK for every monster on the opponent's field, for 4800 ATK. Next he uses Ring of Destruction, letting him destroy 1 monster and everyone takes damage equal to his ATK. Ring has been modified for US as shown at around 19:25 into the episode.


Why, then they'll all have 0 LPs? Chazz won't for he activates Ring of Defense, saving his LPs. (The real card reduces damage by a a card effect to 0 for both players. All the monsters are destroyed and everyone else's LPs drop to 0. (I suspect that the other MCs were destroyed for dramatic effect.) Chazz orders "granny" to get out of the rocker. Zare starts with two Fiend's Sanctuary cards, giving him two Metal Fiend Tokens, which he tributes for Zoa (2600) in Attack Mode. He sets 2 cards to end his turn.


Chazz draws, it's Ojama Yellow. He plays Ojama Yellow (1000) in Defense Mode and sets 2 cards face down to end his turn. Zare draws and activates one of his face down cards, Metalmorph on Zoa, then tributes Zoa for Metalzoa (3000) in Attack Mode. Next, he activates Call of the Haunted, allowing him to bring back a monster from his Graveyard. Call has been redesigned slightly for US as shown at 14:50 into the episode, although it's pretty hard to see.

He selects Zoa. Next, he attacks with Zoa and Metalzoa, dropping Chazz's score to 1000. Chazz was hoping Zare would attack for he plays Inferno Tempest, which removes all monsters in their decks and Graveyards from play since Chazz took at least 3000 damage. Chazz draws and plays Chaos End, which destroys Zare's monsters since Chazz has at least 7 cards out of play. (The real card destroys all monsters on the field.) Next, he activates Return from the Different Dimension, which by paying half his LPs, he can bring back every monster he's removed from play.

(The real card only allows up to 5 and you cannot play monsters that cannot be Special Summoned.) His score drops to 500 and he plays Gemini Imps (1000), KA-2 Des Scissors (1000), Skull Knight #2 (1000), Disc Fighter (1000) and Ojama Yellow. He attacks with his monsters and wins the duel. A man shows, revealing that he's also the guy who brought him here. He realized Chazz had a gift when he handled the Ojama card, which Chazz hates. The man says that Chazz can now get revenge on Jaden.